Zebra Print Bedding Sets for Zebra Bedrooms

Zebra Bedspreads, Comforters
For Zebra Bedrooms

Zebra Print Bedding Sets
Zebra print bedding sets in any color can be the basis for many an exotic bedroom decorating theme. Of course there's the obvious Safari theme, or Jungle theme, or Zoo theme, or even Circus theme, but the Zebra theme can work for modern, or Hollywood Glam, or even British Colonial.

Many teenage girls like to pair the Zebra design with a color too, so besides the regular Black and White Zebra print bedding sets, they can have a Teal Zebra comforter, a Green Zebra comforter, a Blue Zebra comforter, a  Lime Green Zebra comforter, a Hot Pink Zebra comforter, or a Red Zebra comforter. Their favorites are likely to be Purple Zebra comforters! All of these Zebra print bedding sets are going to help them go wild in decorating their hangout/bedroom.

Here on this page I have grouped them by color and size so you can find your favorite Zebra print bedding comforter set quickly. All the colors are available in all the bed sizes too, so if you find some Zebra print bedding and it's not shown in the right size for you, either scroll down to see your size Zebra striped comforters, or just click on the photo and you will be able to get the size you need.

I've also included Zebra artwork for your Zebra bedroom theme, which ever one it turns out to be. Enjoy!

If you're in a hurry, click here for lots of  Zebra print bedding sets. Zebra Print Bedding.

Image: Zebra Poster, Available below, from Zazzle.com

Neon Zebras Print
Zebra Bedroom Items

Black and White Zebra Comforters
Zebra Striped Comforters

Classic Black and White Zebra print bedding sets. A Black and White Zebra comforter is basic Zebra bedding but classic too, so don't think it's past its prime. You can use it and add throw pillows to make the Black and White pop! Then it's simply a matter of changing the pillow colors to have a whole new bedroom! 

You can also use a colored bed skirt with matching sheets and pillow cases to define your other color. For example, use this stunning Black and White Zebra bedding set and then use Purple sheets, Purple pillowcases, and a Purple bed skirt. Add some Purple throw pillows. Wow factor!

Teal Zebra Comforter
Zebra Bed Comforter

Teal Zebra print bedding is very glam, very hip and very popular right now. I like it because the Teal softens the boldness of the Black and White Zebra print a little. More restful for a bedroom. I think it's easier to get tired of a room when the colors are bold, so I go for softer colors. 

This stunning Zebra bedspread is also available in all the other bed sizes. Just click the photo to see. This Zebra bedding set is budget friendly, as it's only the bedspread and pillow sham. You get to add your own Zebra bedroom items. Add a Teal Zebra rug and Teal sheets to complete the look here.

Lime Green Zebra Comforter
Zebra Print Bedding

Lime Green and Zebra print bedding sets are very popular and I can see why. Zebras are usually found in Africa in the Jungle and out of the Savannah, where it's Green! Beautiful contrast, and the Green softens the boldness of the Zebra print, so it's a restful color combination. 

Two different interpretations of Zebra print bedding sets are here. The one on the right  has bold stripes and a soft green trim. The one on the left has Cheetah lining and a Cheetah bed skirt and sheets, so 2 animal prints in one!

Red Zebra Comforter Set
Zebra Bedroom Theme

Beautiful Red Zebra comforter set. (Bed in a Bag) 7 piece micro fur fabric set. (very soft!) Available in any size and matching window valence is available too. This is a very bold and dramatic bedroom statement!

Blue Zebra Comforter
Zebra Print Bedding Comforter Set

Zebra Personalized Sign to Go With Zebra Print Bedding Sets
Zebra Bedroom Decor

You can get a personalized sign like this in any color to go with your Zebra print bedding sets. One of the cutest Zebra bedroom items available! Just click to see more!

Purple Zebra Comforters
Zebra Print Bedding Sets

Each complete Purple Zebra bed in a bag set has everything you need to make a teen girl happy. Add a cool lamp and some Zebra posters, or some Justin Bieber posters and you have one happy teenage girl!

Purple and White Zebra Comforter
Zebra Bed Comforter

Want a light Purple comforter set instead of an intense Purple and Black comforter? This Purple Zebra comforter will do the trick. You can throw in some Lavender and pastel Pink for accents and get a softer Purple experience.

Pink Zebra Comforter Set
Pink Zebra Bedroom Decor

Pink paired with Zebra is about as contrasting as you can get. Girly and wild all in one! These 2 Zebra bedding sets are done in pure Pink, as opposed to Hot Pink. Well the one on the right has both Pink and Hot Pink actually, but both of these are a little less strong than the Hot Pink Zebra bedding sets below. 

I've shown both Zebra bedspreads and comforters through out this page because some people like just a bedspread instead of messing with a bed skirt. I think this Zebra bedspread is my favorite one on this page.

Hot Pink Zebra Comforter Set
Zebra Print Bedding Sets

The Hot Pink and Black Zebra comforter set with Cheetah lining is just perfect for a hip teen girl's room, or even a college girl who is ready to show her wild side. Hot Pink Zebra bedding is the rage among college girls and trendy teens. Wild and girly at the same time. I would have a hard time choosing which one to get. They're all stunning! If you want a Zebra bedspread instead of a comforter and bed skirt, choose the last option.

Zebra Print for Your Zebra Print Bedding Sets
Zebra Bedroom Items

King Zebra Comforter Set
Zebra King Size Bedding

King size Zebra bedding for your Safari Bedroom or just a wild glam bedroom. You can get a King Zebra comforter in most of the comforter sets featured on this page. Just click on any photo. These are available in Twin, Full, and Queen size Zebra bedding sets too.

Queen Zebra Comforter Set
Zebra Print Bedding Sets

If you want a Zebra Queen comforter set you can get any color of the rainbow mixed with Zebra. Or you can just use Black and White Zebra bedding but use a colored bed skirt and matching sheets and pillow cases. 

You could use colored curtains that match the sheets too. You could even keep 2 different sets of sheets and curtains handy to change out your Zebra bedroom stuff with the seasons. No way will you get bored with your Zebra bedroom theme that way!

Zebra Comforter Full Size
Zebra Full Size Comforter Set

Zebra bedspreads, comforters if you will, in Full size. Also available in all the other sizes. These Zebra print bedding sets include very soft microfiber sheets that will keep you warm in Winter, and comfortable in Summer.

Twin Zebra Comforter Set
Zebra Bedding Twin Size

Two examples of Zebra print bedding sets in Twin size. Minnie Mouse needs no explanation, does she? As far as the one on the right, I like the wider stripes and that they contrasted the Zebra comforter with colored sheets. It would be easy to change the look of the room by using a different color of sheets. Instant bedroom makeover!

Zebra Peace Sign for Your Zebra Print Bedding Sets
Zebra Bedroom Items

Zebra Print Crib Bedding Sets
Zebra Print Bedding Sets for Baby

I couldn't help myself. I had to include some cute baby Zebra crib bedding sets! Aren't they adorable? Wild but cute at the same time. And classic too. I love that they aren't "girly."

How to Choose a Bedroom Comforter
Bedroom Decorating Tips

It can be a dizzying adventure to decorate your bedroom. Since it costs a little money, some people stop dead in their tracks when it comes to choosing their comforter. The thought of choosing the wrong one just seems to paralyze them so they either don't ever get around to decorating, or they put it off until one day in desperation they just buy the first thing they see that they like and fits their budget without thinking about what else goes in their room that may or may not go with it. If it doesn't, then you are on to another adventure trying to find stuff that goes with your new bedding and the stuff you already have.

Instead of doing that, think about it logically. What colors do you gravitate toward? Those are the ones you will be most comfortable with. And if you have several, try to choose the most restful one. Then get a few, and I do mean few accessories that go with your bedding. Less really is more when it comes to decor. 

Give away the old ones that don't go with your new set. Unless you are happy with the accessories you already have, in which case, use those colors for your new comforter. But in any case, plan it out in advance rather than just grabbing the first one you see that you like.

And while we are talking about color, I think it's better to choose soft colors and ones on the cooler side of the spectrum for the bedroom. If you love red, it might look brilliant in a living room, but it's a hot color, so not really the best choice for a restful feeling. Many people do have Red bedrooms, but it's not the most restful. 

Blue and Green and White are much more calming for the spirit and make wonderful colors for a bedroom, along with Tan and Grey and earth colors. You can certainly use Red accents though, or just save it for your living room. That's what I do.
~Excerpted from my bio here.

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