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I love to decorate, it's just another form of artistic expression for me and I am much better at 3 dimensional art than I am at 2 dimensional art. My degree was in fiber arts and that was because I am very good at sewing and crochet and knitting and all things having to do with fabric or thread. But I really was a potter first and foremost and if my school had allowed that degree I would have gotten my degree in pottery. Later I got a certificate in Interior Design from a local college and it was a blast but I found that for me working with clients is a big PITA!

They say they want the look you showed them in your portfolio but when you start discarding their Aunt Nellie's old 8th grade art project they start whining that they want to keep it and pretty soon their room is back to the look they already had, just freshly painted. Yeah I hated clients for the most part. For that they could have just hired a painter.

I have had a  few clients who loved everything I did and they were a joy to work with, but my favorite client is me since I don't ever argue with my choices!

Home Decor

As I said, I love to decorate and I especially love to bring in unique elements to any room design I'm involved in. I write pages about all aspects of home decor, but especially about decorating bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. 

The world can be rough so when you get home, I think you should make it your place of contentment, whatever that means to you. Different people have different design and color sensibilities so there's no "one size fits all" with design. A serene environment can take away all the stresses of life, so decorate it to be your place of renewal and refreshment and your life will be easier. 

On my decor pages, I try to find beautiful things to inspire you to decorate your home so it will always be your haven. Anyway, I have a few themed designs I wanted to show you, so click to see cool rooms and cool stuff! More will be added all the time, so come back too! 

Here are a few to get you started:

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