Paris Bedroom Decor

Paris Bedroom Decor Ideas

Paris Bedroom Decor Ideas
I went to Paris in January of this year and it inspired me to want a Paris decor bedroom. What can I say, I'm in love with Paris! I even made artwork and pillows from some of my photos there. You can see some of them further down the page. (All the ones by Heather426 are my designs.)

A Paris decor bedroom is a way to remind yourself of your wonderful memories of Paris, and it can be as sophisticated or as whimsical as you want it to be. You can make it just an Eiffel tower bedroom, or you can incorporate other Paris inspired bedroom decor into it. 

Now the Eiffel Tower is famous worldwide as a symbol of Paris, so no matter what you are going to add Eiffel Tower bedroom decorations and Eiffel tower bedroom accessories into your Paris inspired  bedrooms, but it's not the only famous landmark there so you do have other Paris bedroom decorations you can incorporate as well.

So that's your first decision: Is it just an Eiffel tower bedroom or is it a Paris theme bedroom. I think I would go for the broader Paris theme bedroom decor myself, because I like to have a little variety and I don't like too much of a good thing, as I'm afraid I'll get bored with my design and have to start over.

For Paris themed bedrooms, you are going to want some Eiffel Tower accessories anyway as splashes of whimsy. But if you go with a Paris Decor bedroom and use more than just the Eiffel Tower, it's easier to change your mind later. You can just change out your pillows and presto, new bedroom. You also have more decor choices.

I would start with a plain colored bedroom set and use Paris theme accessories to decorate. There are Eiffel tower curtains available, but again, what if you tire of your theme? I think it's better to get solid curtains and bedroom sets and use the Eiffel tower and Paris theme and other accessories. But if you like themed bedding and you want yours to be Paris theme bedding or Eiffel Tower bedding, there is an array of choices for you!

All that said, I do have a friend whose daughter went to the Sorbonne in Paris and she did her whole bedroom in Paris themed bedroom decor, every bit of it. The bedspread, the curtains, the pillows, the art, the throw rugs, all of it. A little busy for my taste, but she's outgoing and bold and it suits her. Several years later it's still there. So it's up to you how you do your Paris decor bedroom.

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Here are some Paris Themed Bedroom Sets:
Paris Bedding Sets

Get a Paris comforter set and your room is half done already. The bed takes up so much space visually that you don't need to do much else. Add some curtains and some art and some pillows. Maybe a rug. You're done. That's why so many people like Paris comforter sets. Easy decorating for a Paris decor bedroom!

Paris Themed Bedding Sets
Paris Comforters

As you can see there are Paris themed comforter sets in many colors and a variety of styles. They also are available in all the different bed sizes so just click a photo to see all the sizes available. For any of these, I would use solid colored curtains, rugs and lamps.

More Paris Comforter Sets
Paris Themed Bedding

Still looking for a Paris theme comforter set? How about an Eiffel Tower comforter set? More of them here, in stunning designs. You really just have to decide on your color scheme now as the bedding is done for you and therefore most of the room decor is done too.

Paris Theme Comforter Sets
Paris Themed Bedding

Okay, I admit it, I went a little crazy here and showed you multiple Paris theme comforter sets! I just love them and wanted you to see all the cool ways that designers have run with the Paris decor bedroom idea!

Accessories for Paris Themed Bedrooms
Beautify Your Paris Theme Bedroom!

Here are some cool decals to decorate your Eiffel Tower bedroom walls. They will work in a living room too. If you use a decal like these, you really don't need a lot more art as they are so impactful on their own. I love decals because you can take them with you when you leave. Easy to remove! These are perfect for your Paris decor bedroom.

More Paris Decor Bedroom Ideas
Paris Themed Bedrooms

There's also the color aspect of your Paris decor bedroom to consider. Since the Eiffel tower is dark colored steel, some people like to do their Eiffel tower bedroom in Black and White. It can look stunning if you like that combo. But Paris is colorful! 

Think about the stained glass in Notre Dame cathedral! And the Art Nouveau lamp posts that are Verdigris all over the city. And the artwork in the Louvre! And the Golden Angels everywhere. And the luminosity of the city at night. 

I would go for colors myself! Or if you use Black and White Eiffel tower bedding, I would add in a bright color. Just a suggestion though. It's your bedroom. 

But you can see in the Paris themed bedding sets above that a lot of them have lots of color and I think they look nicer than the Black and White ones. If you do go for a Black and White Paris comforter set, you can mix some solid color throw pillows with some Paris throw pillows to keep the Paris in your Paris decor bedroom.

Eiffel Tower Throw Pillows
Paris Decor Bedroom

You can use the Eiffel Tower throw pillows with solid color bedding (or for your living room.) Mix with solid color throw pillows for a stunning effect in your Paris decor bedroom.

Here's a Paris Clock for your Paris Decor Bedroom!
Paris Inspired Bedroom Decor

Paris Themed Bedrooms
Decor for a Paris Theme Bedroom

Here are some beautiful posters to decorate your Eiffel Tower bedroom or your living room. You'll always remember your Paris vacation if you use Paris theme inspired decor in your bedroom or living room!

Shop for Paris Posters online at

Sweet Paris dreams to you!

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