Decorating Ideas for Blue Bedrooms

How to Decorate a Blue Bedroom

How to Decorate a Blue Bedroom
A Blue bedroom is a bedroom that you will find calming and relaxing whenever you want to sleep. There are many shades of Blue, and they all look amazing in a bedroom!

But where do you start when you want to decorate your Blue bedroom? So many decisions to make. What shade of Blue? What accent color? Which items should be Blue, and which should be another color. Too much of anything can overwhelm, you know? So I've got all kinds of decorating ideas for Blue bedrooms for you here.

Plus which Blue should you use? There are many shades of Blue, and they all look amazing in a bedroom. So on this page you will see lots of Blue in different shades to give you an idea of what is possible for your Blue bedrooms. 

There is Tiffany Blue bedroom decor, (Tiffany Blue is Aqua Blue) Navy Blue bedroom decor, and Light Blue bedroom decor. There are Royal Blue bedroom designs and Duck Egg Blue bedroom designs. (Duck Egg Blue is a Light Aqua Blue.) Decorating Blue bedrooms is going to be easy after you see all the beautiful Blue bedroom accessories and bedding and decor.

So if you want to decorate a Blue bedroom, keep on reading. You'll find lots of Blue bedroom decor items and ideas and some advice on how to pull it all together for a smashing Blue bedroom.

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Blue Bayou Performed by Roy Orbison

I love the color Blue, and even Blue music. This is Roy Orbison with his velvet voice in full swing. A little Blue Bayou to inspire your Blue bedrooms decorating ideas....

Decorating Ideas for Blue Bedrooms

Trying to figure out where to begin to decorate a Blue bedroom?
 Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Night Decorative Fine Art Poster Print, Unframed 16x20decorating ideas for blue bedrooms
Blue bedrooms decorating ideas for you:
Start with a big piece. In a bedroom, the bed and the curtains are probably first to catch your eyes. So pick one of those, and make it your focal point. Find the prettiest most appealing one for you, and then choose your other accessories to go with your focal point.
Another way to choose: Pick an artwork you like and use it to choose your color scheme. Choose 3 of the colors in the art and use those as your colors to decorate. Try not to use more than 3 main colors. It make the room more dizzy and less restful for sleeping. White does not count for this computation. White makes colors pop. But I only use 2 main colors and white anyway. This is the room you rest in.
It is a very impactful statement to decorate the way Nature does: Light sky, dark earth. Use lighter colors in the room, and a darker Blue rug. But do put a few darker pillows around for visual impact.
One last idea, use more than one shade of Blue, to give the room extra visual texture.
For help learning about your bedroom decorating personality, click here.

Blue Comforter Sets 

The bedspread takes up a lot of visual space, so for a Blue bedroom to have impact, use a Blue bedspread or comforter. I like to use solid color comforters, not so busy on the eyes in the room you sleep in and take comfort from. Then you can spice it up with pillows or bold art, and easily change the pillows very inexpensively to have a whole new Blue theme for your bedroom.

Blue Stripe Comforter Set 

First is Navy Blue bedroom decor in the form of a Striped comforter set. Perfect for a Nautical bedroom or a Modern bedroom. Next is a Casual Blue comforter set, beautiful shade of Royal Blue. And it's reversible, so now it's longer till laundry day! Or just to have a new look. This comforter would look good in a Nautical bedroom, a Tropical bedroom, a Beach theme bedroom, or a Modern bedroom.

Tiffany Blue Bedroom Decorating Ideas 

For more Blue comforters, visit Blue Comforter Sets. If you hear people say Duck Egg Blue or Tiffany Blue, no need to get confused as those are just fancy names for Aqua Blue.

Light Blue Bedding 

Adore French Blue? How about Baby Blue or Light Blue? All of these comforter sets are beautiful Blue comforters! Iideal for Victorian bedrooms, Asian bedrooms, and Modern bedrooms. Included are duvets and comforters with standard pillow shams.

Blue Sheet Sets 

Decorating Ideas for Blue Bedrooms

Even though the sheets may not show, it's nice to wrap yourself in Blue. And you might not make the bed every day, so now the sheets will be in your color: Blue, Blue, Blue. Decorating Blue bedrooms means all the parts, not just the bedspread!

Blue Curtains and Drapes for the Bedroom 

Curtains in a room take up a lot of visual space too, so I like to pick them out at the same time as I pick out the bedspread. If you are not sure what to do, you can buy matching ones for a designer look. But I like to mix things up a bit for more interesting textures. Decorating Blue bedrooms is so fun!

Light Blue Curtains

Royal Blue Curtains

Teal / Aqua Blue Curtains

Blue Fairy Lights Curtains  

Make a Blue starry bedroom like something out of a fairy tale what is this lighted curtain string. These lighted curtains would look amazing with a pair of Blue sheer curtains like the ones featured above. Your room will be a wonderland that people are jealous of when they walk in. Everyone is going to see how amazing your curtain lights look and want a pair of them for themselves. They're going to think "Why didn't I think of that."

Blue Toss Pillows  for Decorating Blue Bedrooms

Toss Pillows are wonderful little decorative items. Just change out the toss pillows and you have a whole new look to your bedroom or any other room you want to decorate quickly and inexpensively. These are some of the beautiful Blue toss pillows I found. There are lots more. Just click on any image for lots more choices.
Whenever I am trying to add a little bit of color to an area, the first thing that comes to my head is throw pillows. Throw pillows are an easy way to change the look of the room dramatically. There are a ton of different Blue throw pillows to choose from, some with scenes, others with patterns, some are solid colors. Then there's the shade of Blue, there are so many shades of Blue that the choices in throw pillows is endless. Here are a few of my favorites that I really liked. I like to use throw pillows to draw inspiration from.

Blue Accent Rugs for Blue Bedrooms

Blue rugs can add depth and personality to your room. They are comfortable and soft and give your feet the break they deserve. I recommend rugs in all my bedroom designs. Rugs, curtains and toss pillows are MUST HAVE decor items to use. Put your money in the bedding, rugs and wall decor and the rest can be boosted with pops of color from other items. Featured below are some of my favorite rugs.

Blue Wall Decals to Decorate Blue Bedrooms

Click on any decal to see more details or to see more decals. Decorating Blue bedrooms can take many forms. If you are a renter and can't put holes in your walls, consider decals. Easy to put up, easy to remove.  Instant art!

Blue Lighting to Decorate Blue Bedrooms 

  Decorating Ideas for Blue Bedrooms

One of the ways and that I like to draw inspiration for a bedroom design is by looking at pictures and art prints that I can use on the walls or just draw color schemes from. There are lots of different color combinations that I could use from looking at these pictures and they help to me draw out the best ones. 
By finding your favorite pictures first you can then design your bedroom around the color scheme in that print. Here are some lovely pictures that you could use for inspiration to find your perfect Blue bedroom. All these pictures are available for sale if you find one that you cannot live without.

Why I Create Bedroom Decorating Pages 

Bedrooms in the Color Blue

I love to decorate which has come in very handy in my life since I have moved so many times. This taught me how to make furniture fit into a myriad of spaces and get really creative about mixing up the pieces in different ways for different rooms. My friends all get me to help decorate their rooms too so I get to decorate a lot. I like to change out my bedrooms with the seasons which led me to create pages on how to decorate your bedrooms.
The bedroom should be your haven, so it's important to decorate it to fit your style. I try to have everything you would ever want to decorate your bedrooms on my pages. And I try to find some unique pieces and artwork that would maybe get you to thinking in a different way when it comes to your rooms. I hope my pages inspire you to decorate your house.
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