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There seem to be two different camps that buyers of  Queen size bed in a bag sets fall into: The ones looking for luxury Queen comforter sets, and the ones looking for a Queen comforter set on clearance. I've got all kinds of Queen size comforter sets for both here, and Teen comforter sets in Queen size too. 

You can find Queen size bed bag sets in many colors so I've categorized them for you that way, for your shopping convenience. There are also many styles featured here, like quilted bedspreads in Queen size, Queen comforter sets with bed skirts and luxury Queen comforters. One thing is for sure, this page features Queen size bed bag sets and Queen size bedspreads only, no other sizes.

You can give your bedroom an entirely new look and feel, simply by changing the bedding. Buying Queen size bed in a bag sets (or Queen size duvet sets) makes it so easy to decorate your bedrooms! You'll find some great choices in these Queen size bed in a bag sets! 

Your whole matching Queen size bed in a bag or comforter set comes in one easy purchase. That's what makes a Queen comforter set so nice! With all the big pieces covered you can just accessorize. I've added beautiful throw pillows for you that go with all the Queen size bed bag sets featured here. Enjoy!

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Queen Size Bed Bag Sets

What's in a Queen Size Bed in a Bag Set anyway? Either a comforter and coordinating bed skirt, or a bedspread to start with. In addition, there are 2 pillow shams to go over the pillows, and depending on the set, there may be matching sheets and pillow cases. In addition, some sets have pillow covers for toss pillows. The theory is that it's a complete bedding set and all you need to do is open the bag, put all the bedding on the bed and you are good to go. Instant bedroom. Just add artwork. 

Some of the sets here on this page are complete Queen bed in a bag, (or Queen size bed bag sets, for short,) and some of them are just comforter or bedding sets, which simply means they have the outer Queen bedspread or comforter and pillow shams, but they don't include sheets. You would need to buy those separately.

Dimensions of a Queen Size Bed

What are the dimensions of a Queen Size Bed? (in case you were wondering)
60 inches wide by 80 inches long
Or 1.524 meters wide by 2.032 meters long

White Queen Comforters
White Queen Comforter Sets

White Queen comforters are my favorite comforters because White is so easy to decorate around and it's fresh and clean feeling. Of course if you have children you might not be a fan of using a Queen White comforter set, but for everyone else, White is a wonderful decor color. It goes with every other color. It brightens every other color. And if your Queen White comforter set ever gets too dingy looking, you can cover it with a White duvet cover!(or any other color, of course.) Here are a few White Queen comforters to show how beautiful and fresh they are.

The first one is a luxury Goose Down bed bag comforter set that will keep you warm and toasty no matter how cold it gets outside. Egyptian cotton so it's super soft too. Beneath this one are two more beautiful White Queen comforter sets. Some people are allergic to Goose down though, so the one on the bottom right is a Down alternative comforter set, perfect for you if that's the case.

Add whatever color of decorative throw pillows you like to set the color theme of your bedroom. There are lots of throw pillows featured below.

Black Comforter Set Queen Size
Black Queen Comforters

Black is another color that is neutral and goes with every other color. But it's the opposite of White in several ways. It's dramatic and intense and dark. But it's very popular with many people for their bedrooms. Black Queen comforters don't show dirt so it's great for teenagers! (or for people who are messy by nature) 

Here are a couple of Black Queen comforters to show different textures available. Much like White, any color can be Black's foil, so pick whatever pillows you want for your other color.

Black/White Comforter Sets Queen
Black White Comforter Sets

White is a natural pairing with Black and there are many beautiful Black/White comforter sets available. The first one here is another of the luxury Queen comforter sets on this page. The Gold makes it a royal Queen bedding set and pure luxury.

Black and White together is the combination of two neutral colors so they work great as a backdrop to any other colors you want to use in your bedroom. Add any other color, like Purple, Pink, or Blue or Green. They are all going to make the Black and White pop and be even more beautiful. Or you can just keep everything Black and White and your bedroom will be both fresh and dramatic. Here are some Black/White comforter sets in Queen size that show the variety of styles available.

Black and White Throw Pillows
Black/White Decorative Pillows

Grey Queen Size Comforter Sets
Gray Queen Size Comforter Sets

Just look at how classic and clean and neutral these Gray Queen size comforter sets are! (or grey, if you prefer) Softer than Black, and easier to keep clean than White. But easy to change the theme any time by changing out the throw pillows and the curtains and the artwork. Very restful too.

Gray Throw Pillows for Your Grey Bedding
Grey Decorative Throw Pillows

Blue Queen Size Comforters
Blue Queen Size Bedding

Blue Queen size comforters are beautiful and restful for a bedroom. Blue is a favorite color for bedrooms the world over. It's restful and reminiscent of Nature. The sky, the sea, wildflowers, blueberries. All Nature's Blue joy. You can pair it with other colors too, like White, Black, Brown, Red, Purple, Gray, and Green. 

You really can't go wrong with Blue Queen size comforters. First up is a luxury Queen comforter, followed by 4 different styles of Blue Queen size bedding to show some of the variety of Blue Queen size bed bag sets available.

Blue is one of the most popular colors for Queen bed bag sets, so there are many styles available. Here are 4 distinct styles/colors to give you an idea of the variety you can choose from. Just click a photo to see more of them.

Blue Decorative Pillows
For Your Blue Queen Size Bedding

Queen Size Comforter Set: Green
Green Queen Comforter Sets

Green, the color of leaves and jungles and forests and the grass beneath our feet. It's soothing and peaceful and serene, perfect for any bedroom theme and any age. There are many Queen Size Green  bed bag sets available, in all the shades of Green. Here are a couple and click a photo to see many more.

Green Decorative Throw Pillows
For Green Queen Size Bed Bag Sets

Teal Comforter Sets: Queen Size
Queen Size Bed Bag Sets

Teal being the combination of Blue and Green, two of Nature's favorite colors, is a very restful and peaceful choice for a bedroom. This first bedding set is another of the luxury Queen comforter sets and is a Paisley pattern, a favorite pattern of royalty the world over. 
The others are beautiful in any bedroom, and pretty luxurious too. You can see that combining Teal with Black or Brown makes the Teal stand out even more. As with any Queen comforter set shown on this page in any of the colors, there is plenty more available just by clicking any photo.

Teal Throw Pillows 

For Your Teal  Bed Bag Bedding Sets

Queen Bedding Sets: Yellow
Yellow Queen Comforter Set

Yellow is such a cheerful color for a bedroom (or any room, really) and is a good choice for a Master bedroom, as it's gender neutral. Add White or Gray to give it some contrast. Or Green or Blue to make it more dramatic. I love Yellow! These are but 2 of the many beautiful Queen Bedding sets in Yellow that are available. Just click a photo to see more Yellow Queen size comforters.

Yellow Decorative Toss Pillows
For Queen Size Bed Bag Sets

Purple Queen Bedding Sets
Purple Queen Size Comforter Set

Purple Queen Bedding sets are wonderful in a bedroom. Purple can be rich and intense, or soft when done in shades of Lavender. It speaks of spirit, and royalty. There's plenty of Purple in Nature too, like in sunsets and flowers. If you find it too intense, try adding some Blue or White, or Yellow in the room. 

The first  Purple Queen size comforter set here is truly luxurious and feminine, so perfect for a Victorian bedroom or perhaps a girly Teen bedroom. Below that are some gender neutral Purple Queen bedding sets, and Purple is so regal that they all look luxurious really, but they could definitely be used in a Master bedroom. Tache Lavender Fields Faux Satin/ Sateen Queen Comforter Set, 6 piece
queen size comforter sets
 Leta Collection 7-Piece Lightweight Comforter Set, Queen, Purplequeen size comforter sets  Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece Hotel Dobby Stripe Comforter Set, Queen, Purplequeen size comforter sets  Spirit Linen Hotel 5Th Ave 6-Piece Foliage Collection Plush Reversible Comforter Set, Queen, Purple/Ivoryqueen size comforter sets

Purple and Lavender Throw Pillows
For Your Purple Queen Size Comforters

Queen Size Bedding Sets: Red
Queen Red Bedding

Red Queen bedding sets are bold and intense, so not for the faint of heart. I like more peaceful and calm bedrooms, but some people love Red bedrooms especially with the addition of Black. Here are a couple of Queen Red bedding sets to get you started if that's your choice of bedroom color. As always, click on a photo to see many more Red Queen bedding sets.

Red Throw Pillows for Your Queen Red Bedding

Pink Comforter Sets: Queen Size
Pink Queen Size Comforter Set

I like Pink in a bedroom because it's softer than Red and it gives a rosy glow to everything in the room. The first Pink Queen size comforter set here is a luxury Pink size Queen bedspread! This would be perfect for a Victorian or Art Nouveau bedroom, or a French inspired bedroom. I think some Teen girly girls would swoon to see this in their bedroom! 

But Pink doesn't have to be all girly and fussy as you can see from the other Pink Queen size comforter sets featured here. All of them are more modern and streamlined. If you want a Pink Queen size comforter set and don't see one here that you like, just click a photo to see more.

Pink Pillows for Your Pink Queen Size Bed Bag Sets

Orange Queen Bedding Set
Orange Queen Comforter Set

An Orange Queen bedding set is a strong statement in a bedroom. Orange being the combination of the 2 primary colors of Red and Yellow is itself a very strong color. But if you love Orange you've got it made, as there is bound to be a beautiful Orange Queen comforter set for you. Here are a couple of them to get you started.

Orange Pillows for Orange Queen Size Bed Bag Sets

Brown Queen Size Comforter Sets
Brown Queen Size Bedding

This Brown and Tan Queen size bedding is pure luxury. It's gender neutral and suitable for any age from teen to adult. In the photo, it's shown in a very traditional bedroom, fit for a Queen or King.
Brown Queen Comforter sets are usually ones that boys and men like to use, although lately women have been combining Brown with Blue and Pink and Teal to make the color Brown more feminine in bedrooms. It's also often paired with Tan or White to soften it. Brown and Black together is a timeless combination used in Dens around the world, and in Wealthy men's bedrooms. Here is some Brown Queen size bedding to show what's available.

Brown Throw Pillows
For Your Brown Queen Size Bed Bag Sets

Camo Comforter Sets Queen Size
Camouflage Comforter Queen

Camo comforter sets come in all different colors now, not just the traditional green and brown military camouflage. There is even Pink camo bedding. But here are different traditional Camo comforter sets Queen size that would look great in military bedrooms, teen boy bedrooms, and children's bedrooms. For sure they hide any dirt! Use solid color throw pillows to make the camo bedding stand out.

Luxury Queen Comforter Sets
Luxury Queen Comforters

One last Queen comforter set! Another of the luxury Queen comforter sets that scream Victorian or French inspired. This is a fantasy Queen size bedspread fit for a Cinderella bedroom too. Add crystal and lots of curvy furniture and mirrors to complete your fantasy bedroom.
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