Decorating a Gray Bedroom

How to Decorate a Gray Bedroom (or a Grey Bedroom)

Decorate a Grey Bedroom (or a Gray Bedroom)
To many people, Gray sounds dreary. But a Gray bedroom does not have to be dreary at all. Depending on what colors you add, and how you accessorize, Gray bedrooms can be very sophisticated and elegant and dramatic, or soothing and calm. 

Gray is very popular among teenage boys and girls who like the grunge look. And many of them are striving for a sophisticated look or a cool look in a neutral color like Gray.

So here on this page you can find all of the Gray stuff for your Gray bedroom, including Grey bedding of all kinds, Gray comforters, Gray bedspreads, Gray quilts, Gray throw pillows, Grey curtains, Gray rugs, and even Gray lamps.

Now unless you are someone who likes a room that is neutral and plain you are probably going to want to add in one or more colors to make all the Gray "pop." Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow, Pink, and the most popular one of all, White are all colors that people turn to again and again for pairing with Gray in their bedrooms.  

 Homehug® 1800 Thread Count 3Pc Polyester Bedding Comforter Set Sheets Wrinkle Resistance Queen Size Color Grey (Queen Size)Decorating a Gray Bedroom
Whichever way you want to go with it, I've got your Gray bedroom items and lots of ideas on how to pull it together on this page. Enjoy!

*Gray and Grey are different spellings of the same color.

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Tips for Decorating a Gray Bedroom

 Echelon Home Chevron Duvet Cover Set, Full/Queen, Feather GrayDecorating a Gray Bedroom
Since the bed takes up so much of the room visually, and the curtains too, if you have windows, it's good to start with those as your focal point. Then you can accessorize around those. 

Some people like to do this by designing the way nature does, light sky, dark earth. Others like a plain monotone all over and just use colors to make the room pop. Which ever way you decide to go, unless you really want the dungeon look, it's best to add a color or two as an accent.

Also, even though you would think Gray would be just one color, there are actually different shades of Gray, so be sure to try all your Gray bedroom items against each other to be sure all the Greys are compatible.

Another way to design your bedroom: Pick an artwork you like and use it to choose your color scheme. Choose 3 of the colors in the art and use those as your colors to decorate.

Try not to use more than 3 main colors. It make the room more dizzy and less restful for sleeping. White does not count for this computation. White makes colors pop. But I only use 2 main colors and White anyway. This is the room you rest in. One last idea, use more than one shade of Gray, to give the room extra visual texture.



Far Eastern (Chinese or Japanese for example)
Animal Print
Drama Queen Diva

For help learning about your bedroom decorating personality, click here.

Gray Ruffled Bedding Sets
Decorating a Gray Bedroom

Gray and Silver comforters and bedspreads make a lovely neutral color that both men and women can agree on. But ladies, if you want something a little more soft and delicate, here are some bedding sets with Gray ruffles to choose from.

Gray Bedding in Solids and Stripes
Decorating a Grey Bedroom

All these basically solid Gray comforters make a wonderful backdrop to add other colors to. If you still want all Gray, consider adding Silver to add some shine and texture to the room. Further down the page I show some examples of Silver accessories for you.

Gray Duvet
Decorate a Gray Bedroom

 JusElegance Linen 1500 Thread Count Wrinkle Resistant Ultra Soft Luxurious Egyptian Quality 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set, Full/Queen, GrayDecorate a Gray Bedroom
Simple and sleek, this Gray duvet cover will change any comforter into a new Gray one. Perfect for all kinds of bedrooms, from Modern, to Asian, to Country French, to Art Deco to Glam, all of them would look great featuring this Gray duvet cover. 

Just add toss pillows in contrasting colors to make the Gray "pop." And for contrast. Add some beautiful artwork and some contrasting curtains or draperies. Maybe a beautiful Gray patterned rug. Easy and fast decorating a Gray bedroom.

Gray Comforter Set
Decorating a Gray Bedroom

 Emerson Pinch Pleat 4-Piece Lightweight Summer Comforter Set, Queen, CharcoalDecorate a Gray Bedroom
This Gray comforter set is patterned but restrained and perfect for French Country bedrooms, English Country bedrooms, Victorian bedrooms, and Asian bedrooms; all would all be beautiful with this Gray Bedspread. It's gender neutral too. 

You see it here with dark furniture and a classic lamp so it appears as pure luxury. But just change out the accessories and you have a new bedroom. 

I would add pillows in Blue or Yellow or White or even Purple or Green. Then I would add patterns in the form of a rug and artwork for the walls. I would use White curtains, or White and Gray ones. 

Or you could use a lighter shade of Gray too. There are so many ways to decorate a Gray bedroom. Don't forget to add some Silver!

Geometric Gray Comforter Set
Decorate a Grey Bedroom

 3pc Modern Grey Geometric Cotton Bedding Duvet Cover Set Full/Queen SizeDecorate a Gray Bedroom
Just enough pattern and texture to be interesting, this Geometric Gray comforter set is perfect for Asian bedrooms, teen girl bedrooms, and Transitional bedrooms. Gender neutral and really luxurious. I love how the White makes the Gray stand out even more. 

This is a perfect example of how White is a foil for solid colors and makes them more interesting. In this case the pattern is just enough to spice up the Gray, but not overwhelming. You could still add in pillows in other colors, and a subtly printed rug. 

I would use White curtains or draperies or even very light Gray curtains. With this comforter set as a starter you have already started to decorate a Gray bedroom in style!

Gray Throw Pillows
Decorating a Gray Bedroom

Toss pillows are a wonderful way to spice up a dull or lifeless room. To make Gray bedrooms pop, add some colorful pillows. 

A note about Silver. If you are going for solid Gray, consider adding in some Silver to give the room some shine. It will still function as an all Gray bedroom, but the Silver adds just enough contrast to elevate the Gray from dull to elegant. Easy way to decorate a Gray bedroom!

Gray Sheet Sets
Decorate a Gray Bedroom

Gray sheets are nice with or without a Gray bedding set because of how nice they blend with a variety of colors and designs. Here are some Gray sheet sets to consider when you are shopping in this color. 

Decorating a Gray bedroom means attention to all the details, even the sheets. That way if you don't make the bed (*gasp*, just kidding, who has time to make the bed every day?) your room will still be stylish.

Gray Bedroom Rugs
Decorating a Gray Bedroom

A rug can add depth and personality to a room, be sure to consider a rug for the floor when you design your bedroom. AMAZING what a rug can do to a room, Gray is a popular color to work with because of how neutral it is. And because it hides dirt. True story.

Gray Lamps
Grey Bedrooms Designs

I think that a Silver lamp like one of these is actually the best way to go with a Gray bedroom. A Silver lamp adds that luster and different texture to the room that offsets the Gray bedding you've chosen. It's the same color as Gray but with shine! One of the best Grey bedrooms decor ideas!

Enjoy your Gray bedroom! Still searching for Gray bedding sets? Click here: Grey Bedrooms Decor Ideas

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