Blue and White Bedding

Blue and White Bedding for a Serene Bedroom

Blue and White Bedding Blue and White comforters
Blue and White is my favorite color combination in a bedroom. I love the color Blue the most of any color and White is a perfect addition with its crispness.

Nature loves Blue and White too. Think of clouds in a sky! Or foam on the top of waves. Or Blue and White Bluebonnet flowers. You really can't go wrong with Blue and White in a bedroom.

And since the bed is the biggest focal point in a bedroom, Blue and White bedspreads, comforters, comforter sets and bedding are a major part of the Blue and White bedroom experience. Add some beautiful Blue or White curtains too. Instant gorgeous and calm bedroom.

Here you will find lots of Blue and White bedding and accessories to go with it. Enjoy!

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Blue and White Comforters

Blue and White Bed in a Bag Sets

More Blue and White Bedding Sets

Blue and White Sheets and Sheet Sets

Some beautiful Blue and White Sheets to put under your Blue and White Comforter! This way if you didn't get around to making your bed it's still beautiful!

Blue and White Throw Pillows for the Bed

 Tips on How to Decorate a Blue and White Bedroom

Blue is one of those colors that has many shades and mostly they all go together. But just to be sure that all your Blues are compatible, place all your choices together before you buy. I love to use different Blues together, like Aqua and Navy Blue, or light Blue. But I always test first! 

Here are some of the shades of Blue for you to consider. 

Peacock Blue                 Cadet Blue              Steel Blue
Medium Blue                 Azure Blue             Agate Blue
Robin’s Egg Blue           Aqua Blue              Baby Blue
Periwinkle Blue             Prussian Blue        Light Blue
Aquamarine Blue          Sky Blue                 Dodger Blue   
Egyptian Blue                Powder Blue          Royal Blue
Cornflower Blue            Indigo Blue            Slate Blue
Cerulean Blue                Dark Blue               Navy Blue 
Turquoise Blue              Teal Blue                Cobalt Blue 
Sapphire Blue                Denim Blue            Electric Blue 
Midnight Blue                Persian Blue                 
White curtains and draperies will make your bedroom pop. But you could also use Blue ones in a Blue and White bedroom. Your wall color will come into play here. If you are using a pastel wall color like pale Blue or White, you can use either one, but if you are using a dark wall color like dark Blue, for sure use White ones! 

Also, it is really more restful to only use 2 or 3 main colors in any bedroom, although White doesn't really count in this equation. But with Blue as your base color, you can add pops of any other color you like to make the room more interesting. The easiest way to do this is to use throw pillows. For a Blue and White bedroom consider adding Green or Yellow or a different shade of Blue in your toss pillows. 

And don't forget the power of art work! Whichever color you choose, use some art which has that color.

Your Blue and White bedroom is going to be spectacular!

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