Teal and Black Bedding for the Bedroom

Teal and Black Bedding for a Stunning Bedroom!

Teal and Black Bedding for a Teal and Black bedroom
Teal and Black together is one of my favorite bedroom color combinations.  Teal being a secondary color and the combination of Green and Blue is a very calming color and the perfect foil against Black. So you get drama and calmness together for a perfect combination. 

It's appropriate for teens and adults both too. Perfect for a master bedroom or a guest room or a teenage girl. 

So here are some Teal and Black bedding sets and accessories for you to have a stunning Teal and Black bedroom. 

A note about decorating a bedroom, or any room really. It is best to use no more than 3 colors so the room doesn't seem too busy and chaotic. For a bedroom especially you want a restful feeling. White doesn't count in this computation as it is neutral and makes the other colors stand out, but I prefer to use only 2 colors and White in any room, especially bedrooms. 

So in a Teal and Black bedroom, I recommend adding in a generous amount of White, either in the curtains, the rugs, the accessories or maybe even the walls themselves. Seems like lots of people don't like White walls but I love them. You can put art on them to make them interesting and they make the art work pop. White is very restful too, so perfect in a bedroom. 

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Teal and Black Comforters and Comforter Sets

More Teal and Black Comforter Sets and Bedspreads

Solid Teal Comforters and Duvets

Another way you can decorate a Teal and Black bedroom is to use solid Teal for your bedspread or comforter set and add multi colored throw pillows and perhaps Black and White sheets. 

I actually love solid colored comforters because I get tired of patterned ones and then feel I have to buy a new one. (or cover it with a duvet cover) But solid ones are easy to change just by getting different pillows for an instant new look. 

So if you are a person who tires of your design easily, a solid colored bedspread might help you. The other easy way is to just buy a duvet and add a different duvet cover if you want a change. I do that too.

Teal Sheets and Sheet Sets

Perfect to use on your bed under your Black and Teal comforter. Then if you forget to make the bed your beautiful sheets will show and your bed will still look beautiful.

Black and White Sheets

Teal and Black Throw Pillows 

Teal and Black Bedroom

For either a Teal and Black comforter or a solid Teal comforter, or even a solid Black comforter, Teal throw pillows add a pop of texture and color to your bed. 

Teal Wall Tapestries

I am showing these beautiful Teal wall tapestries here because they are so versatile and would look stunning in your Teal and Black bedroom. You can use them on the wall for art, or over the bed to use as a headboard of sorts, or just as a throw on one of the solid Teal comforters to dress it up and add texture and interest. A perfect addition to a Teal and Black bedroom.

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