Decorating a Yellow Bedroom

Ideas for Decorating a Yellow Bedroom

Decorating a Yellow Bedroom
Decorating a Yellow bedroom? Or just want to add some Yellow splashes to your bedroom? You're at the right place to get all your Yellow bedroom ideas. 

You can find Yellow bedding of all kinds, Yellow bedspreads, Yellow comforters, Yellow quilts, Yellow sheets, and Yellow blankets. You'll also find Yellow curtains, Yellow throw pillows, Yellow rugs, and even Yellow lamps.

Nothing makes a drab and dreary room into a cheerful space faster than decorating the room in Yellow. Yellow is often the basis of Shabby Chic and Country bedrooms, Circus bedrooms, Moroccan or Southwestern bedrooms, Tuscan bedrooms, and Gender neutral baby bedrooms including many Juvenile themes, and Modern bedrooms.

Yellow and Gray, Yellow and Blue, Yellow and Green, Yellow and Pink, Yellow and Orange, Yellow and Red, Yellow and Purple, and the most popular one of all, Yellow and White are all combinations that people like to use when decorating Yellow bedrooms.

So whatever Yellow bedroom decor items you're looking for, you're bound to find them here, and lots of ideas on how to decorate a Yellow bedroom. All the art and posters are available too, and will make your Yellow bedroom complete. Enjoy!

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Decorating a Yellow Bedroom Ideas

Sometimes I just use Yellow art to help inspire me to create a bedroom.  Something as simple as an art print or poster can send me into a tailspin of decorating ideas.  I love looking at art anyway because my husband is an artist.  

You can look at pictures and come up with inspiration for your bedroom.  Here are some of my favorite art prints for decorating a Yellow bedroom.  I draw many of my bedroom idea inspirations from prints just like these. Click any photo for more information and to purchase.

Ideas for Decorating a Yellow Bedroom

If you are lucky enough to be able to paint your walls, you might consider painting them a soft Yellow and building your bedroom around that. You could use lighter curtains and bedding that goes with the Yellow walls. You could also add in some decals. 

Since the bed takes up so much of the room visually, and the curtains too if you have windows, they are next on the list after the wall color is decided. Once you have the bedspread and curtains picked out, it's easier to decide how you're going to accessorize. 

If you have a lot of windows, it might be better to use a lighter color, like White or a pale Yellow for your curtains, because even though it might be considered light, Yellow is a strong color, since it's one of the primary ones.

Which ever color combination you decide on, unless you really are a Yellow fanatic, it's best to add a color or two as an accent. Also, even though you would think Yellow would be just one color, there are actually many different shades of Yellow, so be sure to try all your Yellow bedroom items against each other to be sure all the Yellows are compatible. 

But it's okay to use different ones if they are compatible, as it gives more visual interest in a room, as it adds texture.



 GINGKOTREE POSTERDecorating a Yellow Bedroom
Shabby Chic
English Country
French Country
Gender Neutral Baby Nurseries
Juvenile Theme Bedrooms

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Yellow Bedspreads and Comforters

Decorating a Yellow Bedroom

Nothing adds a little sunshine to the room like a fresh Yellow comforter set or bedspread. I often suggest the color Yellow to people when I see their personality is bright and charismatic. Yellow is a color for a person with sunshine within. Yellow is even a color that can be used for men. Yellow and Grey comforters make an excellent bedspread for a male bedroom. If you are decorating for a female (only), Pink and Yellow or Purple and Yellow make a lovely color combination. Here are some of my favorite Yellow comforters and bedspreads for decorating Yellow bedrooms.

Solid Yellow Bedspreads and Solid Yellow Comforters
Yellow Bedroom Ensembles

Perfect Artwork for a Yellow Bedroom

Gold and Yellow Bedspread
Decorating a Yellow Bedroom

Croscill Iris Jacquard 4-Piece Comforter Set: This beautiful Yellow Jacquard Comforter Set is perfect for Cottage bedrooms, English Country and French Country bedrooms, Tropical Bedrooms, and Victorian bedrooms. The botanical florals are exquisite in this Yellow comforter set and it has a luxurious look and feel. Available in Queen and King size sets.

Yellow and Blue Comforter
Yellow Bedspreads and Comforters

Laura Ashley Caroline Yellow/Blue Comforter Set: One of my favorite Yellow comforters on this page. This one would look wonderful in a Country bedroom, any of them: English Country, French Country, and Country Cottage or a Shabby Chic bedroom. 

But I also think it would look great in a Tropical or Beach bedroom. Your bed in a bag solution for a Yellow and Blue bedroom. Everything you need for a gorgeous bedroom. This set includes the comforter, bed skirt and two standard pillow shams to match. Available in Queen size.

Yellow and Red Comforter
Yellow Bedspreads and Comforters

Yellow, Red and Blue Bedding Set: This Yellow and Red Comforter set looks very Moroccan but could also be the basis of what is sometimes called "Southwestern Primitive" style.

It would also work great in a Country bedroom, or a Shabby Chic bedroom. Here it is paired with an Aqua Blue, but you could easily use Yellow sheets and blankets or you could add in another color, like Green.

Keep Calm and Carry On Sign in Yellow 

Yellow and Gray Comforters
Yellow Bedspreads and Comforters

Yellow and Gray is a very popular color combination for bedrooms. I think it's because the Gray calms down the warmth of the Yellow creating a balance which works well in bedrooms.

Yellow and Grey Floral Comforter Set: This modern floral comforter features a pretty Yellow and Grey flowers pattern on a White background. The set includes the comforter, two shams and decorative pillow. Available in Twin and Full/Queen size.

So Many Yellow and Gray Comforter Choices:
Yellow Bedding Ensembles

 Lush Decor 5 Piece Bloomfield Tie Dye Comforter Set, Full/Queen, Yellow/GrayDecorating a Yellow Bedroom Chic Home Diamante 8-Piece Comforter Set, Queen, YellowDecorating a Yellow Bedroom Fresh Modern Yellow Gray White Damask Queen Comforter, Shams, Sheets, Decorative Pillow & Home Style Exclusive Eye Mask (9 Piece Bedding Bundle)decorating yellow bedrooms Chic Home 8-Piece Embroidery Comforter Set, Queen, Livingston Yellowdecorating yellow bedrooms

Wall Decal for a Yellow Bedroom

Yellow Bedroom Accessories
Decorating a Yellow Bedroom Ideas

These are but a few of the gorgeous Yellow accessories you can get for your bedroom. In fact, it's an easy way to add the pop of Yellow you need if you want to keep the bedding you have but want to vary your color scheme to include Yellow. A few accessories and a few pillows, voila, new bedroom.

Yellow Blankets
Decorate a Yellow Bedroom

Yellow blankets add a soft touch of elegance and class to your bedroom. Something simple yet very powerful in the bedroom. A blanket or throw can add pops of Yellow color to a space that needs color.

Yellow Sheet Sets
For Your Yellow Bedroom


Yellow Curtains
Decorating a Yellow Bedroom

Yellow is a primary color on the color wheel and is fairly strong in a room, so if you have lots of windows, you might want to use sheers, or even consider mixing in another color, like White, or other pastels. 

I did my daughter's room once in pastels of Yellow, Orange, Pink, Lavender, and White. I used all the different colored sheers on every window, so it had the effect of Neapolitan sherbet. 

If you do use Yellow curtains, consider using some different colored decorative toss pillows on the bed for visual interest.

Yellow Bedroom Decals
Decorating a Yellow Bedroom

Yellow decals and wall stickers are an easy way to add pops of color to the walls. A Yellow bedroom is easy and inexpensive to create with wall stickers and decals. Just peel and stick, they are so easy to apply and remove.

Yellow Bedroom Rugs
Decorating a Yellow Bedroom

Yellow Bedroom Lamps and Lighting
Decorating a Yellow Bedroom

Adding one of these to your end table, night stand or dresser is a subtle way to add Yellow color to the bedroom without over doing it. Lamps are just one way I like to add color to a room. With lamps you get lighting and a decorative accessory so they serve a dual purpose. There's nothing like a lamp to add a little color and light to a room. These Yellow table lamps are here to add simple pops of Yellow color to your bedroom designs.

  Yellow Toss Pillows
Decorating a Yellow Bedroom

These toss pillows are but a small sample of all the beautiful pillows available to add just the right sparkle to your Yellow bedroom. If you don't see one you like, just click to see many more. Decorating a Yellow bedroom is easy using cool pillows like these beautiful toss pillows.

Have fun decorating your Yellow Bedroom!

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