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King Bed in a Bag Comforter Sets King Comforter Sets
Looking for King bed in a bag comforter sets? Not sure whether to get a new King comforter set or a duvet set? I'm here to help you answer that question and help you find both types of King size bedding sets so you can decide. 

All of these sets are bed in a bag sets, which means they have everything you need to make your King size bed beautiful right out of the bag. Take it out, make your bed and stand back to admire your new beautiful bed. Add art work. Your bedroom is done. 

Now some of the King bed bag sets include sheets, so you are really completely ready to go. But some don't, so if you want matching sheets you would need to buy those separately.

First, one of my best decorating tricks is to use duvets with duvet covers on my beds instead of regular comforters. Or to just pop a duvet cover over a comforter for a quick change. By adding a new duvet cover you give your room an entirely new look and feel! Add some coordinating accessories, and you've got a "new" room for very little investment. In fact I have several duvet covers so I can change my bedroom on a whim. I like to change the rooms for the seasons.

So I was searching for some fabulous King size duvet covers and found all the ones featured on this page! These duvet covers are great on your King size bed! They are easy to care for and lovely to look at. But in case you want King size comforter sets instead of duvet covers, I have those for you too. 

One thing is for sure, this page is for you if you want a King size comforter only (or duvet only!) If you want Queen size, Full size, California King size or even Twin size bedding, we have lots of those too. Just check under the Decor tab above!

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How to Choose Your Bedroom Comforter
Or Duvet Cover
Bedroom Decorating Tips

It can be a dizzying adventure to decorate your bedroom. Since it costs a little money, some people stop dead in their tracks when it comes to choosing their comforter. The thought of choosing the wrong one just seems to paralyze them so they either don't ever get around to decorating, or they put it off until one day in desperation they just buy the first thing they see that they like and fits their budget without thinking about what else goes in their room that may or may not go with it. 

If it doesn't, then you are on to another adventure trying to find stuff that goes with your new bedding and the stuff you already have.

 Park Ave Luxury 3PC Printed Duvet cover set, 100% Microfiber (King /California King)King Bed Bag Comforter Sets
Instead of doing that, think about it logically. What colors do you gravitate toward? Those are the ones you will be most comfortable with. And if you have several, try to choose the most restful one. Then get a few, and I do mean few accessories that go with your bedding. Less really is more when it comes to decor. 

Give away the old ones that don't go with your new set. Unless you are happy with the accessories you already have, in which case, use those colors for your new comforter. But in any case, plan it out in advance rather than just grabbing the first one you see that you like.

And while we are talking about color, I think it's better to choose soft colors and ones on the cooler side of the spectrum for the bedroom. If you love Red, it might look brilliant in a living room, but it's a hot color, so not really the best choice for a restful feeling. Many people do have Red bedrooms, but it's not the most restful. 
Blue and Green and White are much more calming for the spirit and make wonderful colors for a bedroom, along with Tan and earth colors. You can certainly use Red accents though, or just save it for your living room, that's what I do.
~You can download this guide here.

King Bed Bag Comforter Sets
Complete King Size Comforter Sets

King Size Comforter Set: Blue
King Duvet Covers

Blue is always a great choice for the King bedding comforter set as it sets a calming tone in the bedroom. Blue seas, Blue flowers, Blue sky! All the Blue from Nature is beautiful and serene. I've selected a few of the most beautiful King bed bag comforter sets available in both light and dark Blue shades.

Blue Decorative Throw Pillows
For Your King Bed Comforters

Adding a few throw pillows to a bed can totally transform a tired old bedspread and thus your whole room. People often tire of their environment and changing the colors just a little bit satisfies that urge to have freshness. A very easy way to do that is to change out the little things like artwork, pillows, and accessories. 

Here are 2 totally cool Blue toss pillows, and if you want to see more, just click on one of them and start shopping.

King White Duvet Cover
King Bed Bag Comforter Sets

I love White duvet covers and comforter sets in a bedroom, as I find the color White as peaceful as Blue. But my kids are grown and I don't have to worry about them rolling around on my beds with messy faces and hands that get dirt all over everything. If you still have children around, it might be best to skip White as a comforter set, unless you cover it with a duvet in another color. 

For everyone else, I highly recommend it. It makes your bedroom fresh and inviting and all the other colors pop. Especially useful if you live in a rental with walls that are colored and you aren't allowed to paint them. Here are a few King bed bag comforter sets in beautiful White!

Black King Size Bedding Sets
King Size Duvet Covers

Like White, Black is a neutral color that goes with everything else, but it's dramatic and stark. Some people really love the effect it has in the bedroom. (especially teens) You can add any color of pillows to dress it up, and just change them for a new look. Here are some gorgeous King bed in the bag comforter sets in Black.

Black and White King Size Bedding Sets
King Size Comforter Sets

Black and White together is gender neutral and has all the attributes of both colors, freshness and drama in one mix. Very popular in bedrooms. Add any other color you like to have a unique theme! These are just a few of the Black/White King bed bag comforter sets available. You can get them in many styles.

Black and White Throw Pillows
For a King Size Duvet Cover

Black and White throw pillows look great in Black/White bedrooms, but also on other solid color comforters. Sometimes there aren't enough pillows in King bed bag comforter sets so you need a few more.

Green King Size Comforter Sets
King Bedding Comforter Sets

Green is another wonderful color to use in the bedroom. Most people find it calming and refreshing at the same time. It's always nice to use the colors of Nature in the bedroom as they are the most restful. 

You can pair Green with White, Blue or Yellow for a Nature inspired bedroom that will have you asleep in no time. Click any photo to see more King bed bag comforter sets and King duvet covers.

Green Pillows For Your King Bed Bag Comforter Sets

Gray King Size Comforter Sets
Grey King Size Duvet Covers

Gray(or Grey) is another color that is wonderful for bedrooms as it is neutral and calming. You can dress it up with just White or Black, or you can add in a bright color to pop. Either way looks beautiful! 

Yellow, Blue, and Purple are all popular colors to add into a Gray color palette. Since Gray is now more popular than it used to be, you can find many King bed in a bag comforter sets in Grey now. Just click any photo to see more.

Gray Throw Pillows 
For Your King Bed Bag Comforter Sets

Teal King Size Duvet Covers
King Bed Bag Comforter Sets

Teal being the marriage of Blue and Green is another natural calm and peaceful color that works really well in a bedroom and it's gender neutral so it's great for a Master bedroom. These are a few King bedding sets but click any photo to see many more.

Teal Pillows
For King Bed Bag Comforter Sets

Yellow King Size Comforter Set
King Bed Bag Comforter Sets

Yellow is a gender neutral color that works well for any bedroom. Bright and sunny, but not too dramatic, it also goes with many other colors and it's fresh and inviting. If you want a King size bed comforter set you really can't go wrong with a Yellow one! It will work in any bedroom theme.

Purple King Size Duvet Sets
King Size Comforter Set: Purple

Purple is very popular right now, and it's a good choice for the bedroom too if you like it. Purple has been said to have both spiritual and royal connotations and some say it enhances passion. Justin Bieber loves Purple so lots of teens want Purple bedrooms. It's bold, but not as bold as Black. It comes in many shades too and mixes well with other colors. are a few King size comforter sets and King duvet covers to give you an idea of the many styles available. All of these are King bed bag comforter sets.

Purple Throw Pillows
For King Bed Bag Comforter Sets

Red King Size Comforter Set
King Bed Bag Comforter Sets

Red is a very dramatic and bold color for a bedroom, and it's gender neutral too. Some people really like it in a Master bedroom for its connotation of passion. You can pair it with White, Black, Yellow, or Gray as natural color combinations, but some people like it with Maroon or Brown too. 

A King size duvet cover in Red is wonderful to use during the Christmas season. Easy and quick way to make your bedroom sparkle for the holidays!

Red Pillows for King Bed Bag Comforter Sets

Using Red throw pillows on any bed will add some Red drama without overwhelming the room. Red is great to make a room pop with excitement. You could easily use them on your sofa for the Christmas season too, or year round for a dramatic fun living room.

Still searching for King bed bag comforter sets? Click here for lots of fabulous King size duvet covers and comforter sets: King Size Comforter Sets

I hope my pages inspire you to decorate your bedrooms. Have fun!

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