Decorate a Country Style Bedroom

How to Decorate a Country Style Bedroom

How to Decorate a Country Style Bedroom
When most people talk about Country Style bedrooms, they are thinking about rustic or primitive bedrooms, or perhaps Western bedrooms. Those are names for one of the styles of Country bedrooms but some people prefer a Country bedroom that is less rustic and more eclectic. 

For them a Country Bedroom is more Casual Country, a mixture of styles. Some Shabby Chic, some Beach Cottage, and some Rustic Country decor all in one  room can be beautiful! So it's okay to decorate a Country Style bedroom using all 3 styles together!

Most of my family is in Texas and they all decorate in the rustic Country Style and I just love that it's so welcoming and casual. No need to worry if you accidentally spill something, just wipe up the mess and go on with life. I am just not ever comfortable in formal rooms.

So here I'm sharing Rustic and Primitive Country bedding and all the accessories you need to decorate a Country Style bedroom. You can even combine rustic and more modern items for your own unique Country Casual bedroom. It's easy to redecorate using the Country Style decorating ideas laid out here.

All the art and posters here are available too, and will make your Country Style Bedroom complete. Enjoy!

Country Style Comforters
Decorate a Country Style Bedroom

You can use either Country decorating style; the more primitive, or a mixture of rustic primitive and more modern furniture and accessories. Whether you own a Country cottage or you just want to recreate the feel of one in your own home decor, you'll find what you need to decorate a Country Style bedroom right here on this page. I've got photos and tips to help you achieve the look you desire for your bedroom.

Country Bedroom Styles: 

Rustic Primitive, Western, Country Casual

Primitive / Rustic Country / Western: Primitive Country decor gets back the roots of American heritage. Country primitive decor includes rustic hand carved cabinets, beds and tables. This is your Cowboy Country decor or Western decor. Colors might include Browns, Greens, Burnt Oranges and Reds.

Casual Country: This is the more modern approach to Country, a little of this, a little of that. Florals and rustics combined make up a Casual Country decor. It's a more simple approach to Country Cottage decor. Some folks just want to use their own decorating pieces to incorporate into their Country Cottage decorating, this would be a casual Country decorating style. Using a little of each of the styles to decorate a Country Style bedroom on your own.

Rustic Primitive Country  Style Quilt
Country Style Comforters

Many people love the vintage feel of primitive decor. Maybe it makes you feel closer to Nature or reminds you of long ago times. It's very popular in Bed and Breakfast places and Lodges too. And of course, it's very popular in the South of the United States and the Eastern Seaboard in general. Here are some examples of it in bedrooms. 

One thing I always do and you can do too is look at how the bedrooms are accessorized. Those are some really good ideas on accessorizing! This quintessential Country Quilt is classic country bedding decor in a restful Green that will have you sleeping in no time at all. Just use rustic style accessories and your Country bedroom will look stunning!

Rustic Country Cottage Comforter
Country Style Comforters

This Rustic Country Cottage Comforter Set is the perfect bedding ensemble for anyone looking to decorate a Country Style bedroom. This king size comforter set includes the king size comforter and matching pillow shams. 100% pre washed cotton so it's washable and won't shrink!

Country Lodge Bedding Set
Country Style Comforters

If you need a Country quilt set for the bedroom, these quilted bedding comforters are sure to give you inspiration. They include the comforters and matching shams. These are the perfect bed covers to decorate a Country Style bedroom.

Country Bedroom Furniture
Country Style Bedroom Sets

The furniture in Country bedrooms can vary quite a bit. In the South and New England they tend to favor the darker wood finishes on furniture, except Texas where they favor a light to medium finish on their furniture. On the West Coast there is a distinctive bias towards light wood and White washed finishes. 

But in general, rustic bedrooms are medium in tone. All of the furniture featured here is in the medium pine that is so popular. For beds though, wood is not necessary. It is used often, but so is metal. Brass beds and iron beds are very popular in Country and rustic Country bedrooms. I have an iron one myself.

Primitive Country Bedroom Accessories
Decorate a Country Bedroom

Besides all the cool decorative items here, it's very easy to find things to use in your primitive rustic decor. You can use old sticks and make paper flowers to attach to them for rustic bouquets. In fact you can use beautiful branches by themselves in a vase for a distinctive centerpiece. 

Or yucca branches work really well too, especially if you find one blooming. The dried blooms are very attractive. You can even use tall grasses in a vase or old jar. 

And you can use rope knotted like a lasso, and old items from thrift stores. Very easy. There are lots of vintage items in every thrift store in every town. 

You don't need to go overboard though. Just a few accessories is better than piles of them all over the room. Still don't overlook the power of a few well chosen ones to make your bedroom sparkle!

Country Decorative Throw Pillows
Decorate a Country Bedroom

Pillows are amazing tools for decorating. They can change the mood of a room instantly, and it takes so little money to do that. If you have solid quilts or bedspreads, it's easy to add some colorful pillows like the ones here to turn your bedroom into a Rustic Country retreat. Totally easy way to decorate a Country Style bedroom!

Primitive Country Curtains
Decorate a Country Bedroom

Along with the bed, curtains take up a lot of visual space in a bedroom and should coordinate with your bedding. Rustic Country bedrooms often have curtains in a subtle print and often use the colors of the spread or the rug. An alternative is fresh White embroidered border curtains.

Country Style Rugs for the Bedroom
Country Style Bedroom Decor

Don't forget the power of rugs for visual impact in a bedroom. If you have solid color comforters, an easy way to decorate a Country Style bedroom is to add a rug and pillows and artwork in the Country style. Voila! Country Style bedroom.

Rustic Country Bedroom Pictures
Decorate a Country Style Bedroom

Artwork for your Country Style bedroom!

Country Style Lamps
Country Style Bedroom Decor

Don't forget lighting! It really has an impact on your bedroom style. These Country Style lamps will set the mood.

Still searching for Country style bedroom decorating ideas? Country Style Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Have fun decorating your Country Style bedroom!

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