Tropical Home Decor

Tropical Home Decorating Style

Tropical Home Decor

I have always loved Tropical style decorating in all kinds of rooms. Living rooms, dens, family rooms, porches and patios, bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms can easily be decorated in a Tropical decorating style to remind you of that dreamy beach somewhere on a Tropical island just waiting for you to walk along and run in the Turquoise water.

Here you will find lots of suggestions for turning any indoor room or outdoor space into a Tropical paradise. I will concentrate first on Tropical furniture for all kinds of rooms, and then later I will address specific rooms and how to add Tropical home decorating ideas for your own beautiful Tropical rooms.

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Tips for Tropical Theme Decorating
Decorating in a Tropical Island Theme

 Under the Sea Decorative Peel and Stick Wall Art Sticker Decals

There are several ways you can go about decorating Tropical style, so the easiest way to start might be to decide the overall direction of your Tropical rooms. Some people like to recreate an Island theme, with Beach and Jungle accents or even surf accents.This also might include highlighting Tropical Fish or Tropical Birds or both. And some even go further and recreate a favorite island, for example, Hawaii. So along with all the usual elements of Island Decor, they would add specific Hawaiian decor items, like maybe Leis, and Aloha Posters. Surfing is a huge part of the Hawaiian culture, so Surf decorating items would also be appropriate.

Others prefer Rattan or Wicker or Bamboo furniture, but lots of wild Tropical prints and Plants and Tropical accents. The predominant colors seem to be Greens and earth tones, or alternately, bright and primary colors.

There is also a more sophisticated Tropical style of decorating which involves using Tropical furniture and more traditional and conservative fabrics, with just a few Tropical accents. This is the style I prefer for my living room and bedroom. But in Tropical bathroom decor, I like to go a little crazy and splashy with Tropical Fish and Birds.

Also, for Tropical living rooms and dining rooms, the furniture can be Bamboo, Wicker, or Rattan to give an instant Tropical feel, but here's a hint if you are going for a Tropical room and can't or don't want to change your furniture. It's okay! Just change the fabrics to Tropical and add Tropical accessories and accents.

For the bedroom, you can also start with Tropical theme furniture and add Tropical bedding and accessories, or if you decide to use your current furniture, you can still get a Tropical theme by choosing Tropical fabrics for the bedspread or quilt, or if you choose a solid bedspread, you can use Tropical decorative pillows and other Tropical home accents to change your bedroom into an Island Bedroom retreat.

For any room, you can also add breezy curtains, or to dress the windows you can use Bamboo window shades. Or use both for a truly stunning Tropical look for your windows, especially in your bedrooms where you want more privacy.

 Palm Tree Gold Foil Decor Wall Art Print Island Tropical Art Metallic Poster 5 inches x 7 inches C21
For your walls there are hundreds of stunning Tropical posters, Tropical clocks, and Tropical wall decals to set just the right mood, and there are Tropical lamps and home accents galore. . For a walk on the wild side you can add a Tropical theme rug and every Tropical bedroom needs at least one Palm tree, either artificial Palm trees, or artwork depicting Palm trees. Trees and especially Palm Trees are huge in Tropical style decorating.

One thing to remember though is that a little goes a long way. Don't clutter it up too much with too many prints. Pick which big item will be the focal point of the room: the bed, the sofa, the rug, or the curtains. Then decide if you are going to use Tropical prints in large amounts as in the bedspreads, or sofa, or use solid colored fabrics as the basis, and just use Tropical prints in accessories.

I really like to use solid colors for the focal pieces of any room. The sofa, the bed, the curtains, if you keep all these pieces solid colored you can change the look of any room very easily by adding different accessories and art work, and if you ever change your mind, you don't have to change the big pieces, just the accents, to get a whole new look. So for Tropical style decorating, you could just add Tropical throw pillows, some silk Palm trees, and some Tropical artwork or decals for the walls. Easy and beautiful!

Tropical Interior Decorating
Tropical Furniture
Bamboo Furniture
Rattan Furniture
Wicker Furniture

One thing that is really great about Rattan and Wicker furniture is that it looks great indoors or outdoors. So whether the picture shows it indoors or outdoors doesn't really matter, it will work. If it is outdoors, it might need a little more protection, but it will be okay. Rattan, Wicker, Bamboo, they're all members of the grass family, and are used to moisture. Note: Much of the Furniture shipped from Amazon qualifies for free shipping if it's over $25. How cool is that? My local furniture store charges me to deliver even locally so that is a true bargain!

Tropical Dining Rooms

Tropical Dining Room Furniture
Wicker Tables and Chairs, Rattan Tables and Chairs

Tropical Living Room Ideas

Tropical Living Room Set
Tropical Living Room Furniture

This is Island Decorating at its best. Notice its simplicity. It doesn't take a lot to have a stunning room. I can't say enough about Rattan furniture. I have had some for several decades now as I was able to pick up some from my parents and when I lived abroad. It may look lightweight and it is, but it is very sturdy and strong! I love mine!

Tropical Outdoor Wicker Furniture Sofa Set
Tropical Living Room Designs

This Tropical All Weather Sofa Set for the Patio or Porch would also look great in a Tropical Family Room or Den or Living Room. It's very strong and able to withstand children with ease.

Tropical Sunset Print
Tropical Accents

Wicker Tropical Living Room Set
Modern Tropical Living Room

Here a Wicker Seagrass conversation set is shown in a modern Tropical living room, so this illustrates how easy it is to change a room by changing the accessories. All you would have to do with this beautiful set is add some Tropical throw pillows and a Palm tree. Change the wall color to Green or Blue. Instant island Tropical living room.

Rattan Chairs, Rattan Living Room Tables
Tropical Style Decorating

A wonderful thing about Tropical furniture is that it is much stronger than it looks. I have White Wicker in my bedroom that is 20 years old and it looks great even though it's been moved 10 times. (Yes I move a lot but that's another story.) I love my White Wicker bedroom furniture. Some of my friends have the Wicker Living Room Set pictured below in their Tropical style living room, and again, it's 20 years old and still going strong. A word about Tropical style decorating. If you want to just add a suggestion of a Tropical mood, try adding a Tropical chair or a Tropical sofa first and see how you like it. Or try adding a few Tropical accents to what you already have. No need to start over. You can move into it slowly.

Tropical Style Bedroom Furniture
Tropical Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bamboo, Rattan, and Wicker all are natural materials for Tropical beds, but it's also perfectly fine to use regular wood beds for your Tropical bedrooms. I have stayed in many Hawaiian bed and breakfasts and many times the furniture was actually Antique style furniture. They do tend to use either white or very dark wood. So if your wood is light, you might think of painting or staining it dark.

Tropical Bedding
Tropical Bedspreads
Tropical Comforters
Tropical Quilts

Tropical Decor Botanical Comforter Set
Tropical Queen Size Comforter

This room is filled with traditional furniture, but accented subtly with Tropical prints, a bamboo shades and this beautiful Tropical Print bedspread. It takes so little to change the mood of a room.

Tropical Comforter Set
Tropical Bed in a Bag Comforter Set

This Blue and Green Tropical print comforter set is beautiful and encompasses 2 of the most prevalent colors in the tropics, Blue like the ocean, Green like the Tropical greenery. Make the bed and you have instant Tropics.

Tropical Style Quilt
Tropical Quilt for a Tropical Theme Bedroom

This reminds me of many Hawaiian Bed and Breakfasts I have stayed in. Simple Tropical Quilts, either cottage furniture like it is here or dark furniture, and a few simple accents of trees, and Island prints make a beautiful Tropical Island bedroom.

Tropical Wall Clock
Tropical Decorating

Tropical Quilts, Tropical Bedspreads
Tropical Sheet Sets, Tropical Bed in a Bag Sets

Ferns and botanical prints are made for Tropical Island bedrooms and these are beautiful. Just add a Palm tree, and some solid colored throw pillows for your own Tropical retreat.

Mosquito Nets for Your Tropical Bedrooms
Tropical Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Either of these mosquito nets are perfect for Tropical bedrooms or as the perfect Tropical accent in any room.

Tropical Decorating Style
Exotic Tropical Decorating
Tropical Decorative Pillows
Tropical Accent Mirrors
Tropical Accent Rugs

Tropical Decorative Throw Pillows
Tropical Accent Pillows for an Exotic Tropical Accent

There is nothing that will transform a blah boring piece of furniture into a Tropical masterpiece faster than to add a Decorative Tropical pillow.
 18 X 18 Inch Cotton Linen Decorative Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Case Tropical Forest Print Pillowcase(4) Cotton Linen Square Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover Hand-painted Tropical Flowers and Birds Foliage Plant Christmas Gift 18 SUABO Hawaii Leaf Tropical Pattern Cotton Velvet Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover 20 X 20 inch Tropical Palm Tree Decorator Pillow, Indoor Outdoor Use Brentwood Originals Panama Jacquard Chenille 18-by-18-inch Decorative Pillow, Palm Tree Monkeysell Stylish Colorful cartoon Pineapple hand-painted figure linen quare Decorative Fashion Throw Pillow Cover -18 Popeven Palm Tree Decorative Pillow Cover Green Beautiful Tropical Beach Cushion Cover Pillow Case for Travel Pillow Swaying Palm Printing Zippered Pillow Sham for Sofa 18 x 18 Inch (Color 8) Popeven Palm Tree Pillow Case Black Background Tropical Summer Swaying Palms Canvas Accent Throw Pillow Cover 18 x 18 Inch Square Zippered Pillowcase for Couch

Tropical Style Mirrors
Tropical Home Decorating Ideas

Mirrors are one of my favorite design items. They make a room look bigger and they bring in more light. I always use many of them. There are lots of Tropical mirrors to choose from.

Tropical Rugs for Tropical Theme Rooms
Tropical Decorating Style

Tropical Interior Decorating
Tropical Window Shades
Tropical Decor Curtains
Tropical Room Dividers

Tropical Bamboo Window Shades and Blinds
Tropical Window Coverings

Bamboo Window Shades give an instant Tropical feel to any room. Casual or more dressy Tropical rooms both look great with them. Just add curtains for a more dressy look, or leave them plain for a more casual look.

Tropical Poster
Tropical Artwork for Tropical Rooms

Tropical Decor Curtains in Many Colors
Tropical Style Decorating

Sheer Curtains are perfect to use with Tropical Bamboo window shades to create a Tropical ambiance in all your rooms.

Tropical Rattan/Wicker Room Divider
Tropical Screen Divider

Bamboo room dividers are one of my favorite decorative items for Tropical rooms. You can divide rooms with them, and you can just use them as beautiful accent pieces, and you can also use them as a glorious headboard for your bed.

Tropical Bamboo Screens
Bamboo Divider Screens

Trees: Exotic Tropical Accent

Tropical Palm Trees
Palm Trees: Quick Tropical Interior Decorating

Trees and plants are part of the Tropical ambiance, and if you have a black thumb, or you travel a lot and don't want the maintenance of plants, perhaps a silk tree is in order. These palm trees will add just the right Tropical feel for all your Tropical rooms. One of the easiest ways to "pop" your Tropical style decorating.

Artificial Trees for Tropical Decor
Palm Trees and Other Tress for Tropical Style Decorating

Palm Tree Poster
Tropical Tree Poster for Tropical Themed Decorating

Tropical Tree Decals
Tropical Wall Decals

For dramatic impact, add a big tree decal to your wall. These can be removed if you have to move. A lot of ambiance for little money. No watering either, a big bonus!

Tropical Style Accessories
Tropical Lamps

Tropical Ceiling Fan
Tropical Switchplate Covers

Tropical Decor Lamps
Tropical Inspired Home Accessories

Tropical Ceiling Fan for the Tropical Decorating Style
Tropical Bar Decor

Wouldn't these Tropical fans look awesome in a Tropical bar, either in your den or your patio? Yes, I think so! And they would also look amazing in a Tropical bedroom or a Tropical living room or a Tropical dining room. Just perfect for all those Tropical rooms.

Tropical Switchplate Covers for Tropical Theme Decorating
Tropical Home Decorating Ideas

Decorating your light switch covers is a fun way to accessorize your Tropical bedroom or den or even your Tropical dining room or living room. If you don't see any you like, you can also find some cute stickers and decorate the ones you already have. Or you can use acrylic paint and paint them. Easy and fun.

There are many more Tropical decorations and art available here: Tropical Decor

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