Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

Black Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Black Bedroom Decor  Ideas
Black is one of the most popular colors for bedrooms. So on this page, you can get all kinds of the Black bedroom decor ideas for your Black bedroom, including Black bedding of all kinds, Black quilts, Black comforters, Black bedspreads, Black throw pillows, Black curtains, Black rugs, and even Black lamps.

Black bedrooms can be very sophisticated and elegant and dramatic, or scary like Vampires and and Zombies and things that go bump in the night. Black is very popular among teenage boys and let's face it they are a class to themselves but teenage girls like Black bedrooms too. Many of them are striving for a sophisticated look or a cool look.

Now unless you are Dracula or somebody that wants total blackout for sleeping in the daytime you are probably going to want to add in one or more colors to make all the Black "pop." Black and Blue, Black and Purple, Black and Green, Black and Yellow, Black and Gray, Black and Pink, and the most popular one of all, Black and White are all combinations that people turn to again and again for their Black bedroom decor ideas.

So whichever theme you decide to go with, I've got your Black bedroom decor and lots of ideas on how to pull it together on this page. All the art and posters are available too, and will make you Black bedroom complete. Enjoy!

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What Inspires Your Black Bedroom Decor Ideas?

Art speaks to me and many of my Black bedroom ideas come from the art that I see. I love to take a lovely piece of art deco and use it as the focal point in my bedroom designs.   Find a picture that fits your style and personality and work your bedroom design around it.  You won't be disappointed if you design around a piece of decor that you love.  Here are two pictures that I've used to decorate with...

Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

 Daum Glass - Animal Sculptures Collection - Black Panther on Green TreeBlack Bedroom Decor Ideas
Since the bed and curtains take up so much of the room visually, it's good to start with those as your focal point. Once you have those picked out you can decide on how to accessorize. 

Some people like to do this by designing the way nature does, light sky, dark earth. But of course people who love Black might prefer the night sky, so that would be dark sky and dark earth. 

Which ever way you decide to go, unless you really want the dungeon look, it's best to add a color or two as an accent. Popular color schemes for bedrooms include Black and Pink, Black and Purple, Black and Turquoise, and of course, Black and White. 

Also, even though you would think Black would be just one color, there are actually different shades of Black, so be sure to try all your Black bedroom items against each other to be sure all the Blacks are compatible.


 Generic David Wolcott Wilhelm (Tree of Peace) Art Poster Print - 24x36Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

Far Eastern (Chinese or Japanese for example)
Art Deco
Animal Print
Drama Queen Diva

Black and White Luxury Comforters
Black Comforter Sets

Black and White is a classic combination that can be freshened up easily by adding different throw pillows. It's the most popular Black and other color combination worldwide. The Black and White bedroom pictured here is very sophisticated with the addition of Grey and neutral accents. Find more Grey Black Comforter Sets.

Black and White Bedspread
Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

I love this one because it has a botanical feel in spite of the Black and White starkness. And what if you added Green pillows and a Green throw? The Green would pop the Black and White bedspread and stay with the theme.

Black and White Comforter Set
Black and White Animal Print Comforters

Jungle Safari bedding styles in Black and White color. These are some of my favorite styles for a room using animal print in Black and White bedding. The colors are bold, captivating and command the attention of any bedroom.

Popular Black and White Bedding Sets
Black Bedroom Decorating Ideas

More Black Bedroom Decor Ideas
Black Plus Another Color

Black plus another color to make your bedroom pop! Here are beautiful comforters and bedspreads for your Black and Pink bedroom, your Black and Red bedroom, your Black and White bedroom, or your Black and Purple bedroom. 

Hot Pink and Black is a great color combination together in a bedroom. It's a good color combo for a teens room or for the exotic adventurous type that wants her bedroom to stand out and command the attention of her guests. 

If you are doing your bedroom in Purple and Black, this one is perfect! Just add some Purple bedroom accessories and you have a beautiful and up to date bedroom. 

The Black and White one is another classic comforter for a Black bedroom. Black and Red is very dramatic for a bedroom so if you like lots of bold drama it's perfect. 

And if you want a Black and Aqua bedroom, or a Black and Blue bedroom, or Black and Green bedroom, just click on any picture to see more beautiful bedding in many colors.

Black and Teal Bedroom Ideas
Black Bedroom Decorating  

Black White Teal bedroom design for cool teens and trendy college girls. Two of several Black White Teal bedroom ideas, just click on a bed for more ideas for your Teal, Black and White bedroom. Decorate in this gorgeous color scheme using bedding and other decorative pieces like posters, wall decals and curtains!

Black Bedroom Decor - Going ALL Black in a Bedroom!
Black Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Solid Black Comforters

Black comforter sets for the person who wants a Black comforter solid color! An all Black comforter set makes the bedroom pretty stark (dramatic, but still) so you might want to add a little White or another color somewhere, but who am I to dictate your design choices? 

If you want an all Black comforter set, go for it. I couldn't help myself though. I had to add one with some White so you could see how it makes the Black pop.

Black Sheet Sets
Black Bedroom Decor  

Here are some Black sheet sets to really draw out the colors in your bedroom. There's nothing more sexy than the use of a Black sheet done right. Black is a color that brings out so much color, design and flare from any bedroom design.

Black Bedroom Curtains
Black Bedroom Decorating

It's very important to give a lot of thought to the curtains when designing a Black bedroom. Black is very dramatic so if you have a lot of windows to cover you might consider interspersing other colors so it's not overwhelming. 

On the other hand some people like Black Black Black because they are day sleepers and need a blackout room. If that's you, the Black curtains are going to be quite strong in the room, so you might consider some lighter accessories sprinkled around the rest of the room for dramatic impact.

Black Bedroom Floor Rugs
Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

Black rugs are great because they hide dirt and look so elegant. Rugs like these add depth and personality to any space in the bedroom. I like to use rugs in the bedroom near the bed, so I have something soft to step onto when I get out of my bed. How about you? Where can you see yourself using a Black bedroom rug?

Black Throw Pillows (Toss Pillows Galore)
For a Black Bedroom  

Throw pillows are a wonderful way to add color without spending very much money. Now if everything else is in your room is Black you may want to use different colors for your pillows or maybe you just want add texture by using textured Black pillows. 

On the other hand if you have elected a different color bedspread and you just want Black pillows as your accent color, there are lots of beautiful Black throw pillows.

Black and White Wall Decals for the Bedroom
Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

Looking for something simple and affordable to decorate the bedroom with in Black? These wall stickers and decals make the best decorative accents for bedroom walls because they add a touch of character. They are perfect for an apartment because they are easily removable!

Black Lighting for the Bedroom
Black Bedroom Ideas

One simple and elegant way to add pops of Black color is to add lighting that compliments the bedroom.  These Black lighting pieces make excellent Black bedroom decor.  You can add a touch of class to any room my simply fixing up the wall fixtures with something a little more sophisticated and new.

Using a Black lamp to add a little design to a room is a cheap way to makeover a bedroom.  Sometimes if I think a bedroom needs a fresh look, I will just change out the lighting and fixtures and buy a new bedspread and viola!  New bedroom design in a couple of hours.

There are so many types of Black lamps and lighting choices to choose from that you won't have a hard time defining your unique piece quickly.
See all Black lamps available.

Black Wall Sconces for the Bedroom
Black Bedroom Accessories

Nothing adds some subtle charm and elegance quite like a candle wall sconce does. They are romantic and give the room character and depth. Classy bedrooms have beautiful lighting like this. One of the best Black bedroom decor ideas for you!

Have fun decorating your beautiful Black Bedrooms!

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