Decorating a Green Bedroom

How to Decorate a Green Bedroom

How to Decorate a Green Bedroom
Here is where you can find all of the Green stuff for your Green Bedroom, including Green Bedding of all kinds, Green Comforters, Green Bedspreads, Green Throw Pillows, Green Curtains, Green Rugs, Green Lamps, Green Art, and even Green Switchplate Covers.

Green Bedrooms can be very sophisticated and elegant and dramatic, or more casual and Zen like. Either way, Green is a restful color, good for the senses, so wonderful for decorating a bedroom.

You are probably going to want to add in one or more colors to make all the Green "pop." Green and Blue, Green and Yellow, Green and Brown or Tan, Green and Pink, and the most popular one of all, Green and White are all combinations that people turn to again and again for their Green bedroom ideas.

Whichever color combination or theme you like best, I've got your Green Bedroom decor and lots of ideas on how to pull it together on this page. Enjoy!

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It's Not Easy Being Green
Decorate a Green Bedroom

Preach it my Green brother from another mother!  It's not easy being Green, but with the right bedding and decor pieces you can be as Green as you want to be!  Here is a little music for some inspiration while you shop for Green bedroom decor.  No one can relate the way Kermit can!

Decorating a Green Bedroom Ideas

 Taiwan Jade Stone Trunk Up Elephant Statue Asian Art Sculpture CollectibleDecorating a Green Bedroom

Since the bed takes up so much of the room visually, and the curtains too, if you have windows, it's good to start with those as your focal point. Once you have those picked out you can decide on how to accessorize. 

Some people like to do this by designing the way nature does, light sky, dark earth. But of course people who love Green might prefer Green walls; after all nature provides Green everywhere, trees, plants, Greenish skies, Greenish waters, the aurora borealis. 

However you decide to decorate in Green, you may decide to add a color or two as an accent. Also, when decorating a Green bedroom, remember there are actually different shades of Green, so be sure to try all your Green bedroom items against each other to be sure all the Greens are compatible. And it's okay to mix shades of Green too, as it adds more texture to a room.


 Chezmoi Collection Sydney 7-piece Pintuck Bedding Comforter Set (Queen, Mint Green)Decorating a Green Bedroom

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Popular Green Comforter Sets

Sage Green Comforter Sets
Sage Green Bedroom Decor
Mint Green Bedroom Decor

The first Mint Green comforter set is very Asian in style but would also be great in a classic bedroom. Or is could be modern; it just depends on how you accessorize. When decorating a Green bedroom, or any other room really, it's good to think about the theme you are going for first and choose a comforter set or bedspread that goes with the theme you have in mind.

The second beautiful Sage Green comforter set is perfect for so many bedroom themes. But I like it best as an exotic Western style bedroom set. Both of these are being used more like classical theme bedrooms, so that shows their versatility. Change the furniture and accessories and you get a whole new look.

Tommy Bahama Tropical Green Comforter Set
Decorating a Green Bedroom

 Tommy Bahama Island Botanical Comforter Set, KingDecorating a Green Bedroom
Decorating a Green bedroom is pretty easy when you start with this beautiful comforter set. Botanical comforters look wonderful in Tropical bedrooms and classical ones too. This Green Botanical print comforter is perfect for either one, or for a Summer sleeping porch.

Manufacturer Description Excerpt: Tommy Island Botanical will bring the tropics into your bedroom. This island inspired design features palm trees in a soft Green with reversible comforter. The comforter and shams are made of luxurious 100-Percent cotton sateen.

Hunter Green Comforters
Solid Green Comforters

One way to easily decorate a Green bedroom is to use solid Green comforters and add colorful throw pillows and patterned rugs and multicolored art on the walls. Then if you get tired of the theme, just change out the pillows and you have a new room. Hunter Green is a traditional favorite Green for bedrooms.

Green Reversible Comforter Set
Kelly Green Bedding

 Chezmoi Collection 3-Piece Green/Light Green Super Soft Goose Down Alternative Reversible Comforter Set, King SizeDecorating a Green Bedroom
Kelly Green bedding is also from a traditional Green color for bedrooms. This basic solid Green comforter is reversible which is great. Change your mood often? Just flip your comforter over for a brand new look. Basic and gender neutral bedding that you can dress up or down at your whim. Sometimes simple is best. 

If you like a solid color bedspread or comforter, this one is yours. Add some decorative throw pillows and some art and your bedroom will be restful and complete. Also you can wait longer for laundry day. How cool is that?

Emerald Green Comforters
Emerald Green Bedding Set

Emerald Green is another traditional Green color and a favorite of many people the world over. These solid color comforters invite you to add throw pillows and accessorize with a patterned rug to complete your beautiful Green bedroom. Decorating a Green bedroom is so much fun and easy when you start with a beautiful Emerald Green comforter.

Green and White Comforter
Decorating a Green Bedroom

 Chezmoi Collection 7 Pieces Green Tree on White Comforter Set Bed-in-a-bag for King Size BeddingDecorating a Green Bedroom
If you are decorating a Green bedroom and want a classy elegant comforter or bedspread you can't go wrong with this one. It's a Green and White comforter set that is gender neutral and classic. 

It would be great in almost any Green bedroom theme, as it is easily accessorized to be perfect for any of them. It's luxurious, but simple and classic at the same time. 

This luxurious set includes: 1 comforter, 1 Bed skirt, 2 shams, 3 Decorative Pillows.

Green Throw Pillows
Decorating a Green Bedroom

Throw pillows are a wonderful way to add color without spending very much money. Now if everything else is in your room is Green you may want to use different colors for your pillows or maybe you just want add texture by using textured Green pillows. On the other hand if you have elected a different color bedspread and you just want Green pillows as your accent color, there are lots of beautiful Green throw pillows.

Green Sheets
Decorating a Green Bedroom

When decorating a Green bedroom, don't forget the other bedding besides the bedspread. Use Green sheets under your comforter and then if you don't make the bed you will still be color coordinated.

Warm Green Blankets
Decorating a Green Bedroom

Having a nice warm blanket to slide in between the sheets and comforter is always nice when you decorating a Green bedroom. Sometimes a comforter is a little too much heat, so a nice light, warm blanket should do the trick.  Here are some of the most popular Green choices.

Green Curtains and Draperies
Decorating a Green Bedroom

Curtains and draperies take up a lot of visual space in a room, so I think it's good to decide on them first, and then accessorize around the ones you pick.  Curtains can really add depth and character to a room, so you want to choose them right after you get the bedding because they are such a large part of the decor.  Curtains and drapes can make or break a room, I choose solid colors because they are easy to work with.

Green Rugs for the Bedroom
Decorating a Green Bedroom

Rugs are one of those decorative pieces that add character to the room.  I love adding a rug here and there for depth and warmth in a space.  Here are some of the top selling rugs in the color Green.  Step out of bed onto something comfortable for your feet.  

A rug can be shag, knotted, woven or plush.  Rugs add a touch of charm to the floor.  A rug is a must if you have wooden flooring, and it even looks nice on top of carpet too.

Green Light Switch Covers
Decorating a Green Bedroom

Decorating your light switch covers is a fun way to accessorize your Green Bedroom. If you don't see any you like, you can also find some cute stickers and decorate the ones you already have. Or you can use acrylic paint and paint them. Easy and fun.  

I make my own light switch and wall plate covers all the time for my bedrooms.  A little paint goes a long way when you have an artist in the family.  My husband will hand paint light switches and wall plates for me so that they match my designs.  He's an artist. (Richard Burns, maybe you've heard of him?)

Green Lamps
Decorating a Green Bedroom

Just one more little detail for your Green bedroom. Lighting is actually very important and often overlooked. These Green lamps will put the finishing touch in your bedroom.

Green Bedroom Art
Decorating a Green Bedroom

When decorating a Green bedroom or any other room for that matter, you can draw inspiration through art pieces that you love.  Here are a few of my favorite Green art decor pieces.  There are so many shades of Green running through them that they give me something to draw from when I design a room.  Keeping with the colors, theme or tone of the room, I use art to create a Green bedroom of my own.

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