Tree Decor For Your Home

Tree Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Tree Decor For Your Home

Bring the outdoors inside with Tree Decor! Probably since the first time man went up into the Trees to live in a Tree house people have been using Trees and Tree branches as decoration.

You could literally take some beautiful branches and put them in a vase for a pretty centerpiece; they do this at weddings all the time. Just spray paint the branches to match your decor and you have a beautiful Tree decoration.

Tree branch decor: Who knew? You can also do this for Christmas and add ornaments for an unusual Christmas tree.

But this page is more about using whole Trees as decoration inside your house. Besides using Tree branches as centerpieces and wall decorations, people bring entire Trees into the house to decorate.

I have 3 huge Silk Trees in my house, and lots of smaller artificial Silk Plants mixed in with my real House Plants. When you do it that way, people assume your Silk Trees are real too.

I love the way it looks to have lots of Trees inside my house. Willow Trees, Palm Trees, Birch Trees, all of them set a mood and bring the outdoors inside.

So here you will find lots of Silk Trees, other Artificial Trees, Tree art, Tree posters, pictures of Trees, and Tree decorating ideas. I also included tips on how to clean your Silk Trees the easy way. 

If you are searching for Christmas Trees and how to decorate them, I have a blog about that too. Decorated Christmas Tree is all about Decorating your Christmas tree and your whole house for Christmas.

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Artificial Trees

Artificial Silk Trees to Choose From
Silk Trees and Plants

Here's a collection of artificial silk trees that will make you look like you have a green thumb. I use these all over my house even though I have a green thumb and have lots of real plants. I mix some artificial ones in and no one is any the wiser that they are not all real plants. I put the artificial ones in the places that don't get enough light for real trees to flourish.

 Nearly Natural 5209 Ficus Silk Tree, 6-Feet, Green Vickerman 4-Feet Artificial Capensia Bush in Decorative Rattan Basket Vickerman 4' Artificial Sakami Bush set in Rattan Basket Nearly Natural 5346 Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, 6-Feet, Green

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a Tree.
~Joyce Kilmer

Artificial Palm Trees

Twilight Moon Tree Poster
Tree Art

Artificial Willow Trees

Primeval Landscape Poster
Tree Landscape Art

Artificial Birch Trees

Evening Trees Poster
Beautiful Blue Tree Art

Twin Artificial Trees

 How to Clean Silk Trees

 The best time to plant a Tree is 
twenty years ago. 
The second best time 
to plant a Tree is now.
~Old Chinese Proverb

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