Texas Country Style Bedroom

Texas Country Style Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Texas Country Style Bedroom decoratong ideas
Texas Bedroom Ideas for the room you dream in. Texas is a whole other country, as the natives like to say. So when it comes to decorating their bedrooms, Texans like to use Texas bedroom decor! And what is Texas bedroom decor anyway? It's sort of like Western or Rustic Country, but it includes Texas references. That's the key feature: lots of Texas memorabilia.

Every real Texas bedroom has at least one Star of Texas and preferably more. Most of my family are in Texas. So I go visit often, and I notice that every house has a Texas star on the wall somewhere, and usually some old branding irons and spurs, and old signs around too. Texas wall decor seems to always include lots of references to horses and cattle, especially longhorn cattle. It's kind of rustic style decorating meets proud of being Texan.

Then there's the whole Texas sports team fan phenomenon. In Texas football is sort of like a religion, and everyone supports all the Texas teams or at least some of them. This includes decorating your bedroom in team colors. So in Texas you are just as likely to walk into a couple's bedroom and find it decked out in Dallas Cowboys or Texas Longhorns as you are to find Texas Rustic Country style. Not just college bedrooms or teen bedrooms, couples' bedrooms! Remember, I said it's a whole other country.

But on this page I am focusing on Texas Rustic or Texas Country style bedrooms for the most part, and have all kinds of bedding and accessories suitable to decorate your Texas country style bedroom.

Texas themed decor is easy to find all over the state of Texas, in all the home decor stores, and in every town's second hand store or thrift store. Antique furniture is easy to find in Texas too, and so are old signs and tools and all the other Texas accessories you could want.

But what if you don't live in Texas? That's okay, here's your guide to Texas country style decor for a Texas style bedroom. You can find everything for your Texas country style bedroom, including Texas style furniture!

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Texas Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Texas Flag Map Poster
Texas Themed Decor 

  Mica Canasta Table Lamp, Western BronzeTexas Country Style Bedroom

Click on the lamp to purchase one of these Country style bedroom lamps!

Some people like to use Red, White, and Blue, in honor of the Texas State flag, and others like to use other color schemes and just include lots of Texas souvenirs and memorabilia. 

Either way works great, so that's the first decision, which color scheme for your Texas Themed Decor.

Let's say you go with the Red, White, and Blue color idea. Then you can either find a Red or Blue bedspread or comforter and use the other color sheets and pillowcases for a contrast. Use one or the other color for draperies or curtains. Or just use crisp white curtains, White curtains are always fresh. Then let your imagination run wild with Texas decor.

Or lets say you are not a fan of Red, White, and Blue in the bedroom. In that case, pick out your bedspread first and use the colors in it for your color scheme. Or you could pick a beautiful rug, and use some of the colors in it for your color scheme or even a set of curtains that you like. 

The important thing is to not use too many colors. That makes the room look dizzy and is not restful, and in your bedroom you want a peaceful feeling. So 2 or at most 3 colors is a nice mix.

Texas country style decor is more about comfort than anything else. It's kind of like the rustic country interiors you see in magazines, with lots of Texas references. Rustic Texas decor includes branding irons, old cowboy tools, antique signs, and well worn furniture, nothing new or sleek.

Now if you are a die hard Texas sports fan and your idea of a Texas bedroom is to incorporate your favorite team into the decor, you can do that too, but only in Texas would that be considered a country style decor theme. Like I said, another country.

So for most people, a Texas country style bedroom would look like a rustic country bedroom, but it would have lots of Texas references in the artwork and wall decor and accessories. There would be lots of wood and leather and quilts and rustic accessories too. And old pictures of Texas landmarks, Texas pioneers, and horses and longhorn steers. 

You might even see pictures of Bluebonnets, the state flower. But above all it will be comfortable and inviting and proudly proclaim the owner's love of Texas.

Modern Texas Decor is likely to be influenced by Texas style furniture and Texas wall decor, but the rest of the accessories might be a little more modern and less rustic. And instead of old rustic furniture, you might see upscale leather furniture, although it is still likely to be massive in scale. In the bedroom, you might see luxurious bedding with the Texas star or a beautiful quilt. Or a quilt with a star theme.

For help learning about your bedroom decorating personality, click here.

Texas Hill Country Decor
The Texas Hill Country Decorating Style

Texas Hill Country Decor is a specific style of Texas country style decor . Germans settled the area a long time ago and many of the towns have German names, and the food is German influenced. The Germans brought their rustic decorating ideas into the mix, with lots of fresh white lace curtains, and big old antiques, plus lots of quilts and flowers.

The Texas Hill Country Decorating Style is very popular in the whole state, but originated in the Hill Country West of Austin. The main colors are Blue, Red, Yellow, and White. Rocks are abundant in the Hill country, and many of the homes are built from rocks, with rock walls and rock floors throughout.

The Hill Country is famous for its Bluebonnet and Indian Paintbrush flowers and these colors are used in the furniture and accessories, along with rustic wood stained furniture.

Texas Country Style Bedspreads
Texas Country Style Comforters

Rustic Texas Decorating Ideas
Texas Country Bedroom Decor

This is a typical Texas country style bedroom. A very typical country style color scheme. Browns, Reds, Oranges and lots of wood and leather. Everything about this bedroom screams Texas country style!

texas bedroom ideas

Texas Star Bedding for a Country Bedroom
Texas Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Look at all those Texas stars! If you like Tan or Brown in your bedroom, this one is perfect. Many Texans love Brown bedrooms, probably because they all love cowhide and other leather. This comforter set is perfect for a Texas country style bedroom.

Horses Comforter Set
Western Horse Bedding

Horses figure prominently in Texas Country bedroom designs. More than half the state is still Horse country and there are rodeos all the time all over the state. 4H is huge. Last time I was in Amarillo I saw a family riding their horses downtown. Where else would that happen? 

So if you want to get instant Texas ambiance, just add Western horse bedding. Horses are used in many country bedding ensembles and this one is rustic and elegant both.

Galloping Horse Poster Texas 

Country Style Bedroom Art

Texas Country Style Bedroom
Get the best printing on canvas at Zazzle.

Texas Star Bedding Set
Texas Bedroom Decor

Red is prominent in Texas decor, probably because of the Red in the Texas state flag. Quilts are huge in Texas country bedroom decor. Many pioneer women of Texas spent countless hours quilting so their families could be warm. This one has stars, which are featured all the time in Texas bedroom decor, as a reminder of the Star of Texas. A very good example of the kind of Texas star bedding sets used in rustic Texas style decorating.

Texas Bedding Sets
Rustic Texas Bedding

All of these bedding sets/comforter sets will work great in a Texas style country bedroom. It all depends on your color scheme which one is best for your bedroom. Quilts are great for warmth and comfort! These are all available in full, queen, or king size too. Just click to see your options.

Texas Flag Bedding
Lone Star Bedroom

There are lots of Texas flag bedding sets, but this one is representative of them all. The Texas flag to show your love of Texas. Red, White, and Blue, just like America's flag, but with a huge Texas star. Reminds me of a line from one of my favorite Texas songs: "The stars at night are big and bright, Deep in the heart of Texas." This is an 8 piece bed in a bag comforter set. Perfect for a Lone Star bedroom!

Vintage Texas Travel Poster
Texas Art Print

Texas Sports Bedding
Texas Sports Team Bedspreads and Comforters

Texas Longhorn Bedspread
Texas Bedding for a Texas Bedroom

Longhorns are an icon of Texas. Longhorns are huge by the way, really enormous! No wonder Texans love them. Texans are proud to be a big state with miles of wide open spaces. 

Longhorn cattle are the pride of Texas. Texans love to decorate their rooms with pictures of Longhorns too. So it's not weird to Texans that their number one school, The University of Texas, uses the Longhorn as their icon!

Also, in Texas cheering for your favorite team includes sleeping with them! Not literally of course... but Texans love their sports teams so much they often decorate their bedrooms in Sports themed bedding. Then they add the usual Texas accessories.  I know it sounds strange, since these are not rustic style bedroom sets! But it's a Texas thing, what can I say?

Here we have a Longhorn bedding set for fans of The University of Texas at Austin. The original and best UT. ( I went there, but I'm not biased at all, not at all.)

Texas Rangers Bedding Set
Texas Bedroom Ideas

In Texas,  baseball coexists with football. Really. Even though football is another religion there.

Texas A & M Bedding Set
Texas Bedding Sets

For Aggie Fans! Texas A&M is the arch rival of UT Austin. Their rivalry is legendary and has spawned a whole category of jokes called Aggie Jokes. It is a good school, but you would never guess if you just listened to the jokes. I'm biased though. I love UT Austin. So I think it's the best school in Texas! But if you or a student you love goes to Texas A &M, this bedding set is for you.

Dallas Cowboys Bedding Set
Texas Bedroom Decor

Everyone knows the Dallas Cowboys. They have fans all over the world, but none so rabid as Texans. Many Texans devote whole rooms and bedrooms to the Cowboys! You can get a Dallas Cowboys comforter set in full, queen, or king size. Just click!

Texas Tech Bedding Set
Texas Bedroom Decorating Ideas

For Texas Tech fans, rivals of UT Austin. Texas Tech University is in Lubbock, Texas in North Texas, up in the Panhandle. Texas is a huge state with several climates. The Northern Panhandle is much colder, and also agricultural. Many students up there don't want to move to Austin, so for them Texas Tech is the number one choice. Lubbock is a rocking town too. So if you or your student are Texas Tech Red Raiders fans, this bedding set is for you.

Texas Travel Poster
Texas Art for Texas Rooms

Travel Texas Poster by skibbyb

View other Texas Posters

Texas Country Style Curtains
Texas Country Style Rugs

Texas Country Style Bedroom Curtains
Rustic Texas Decorating Ideas

When it comes to draperies or curtains, you can either use ones that coordinate with your bedspread, or fresh White. A window shade is also nice for privacy and light, and blinds and shutters are very popular as window coverings too. But normally Texans add curtains or drapes no matter what. Keeping out the Summer heat is paramount. These are typical style curtains for Texas style bedroom decor.

Texas Style Rugs for Your Texas Style Bedroom
Texas Country Style Bedroom

There are lots of rugs to choose from for designing your Texas Country style bedroom, and many of them feature the Star of Texas! The Star of Texas on the flag probably influenced this trend; stars are everywhere in Texas Decor.
Just remember that if you want the rug to stand out, use solid colored bedspreads and curtains or at least subtle patterns, and not too many of them.

Texas Style Bedroom Furniture
Texas Country Style Decor

Star of Texas Bed for a Texas Bedroom
Texas Style Bedroom Furniture

Texas style bedroom furniture is often rustic influenced, and may well have a Star of Texas, or it may have wagon wheels or horseshoes or longhorns or a cattle brand somewhere in the design. It is usually massive. 

You could say it's Western themed furniture and it is, but by adding Texas accessories it becomes Texas style furniture and the room becomes Texas rustic home decor. This Texas style bedroom furniture is very sturdy and is totally Texas style. Texans tend to lean towards medium wood tones, like Oak, Pecan, and Pine, stained in a medium tone.

Alamo Bed for a Texas Bedroom
Texas Rustic Bedroom Furniture

Remember the Alamo is not just a movie slogan in Texas. It's a battle cry. Here's the Alamo bed for die hard Texas fans. Add a Texas star bedding set from up above for a complete Lone Star bedroom look.

Texas Rustic Bedroom Furniture
Rustic Texas Decorating Ideas

Lone star style bedroom furniture. Authentic Western style and sports the Star of Texas! Very rustic for rustic Texas style bedroom fans. Just add some rustic Texas bedding from up above. Instant beautiful rustic Texas style bedroom!

Texas Flag Poster The Texas Flag

View more Texas Posters

Texas Country Style Bedroom Ideas
Texas Style Beds  

Wrought iron and brass beds also are used extensively in Texas country bedrooms. Also canopy beds. Here are some examples for you, and you can click on any bed to see more. Just add rustic Texas bedding, like a Lone Star quilt, or Texas star bedding or any of the other Texas bedding sets up above.

Texas Vintage Poster
Texas Cowgirls Poster

Texas Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Star of Texas Decor~Texas Country Style Decor

Typically, Texas Country style decor will feature lots of stars and longhorns and horses and boots and cowboy hats, plus ropes and spurs, and antique gadgets of all kinds! These are just a few. Click for many more. Or have fun going shopping at thrift stores and antique stores for unique accessories.

Texas Country Style Decor
Throw Pillows in a Western Theme

One Last Texas Poster:

Texas Country Style Bedroom Resources:

Some people want a Lone Star bedroom and want to make their own Lone Star quilt. I don't have the patience for that. But if you do, here's a free Lone Star quilt pattern: Free Lone Star Quilt Pattern. (When you see the work involved, you might want to come back here and just buy one ready made.)

And here are 27 Free Star Quilt Patterns: 27 Free Star Quilt Patterns. Your homemade quilt will be a brilliant Texas star bedding set, I'm sure of it. Personally that's too much work for me, but homemade sets are heirlooms to treasure always so I included them for those of you who like creating your own bedding,

If you need a sewing machine, you can find one here: Best Sewing Machines for Beginners. There are specific sewing machines for quilting listed.(with reviews)

Enjoy Decorating Your Texas Country Style Bedroom! 

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