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Black is a very popular color to use for bedroom decor, so on this page I have gathered all kinds of beautiful Black bedding sets for all your Black bedrooms! Black bedding sets will work for many bedroom themes, and there are many Black combinations to work with all the various Black themed styles. 

There are solid Black comforters, for Dracula and Twilight themes, and there are Black and White comforters for classical feeling bedroom themes. Black and White certainly includes Zebra bedding sets so I will cover them here too. 

Black and Silver is another combination that acts almost like Black and White. The Silver is so soft it just acts as a foil to the darkness of Black and makes it stand out more, while adding shine.

There are also Black and Gray (or Grey if you prefer that spelling) bedding sets, and the exotic combination of Black and Brown bedding. Of course you can decorate in a myriad of Black plus a color themes, and they are all beautiful too. 

But this page is about predominantly Black bedding sets for a person who wants a Black bedroom. I've also included solid Black comforters in all bed sizes, but the truth is that most of these Black bedding sets can be obtained for any size bed. So if you see a Black comforter set you like, just click the photo to see if your size is available. 

And if you don't see the Black comforter you want, just click on any photo to find more of them in many styles and colors.

I've also included some beautiful art suitable for your Black Bedroom walls. The Paris Scene Poster here is one I created and is available below. Enjoy!

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Black Bedding Sets

Black Comforter: Solid
All Black Comforter Set

Basic Black bedding sets! Dress one up any way you choose, with any color you choose, including more Black. Great for all sorts of bedroom themes.These two Black bedding sets are microfiber, so no allergy worries. The one on the left is a Black comforter set with a bed skirt, while the one on the right is a bedspread. 

That's a decision you want to make before you shop. Which style of bedding? I like both and have used both at different times. It's actually a little easier to deal with a bedspread than a comforter set, as you don't have to take the top mattress off and arrange the bed skirt. But you have more options with a comforter set, as you can change the look by changing the bed skirt. Hmm, decisions, decisions...

Paris Scene Poster
To Go With Your Black Comforter Set

I took this photo in Paris in January 2015 on the Pont Alexandre III bridge, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. I love the lamp posts in Paris. They are all Art Nouveau masterpieces. If you want a Throw Pillow with this scene, you can find it here: Paris Scene Decorative Pillow or scroll down to see it and an Eiffel Tower throw pillow to decorate your Black comforter set.

Black and White Comforters
Black and White Comforter Sets

White just softens the Black and does not really count when you are limiting your palette to 2 or 3 colors in a bedroom. It's neutral and makes the other colors pop but adds no signature. I really like to add in White no matter what combination of colors I'm working with. 

The Black and White set on the left here is a classic Black comforter set that will stand the test of time and can be accessorized to be any theme you want. I love anything embroidered, and the White and Black comforter set on the right is no exception. It really could be for a male or female depending on how you accessorize the rest of the bedroom. 

And it could be the basis of a whole gamut of bedroom themes, from Victorian, to Art Deco, to Classic, to Transitional, to Modern. Very luxurious. 

The two bottom bedding sets are also very exotic. The one on the left is kind of Hawaiian in feeling so it would work for Tropical or Country theme, and they are showing it with Victorian furniture, so it definitely works for that theme. The one on the right is a Black and White forest and looks very modern but would work for a Hollywood Glam bedroom too. Just add lots of mirrored furniture. 

There are people who love Black and White photography and I think they would love any of these Black White comforter sets. But if it were me I would add colorful art on the walls to pop the Black and White bedding.

Zebra Comforter Sets
Zebra Print Comforter

Zebra print comforter sets are iconic Black and White bedding. They are perfect for Safari themes, but also as the basis for Art Deco, and Hollywood Glam bedrooms. Teens love Zebra print bedding sets! Use Black, White, or other colors to make the Zebra bedding stand out even more.

King Black Comforter Set
Black Comforter Sets King Size

If you have a King size bed and you are looking for an all Black comforter set for it, then either of these will do the trick. Just add cool throw pillows in any color to complete your Black bedroom. These are down alternative solid Black comforters so no worries if you are allergic to down filling.

Decorative Throw Pillows
For Your Black Bedding Sets

I designed both of these pillows from photos I took in Paris. Enjoy!

Black Gray Comforter Sets
Grey Black Comforter Sets

Beautiful Black and Gray comforter sets are really popular with people that want a Black bedroom. The Gray softens the Black just enough to keep the bedroom from being stark. But the mood is still dramatic and neutral. 

The first Black Grey comforter set here is  one of my favorites on this page. It would work in a variety of bedroom themes from Asian to Modern. Subtle decoration and textures denote luxury. You will feel like royalty sleeping under this comforter! 

All of these Black Gray comforters are gender neutral, but slightly more on the masculine side of the spectrum. Great for teen age boys, bachelors, and as the basis for dark themed bedrooms, like Batman, or Vampire, or Punk, or Grunge, or Rock Star themed bedrooms. Also great for Modern or Asian style bedrooms and Transitional, Classical, or Art Deco bedrooms. 

The Black Grey comforter set on the bottom left is slightly more feminine and would definitely work for an Art Nouveau bedroom too.

Black Comforter Set Queen Size
Black Comforter: Queen

Queen size Black comforter sets are the most popular size Black bedding sets. Here are two different Black comforter sets, one with a Black bed skirt, and one with a White bed skirt. You can see the difference that makes in a bedroom. Just that little bit of White turns the Black comforter set from dramatic to classy. Of course, you may want your bedroom to be dark and dramatic. But if you want a little texture, add some White or another color to pop the Black.

Black Cat Poster
To Go With Your Black Bedding Sets

Black Brown Bedding Sets
Black Brown Comforters

Black and Brown together is a really rich combination for a bedroom or any room really. It is one of the fave color combinations for dens all over the United States. The Brown keeps the room dark, but it's not quite as strong. It's rich and deep. It's very male, but there are females who love it too. 

If you love those colors and you're female, you might consider adding in White or Tan pillows on top of your Black Brown comforter set to make it more gender neutral. As you can see Black/Brown bedding can be stunning! All Black Brown comforter sets are really great for hiding dirt too, useful if you have kids or pets.

Going in order, the first set on the left is classic and kind of has an Asian feeling. Look at the delicate stitching on this comforter. Add some eye popping pillows and wow!  The one on the top right is exotic and  can be used in a Safari or Jungle theme, or just an Exotic Island theme. It is very similar to a bedspread I had when I did my bedroom in Blue island batiks and wicker and dark woods for a South Pacific Island theme. Animal print bedding is very popular now and this one is so elegant! 

The bottom left one is actually very similar to a Black Brown comforter set I had when I was first married. Mine was a bedspread instead of a comforter and bed skirt though. But this one with the striped bed skirt turns the bedding set into a classical traditional Black Brown comforter set. It's totally rich looking. 

The bottom Black Brown bedding set is more modern, and gender neutral. It would look great in any bedroom theme really. White or Tan pillows would make it pop.

Black Full Comforter
All Black Comforter Set

After Queen size, Full Size beds are the most common. Many teens like to have a Full size bed and that means a Full Black comforter set will be on the list for your Black bedroom. Each Black Full comforter set here is ready for your decorative accents to rock your bedroom in the theme of your choice.  

An all Black comforter set is a blank slate just ready to be written on. Since these are both bedspreads, no bed skirt is necessary, and the bed is easier to make which will be handy when you have teenagers in case you didn't know. If you have them you already know what I mean, and if you don't, you will find out soon enough. 

There is hope though. I was a messy teen and now I'm a cleanaholic. People can change. (The one on the right is actually a Black duvet set so it will cover any of your old bedspreads.)

Eiffel Tower Poster
To Go With Your Black Bedding Sets

I wanted to take a photo of the iconic Eiffel Tower from a different angle than the normal one and we were waiting for the bus in a bitter cold wind right beneath it. I looked up and saw this angle of the tower and snapped it. I was very happy with how it turned out. Available as a poster or a decorative pillow.

Black and Silver Comforter
Black Bedding Sets

A Black and Silver comforter is classy and dramatic and the Silver makes it shiny and lustrous. It makes light bounce around the room a little so a bit more interesting than plain Black in my opinion. Very close in tone to the Black Gray comforters above but shinier. All of the comforters here are very classy and gender neutral. 

The first one on the left is kind of like a Toile pattern though it's really Paisley which is a very old fashioned expensive looking pattern. Want to live like royalty? Get a Paisley comforter set. The others are simply elegant and classy and will make your Black bedroom a sanctuary. 

The one on the bottom right is in an Asian setting which just shows how the surrounding furniture and artwork can totally influence how a particular Black and Grey comforter set looks in a bedroom.

Black Twin Comforter Set
All Black Comforter Set

For your guest bedroom or your teen or child's bedroom a Twin bed might be the best option so you would need a Black Twin comforter set for it if you are doing a Black bedroom. I've had two boys at home who both loved Black for different reasons so I had fun helping them find their Black comforter (solid). 

One did a Guitar bedroom, and one did a Piano theme bedroom. Thank goodness they weren't into grunge, or I would have been a little upset. But my daughter wanted a Black comforter set too, for her Black and Purple Art Deco bedroom. So as much as I would have preferred to use other colors for the Twin beds in my house, it made me realize how popular the color Black is among teens. Luckily it looks classy when the bed is made, so that's a plus.
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