Blue Comforter Sets

Blue Comforter Sets and Comforters

Blue Comforter Sets
A Blue comforter will work in many bedroom themes. Blue comforter sets can be used in Beach themes, all kinds of Boy Bedroom themes, Blue Floral themes, and Blue Sky themes, among others.  Blue is the favorite color of more people than any other color.(myself included)

And Blue goes with many colors so many people pair it with another color for a theme. Blue and White, Blue and Green, Blue and Brown, Blue and Black, Blue and Yellow, and just different shades of Blue are all themes that work for Blue Bedrooms. There are many beautiful Blue comforter sets to go with all your Blue ideas for bedrooms.

Your comforter is one of the most important pieces you need in your bedroom since it takes up so much space visually that it's an automatic focal point. I have searched and found many different ones, and the ones here represent the different styles available.  There are also many shades of Blue represented. Enjoy!

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Why Blue Comforters?

Comforters can be for beds or they can be so much more. You can use them for throws on beds or sofas. You can use them for indoor tents. You can use them for picnics. You can use them for makeshift sleeping bags. And they're much warmer than traditional bedspreads, sort of like a quilt and a bedspread all in one. So comforters are way cooler than bedspreads for beds. 

And Blue goes with everything and it's my favorite color so I gathered all the prettiest Blue comforters in the various combinations to make it easier for you if you are shopping for one and don't have time to go through all the ones at Amazon.

What Kind of Blue Are You?
Royal Blue Comforter Sets
Peacock Blue Bedding Sets
Dark Blue Comforter Sets

Reversible Blue Comforter
Blue Comforter Sets

 AmazonBasics Reversible Microfiber Comforter - Full/Queen, Navy Blueduck egg blue bedding sets

A Reversible solid Blue comforter is perfect for any Blue bedroom theme. Just add some toss pillows to accessorize it and you're good to go. A beautiful medium shade of Blue, not quite Royal Blue, and not really Cornflower Blue, just a medium shade of Blue, paired with a really light Blue on the other side. Very easy to accessorize this comforter to work with any bedroom theme.  

What I love about reversible comforters is that you get two looks for the price of one. Reversible comforters are easy-to-work-with and make the room flexible and universal.  Style your way, any day!

It's the Blue for the light and dark side of you!

Blue Goose Down Alternative Comforters
Baby Blue Comforter Sets

There are some people who are allergic to Goose or Duck down so those comforters are out of the question. They need a down alternative comforter to sleep well at night. These Light Blue comforters will keep you warm without sneezing for much better sleeping. The middle one is what many call Baby Blue, and the reverse of the third one is Baby Blue too.

Dark Blue Comforter Sets
Blue Comforter Sets

Dark Blue and White comforter sets that are classic and would look good in modern bedrooms, Glam bedrooms, and Art Deco bedrooms. Navy Blue is just as dramatic as black but not quite as stark, so many people prefer it; it softens a dark room. These Dark Blue Comforter Sets are gender neutral too. In fact Navy Blue bedding sets are favorites of men and boys . Click on the photos to purchase!

Aqua Blue and Brown Comforters
Tiffany Blue Bedding Sets

Aqua Blue comforters are some of the most popular ones among beach dwellers. This Aqua Blue and Brown striped comforter set is exquisite for Modern bedrooms! Very sophisticated, and calming at the same time. Looks great with dark or light woods either one. 

A few words about color names. Aqua is one of those terms that is not precise. It refers to a type of light Blue that is tinged with Green, kind of like water. But retailers and manufacturers love to make up cool sounding names for products. 

So they call a Blue that was traditionally called Robin's Egg Blue something different now. It's Tiffany Blue because the famous retailer uses it. And Robin's Egg Blue is actually sort of Aqua Blue. So if you see Tiffany Blue comforter sets listed, they mean a type of Aqua Blue. 

A Tiffany Blue comforter set with Brown trim is a stunning bedroom comforter set!

Blue and Brown Comforter Set
Blue Comforter Sets

Blue and Brown Comforters are really popular and have been for the past few years. Gender neutral, the two colors together are much richer than either one alone. Blue and Brown Comforter Sets are available in many different styles too, from whimsical to very sophisticated. 

Blue and Chocolate Brown is a luxurious gender neutral color combination and very classic. It looks great in Victorian to Western to Modern theme bedrooms and you could also make it work in a Beach bedroom, or an Asian inspired bedroom, with the right accessories. 

Anyone would love this Blue and Brown comforter set! It gets rave reviews on Amazon.

Blue and White Stripe Comforter
Royal Blue Bedding Sets

These Royal Blue and White striped comforters just scream Beach Cottage decor, but would look great in any Sailing or even Tropical or Sports themed bedrooms as well. (Baseball comes to mind.) Fresh feeling and breezy. Here are some of my favorite Blue and White stripe comforter sets.

Blue Poster for Your Blue Bedroom
Blue Bedroom Ideas

Reversible Blue and Green Comforter Sets
Blue Comforter Sets

This Blue and Green reversible comforter would be great for bedrooms for sailing buffs, Beach Cottage bedrooms, and children's bedrooms. Reversible means longer till laundry day. I like that. 

The Royal Blue background on the striped side of this comforter set is stunning and the medium Blue on the reversible side is a beautiful Blue that reminds you of the ocean in the Bahamas. The floral Blue and Green comforter set is nice if you want a tropical looking bedroom, or a Hawaiian bedroom theme.

Blue and Green Comforter Sets
Blue Comforter Sets

This first Blue and Green comforter would look really great in a Tropical bedroom, or an Island bedroom. It reminds me of bed and breakfasts where I have stayed in Hawaii.  But it would also be great in a Beach bedroom, or a bedroom for a Blue and Green flower lover. The other Blue  and Green comforter set is ultra modern! Gender neutral for sure!

Aqua Blue and Black Comforter
Tiffany Blue Bedding Set

Sophisticated Aqua Blue and Black comforter set, for Modern bedrooms, Victorian bedrooms, French Country bedrooms. This is a very popular bedding set on Amazon. The first one is definitely a Tiffany Blue comforter set.

Blue and Black Zebra Comforter Sets
Blue Comforter Sets

Sleep on the wild side of things in these Blue and Black Zebra comforters! Zebra bedding just never seems to go out of style, but it is really popular now! Blue looks great with zebra stripes as you can see by looking at all these beautiful comforters and bedspreads. Any of them would be a beautiful anchoring piece in a wild bedroom, like Safari, or a wild animal theme.

Yellow and Blue Comforter Sets
Blue Comforter Sets

Blue and Yellow is a wonderful cheerful combination of colors to decorate a bedroom. Calm yet cheerful, they are perfect foils. A Blue and Yellow or Gold comforter will work in many themes, Tropical Island and Beach themed bedrooms are natural fits for this cheerful bedspread and pillows.

How to Choose Your Bedroom Comforter
Decorating Tips

It can be a dizzying adventure to decorate your bedroom. Since it costs a little money, some people stop dead in their tracks when it comes to choosing their comforter. The thought of choosing the wrong one just seems to paralyze them so they either don't ever get around to decorating, or they put it off until one day in desperation they just buy the first thing they see that they like and fits their budget without thinking about what else goes in their room that may or may not go with it. 

If it doesn't, then you are on to another adventure trying to find stuff that goes with your new bedding and the stuff you already have.

Instead of doing that, think about it logically. What colors do you gravitate toward? Those are the ones you will be most comfortable with. And if you have several, try to choose the most restful one. Then get a few, and I do mean few accessories that go with your bedding. Less really is more when it comes to decor. 

Give away the old ones that don't go with your new set. Unless you are happy with the accessories you already have, in which case, use those colors for your new comforter. But in any case, plan it out in advance rather than just grabbing the first one you see that you like.

And while we are talking about color, I think it's better to choose soft colors and ones on the cooler side of the spectrum for the bedroom. If you love Red, it might look brilliant in a living room, but it's a hot color, so not really the best choice for a restful feeling. Many people do have Red bedrooms, but it's not the most restful. 

Blue and Green and White are much more calming for the spirit and make wonderful colors for a bedroom, along with Beige and earth colors. You can certainly use Red accents though, or just save it for your living room, that's what I do.

Have fun decorating your Blue Bedroom!

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