Capiz Shell Lighting

Capiz Shell Lighting: Lamps~Chandeliers~Pendants

Capiz Shell Lighting

I lived in the Philippine Islands at one time and was introduced there to the lovely shells known as Capiz shells. They are everywhere there, and you can find whole stores devoted to selling items made from these beautiful translucent shells. 

They are indeed beautiful, and they are actually pretty strong for being so translucent. So Filipinos use them in the same way we in the United States use stained glass. I purchased quite a few Capiz shell items, several chandeliers, lampshades, treasure boxes, night lights. 

But without a doubt my favorite way to see Capiz shells is in lighting, because the light behind them makes the shells shimmer and dance, and the light is soft and diffused, adding a soft ambiance to any room. So here I have showcased Capiz shells lighting in many different forms.

I'm sure you'll love the lighting options showcased on this page just as much as I do! You'll find a vast collection , from Capiz table lamps to Capiz pendant lamps, to your perfect Capiz shell floor lamp or a Capiz shell hanging lamp. 

You will even find Capiz shell lamp shades to spruce up your current lamps! Of course the ultimate Capiz shell lighting is a Capiz shell chandelier, and those are here too!

The delicate looking Capiz shell makes a wonderful accent for all your rooms! In a hurry? Click here for Capiz Shells Lighting!

One more thing about Capiz shells: When they are cut in the disc circles and hung to make lamps or wind chimes, the sound they make when the wind flows through them is beautiful! 

I will never forget walking into the shops and seeing hundreds of lamps and wind chimes hanging from the ceilings and hearing the cacophony of sounds from all the tinkling shells as the breeze swept through. 

That's why I always hang my Capiz chandelier near a window: to hear the sounds it makes when it's windy outside.

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Capiz Shells Lighting for Ceilings
Capiz Shells Lighting for Walls

Capiz Dolce SemiFlush Ceiling Light 
by Corbett Lighting
Capiz Ceiling Light

Corbett-Lighting Dolce - Four Light Semi-Flush Mount, Champagne Leaf with Capiz Shell Finish with Clear Crystal

Capiz ceiling lights impart a soft glow to any room, and they can fit in a casual or dressy room, either one. This beautiful Capiz shell lighting fixture is kind of like a cross between a Capiz shell chandelier and a Capiz shell ceiling light fixture. 

Beautiful and dressy. I love that Capiz shell looks delicate, but it is much stronger than stained glass, and far less breakable.

Capiz Shell Ceiling Lights
Sea Shell Ceiling Lighting

If you just want a soft glow in your rooms and still keep it casual, consider Capiz shell ceiling lights. They are available in many styles to go with any decor. Here are a few for you to see some of the styles. 

There are really so many to choose from that no matter what your style of decor, or what color of light you want, there is one for you, dressy or casual or anything in between.

Handcrafted White Capiz Chandelier Light Shade
Capiz Hanging Lamp~Chandelier

I was going to take a photo of my Capiz chandelier, but I'm moving across the country and it's already packed, so all I would be able to show you is the packed and labeled box. Not very appealing as it's standard cardboard blah...But the one below is very similar.

Handcrafted White Capiz Chandelier Light Shade - Fair Trade

Stunning Capiz Shells Chandelier and look at the great price on this beautiful Capiz hanging lamp! I own one of these and have given many of them as gifts which I used to ship to the U.S. before it became easy to find them here.

Capiz Shells Chandeliers
Capiz Shell Chandelier Lighting

These are just a few of the beautiful Capiz shells chandeliers available. I picked some different styles just to give you an idea of the vast array of styles you can find. 

Chandeliers are dressy but they are being used in all kinds of rooms now, even dressing rooms and bathrooms. You are sure to find one you love! They are available in many colors too, so if you have a different color in mind, go ahead and click on a picture to see more choices.

If you are crafty, you can even get a white one and paint the shells to match your room! The shells look like jewels hanging in the air! 

Capiz Shell Pendant Lighting
Capiz Shell Lighting Fixtures

Pendant lighting has made a comeback and you see them in all the new homes now. It's another way to add art to your home if you think about it. Art in the air. I like that!

Any of these Capiz shell pendant lights would be an outstanding and beautiful Capiz shell lighting fixture for any room in your house, but especially in a kitchen over an island or the bar. 
 Kenroy Home 93411CAP Aden 1-Light Pendant, Oil Rubbed Bronze Capri 1 Light Pendant In Satin Nickel And Capiz Shell Kenroy 93409WH Shelley - One Light Pendant, White Finish with Capiz Shell Crystal Vaxcel P0140 Elsa Capiz Shell Pendant, 36 Corbett Lighting 109-41 Dolce 1-Light Mini-Pendant, Champagne Leaf with Capiz Shell Finish and Clear Crystal Safavieh Lighting 9-Inch 1-Light Modern Capiz Natural Cream Pendant Lamp Aero Snail 3-Light Round Chandelier with Round Capiz Seashells Natural White DIY Pendant Light for Living Room Bedroom KOUBOO Capiz Seashell Rain Drop Pendant Lamp TransGlobe Lighting MDN-571 Monella Capiz Shell Mini Pendant in Chrome Ceiling Lights Modern Chandelier White Shell Pendant Lights Lamp with 1 Light KOUBOO Rectangular Capiz Seashell Rain Drop Pendant Lamp, Champagne Elsa Capiz Shell 20in. Pendant Model-P0139

Dolce Capiz Shells 2 Light Wall Sconce 
by Corbett Lighting
Capiz Shells Wall Sconce

Sconces are a beautiful way to add light to a room and they are making a comeback in design. All the designers are focusing on them now instead of just table and floor lamps. 

It's better to have light from above so they are great for function, not just design. In this section I've showcased some gorgeous sconces in many styles. 

Mixed with crystal, the Capiz shell becomes even more dressy and shimmery as the shell bounces the light from the crystals around the room. 

I think sconces are my favorite way to add Capiz lighting to a room.

Corbett Lighting  2 Light Dolce Wall Sconce, Champagne Leaf.

These Capiz shells sconces remind me of little jewels in the air, sparkling in the light,  and they dress up any wall.

Capiz Shells Wall Sconces
Capiz Shells Lighting

In this section you see both types of Capiz, the translucent pieces from the shells used as the design element, and another type where the shells have been crushed and fused with other pieces of Capiz to make a stronger but more opaque surface that doesn't let as much light through, and emits a really soft glow. 

The shell surface is thicker since it takes more shells to make, and it's encased in acrylic, so it shines rather than sparkles. 

There is also a hybrid type, where thin shells are encased in a layer of the opaque fused ones. You will see examples of all 3 types here.

Capiz Shells Lamps
Capiz Floor Lamps
Capiz Table Lamps

Capiz Shell Floor Lamp

61"High Capiz Shell Floor Lamp

Another way to add Capiz shells to your rooms. Can you imagine this lamp in a man cave with a pool table and dart boards? I can! Basically any room where you were going to use Tiffany glass, you can use Capiz shells instead. 

A little known fact about Capiz shells: They can be painted! Here you see an example in amber tones, but they can be painted in any color and then become as arty as stained glass.

Capiz Shell Floor Lamps

One of the easiest ways to add Capiz shells is to add floor lamps. So versatile too, just move them around where you need them most! Like all the other lighting on this page, these come in a variety of styles.

Capiz Table Lamps
Capiz Shells Lighting

What gorgeous Capiz Shell Table Lamps! These are not only beautiful; Capiz Shells table lamps will last you forever too. Classic, durable, stunning are all adjectives to describe these lamps trimmed in Capiz shells. 

Some of these use the crushed and encased in acrylic process I talked about earlier. The acrylic makes them super strong, so strong they are almost impossible to break. 

I had several of these when my kids were little so, well, you know the rest. Kids will be kids. And I have moved a lot, and my Capiz lamps still look amazing. I love the shimmer on them.

Where Does Capiz Shell Come From?
An Oyster that Inhabits the Philippine Seas

Placuna placenta is the Oyster that the Capiz shell is from. These mollusks are abundant in the Philippine Islands and the shells are used for window panes all over the Far East as an alternative to glass. 

The Philippines export many beautiful items made from the Capiz shell, including lighting of all kinds, trinket boxes, and many household items.

In every city there will be several Capiz shell shops where shoppers can buy all kinds of items for the kitchen. 

The shells are so abundant that in the Philippines they have always been a material used for making everyday items in the home. That's another thing that I love about Capiz shells.

The shells themselves are thick, and are formed in layers. The layers can be separated and then dried to form the basic shell disc that you see on all the hanging lamps. 

The depths of the layers are what determine how opaque the circle is. For basic hanging lamps, thin discs are pierced and nylon line is used to hang the discs in a series of circles from a steel circle above. 

The design of a lamp is determined by the length of the line, and the shells can be stacked in different ways to create different shapes.

All the parts of the shell are used in the manufacture of Capiz objects; whatever is not used to make the little discs is crushed up, or cut into very small ovals or squares to use in forming patterns encased in acrylic for lamps, bowls, vases and other household objects. 

These take longer to make and can be really artistic. The parts that are crushed are also set in acrylic and sometimes molded in intricate shapes like some of the lamps here on this page.

Still searching for Capiz? Click here for Capiz Shell Lighting!

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