California King Comforter

California King Comforter Sets  

Cal King Comforter Sets

California King Comforter Sets
Many people have California King sized beds and yet for some reason it can be hard to find a California King comforter. But not here! I have found all kinds of California King sized comforters for you.

Sometimes manufacturers abbreviate the name to Cal King. So California King, or Cal King, either way you can find a comforter for your beautiful bedroom. And if you don't see the one you want, just go ahead and click on any picture to be transported to They have a huge selection for you!

So now if you have been searching for new bedding and you have a California King size bed you will at last be able to shop without being afraid that your favorite bedspread or comforter is not available in your bed's size. All the comforters and bedspreads on this page are for California King beds.

Amazon also always has a California king comforters sale going on, as there are multiple sellers on Amazon but they always show you the lowest price available on all comforter sets. I just love that about Amazon, don't you? 

I've also included California Posters for your California King bedroom! Enjoy!

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California King Down Alternative Comforter
White California King Comforter

White and Off White California King Comforters are the most versatile comforters, as they go with everything. This is a perfect one for your bedroom. You can always add a duvet cover to change it if it gets dirty or worn or you change your mind. 

A solid White down alternative comforter is perfect for any bedroom! Keeps you warm and no sneezing. If you change your mind and don't want White any more, just slip on a colored duvet cover. Luxury in a 1200 count comforter for your luxurious retreat. White is a blank slate, so you get to add the personality and sparkle. This one will last too!

White Cal King Comforter Sets
California King Bed Comforters

A White California King comforter is a perfect comforter for any bedroom unless you have small children. Better to wait till they grow up unless you are a fan of laundry. But for anyone else, White is a perfect companion for any other color you want! It looks clean and natural too. I always get White comforters and add duvet covers when I change my mood and want to redecorate.

Hollywood Poster

White and Green California King Comforter
California King Size Comforter Sets

Great reviews on these beautiful comforter sets, all talking about the quality. You get the comforter, bed skirt, and 2 pillow shams. For the look of the bedroom on the left, they added beachy accessories. I think both of these Cal King comforter sets  would look amazing in leaf and tree decor theme bedrooms. Green is restful and gender neutral for a bedroom.

Off-White California King Floral Comforter
Size California King Comforter

This is very similar to the comforter set I have! I love that there is just a hint of colors, but it's still mostly off White. The pattern is very dainty and elegant. 8 pieces, a true bed in a bag. The comforter, the pillow shams, the sheets and pillow cases, and a duvet cover for the comforter. Very elegant but okay for Shabby Chic too or Country style bedrooms too.

Gray and Black California King Comforter
Oversized California King Comforters

Black and Gray California King Comforter Sets are for people who like sophisticated and sleek bedrooms with not too much distraction. You can add any color to the room to make it pop or change the theme. These are very sophisticated bedding sets and would look great in many bedroom themes and are gender neutral.

San Francisco, California Travel Poster

Purple California King Comforter Sets
Cal King Comforter Sets

These Purple California King comforter sets would look great in a Modern bedroom, an Asian bedroom, or an Art Nouveau bedroom. Inspiring sets for the bedroom if you are looking for something glamorous. Purple is a beautiful and dramatic color for bedrooms. 

These California King Comforter sets are perfect for women or girls. The one on the right is actually a California King duvet cover instead of a comforter set. Use it to cover a duvet or another comforter you are tired of. Instant new bedroom.

Blue California King Comforter Sets
California King Size Comforter Sets

 Lydia 3-piece King / Cal-king Comforter Cover (Duvet-Cover-Set) 100 % Egyptian Cotton 300 TCcalifornia king comforter
Blue California King Comforter sets will work in so many themes and Blue is such a popular color for bedrooms! Blue is just as good as Black at acting as a neutral to pair with other colors. I love Blue the most in a bedroom. 

The Reversible Blue and Light Blue comforter is perfect for any bedroom. Plain so you can accessorize to your heart's content. Hypoallergenic, so no sneezing! A year in and year out favorite California King comforter. The Blue and White Cal King comforter set on the right (geometric print!) is also plain and classic and goes with every theme! You can change it up at the snap of your fingers by adding different pillows.

Aqua Blue California King Comforter Sets
California King Bed Comforters

Beautiful and elegant Aqua Blue California King comforter sets for your bed. These gorgeous sets would look great in a Beach theme bedroom, or an elegant Victorian bedroom. A very soothing shade of Blue and so versatile! 

I love the beach theme it represents here, but add mirrors and Art Deco accessories or Victorian accessories for a completely new look. The comforter set on the left could also be used in a Country style bedroom. Again you get the comforter, the bed skirt, 2 pillow shams, and 3 decorative pillows. Score!

Yosemite Park, California Travel Poster

Blue and Brown California King Comforter Set
Size California King Comforter

Beautiful and elegant Aqua Blue and Brown size California King comforter set for your Cal King bed. This gorgeous set would look great in a Beach theme bedroom, or an elegant Asian bedroom or a Modern Glam bedroom. A very soothing shade of Blue and the Brown plays it up beautifully! 

I love the classic modern theme it represents here, but add mirrors and Art Deco accessories or Victorian accessories for a completely new look. Gender neutral comforter set.

Black California King Comforters
Cal King Comforter Sets

A Black California King comforter is the perfect gender neutral comforter for many dramatic bedroom themes. You can pair it with many colors, like White, Purple, Red, Blue, Beige, Green, or really any color as Black is neutral. It is very dramatic and strong for a bedroom, but many people like the simplicity it represents. Just add a few throw pillows in your contrasting color and you're done.

Lake Tahoe, California Travel Poster

Beige and Brown California King Comforter Set
California King Size Comforter Set

This is a beautiful and elegant California King size comforter set in colors of Brown and Tan with White trim. It would look great in a Victorian or French or English Country bedroom, or just a luxurious and romantic bedroom. 

Beige, Cream, and Brown are classic colors and the basis of many glamorous bedroom decor themes. Vintage, Regal, Art Nouveau, Hollywood Glam are all themes that this beautiful Comforter set would work for. Gender neutral too. 

You could make your bedroom anything you want with this one, just by changing your accessories. Add throw pillows and art to establish your bedroom theme.

If you still haven't found your California King Comforter, you can see more by clicking here: California King Comforter Sets

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