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Peacock Theme Home Decor

Peacock Home Decor

If you love Peacocks,  you might have thought of decorating a room in a Peacock theme. I love them and have lots of Peacock accents in my home decor. 

Peacock theme home decor is becoming more popular and there are lots of accents available in a Peacock theme!

You will find  lots of unique  Peacock home decor items here to use as accents or to decorate a whole room in a Peacock theme. I really like that idea! 

It would not be hard either. Just add some Peacock throw pillows, some Peacock art, a few Peacock collectibles, and maybe a tall vase in the corner with a few Peacock feathers and voila! Peacock room!  

Blue and Green is a very calming color combo in home decor so your room will have a serene feeling too. Also if you like Tropical theme rooms, it's easy to add in a little Peacock decor to add to that ambiance. 

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Pacific Peacock Poster
Peacock Artwork

Pacific Peacock

Peacock Pillow
Unique Peacock Home Decor

One of the easiest ways to change the theme of a room is to add or change the throw pillows to your new theme. Here are some stunning Peacock throw pillows!

More Peacock Pillows for Your Peacock Rooms

Peacocks are actually Peafowls. Males are called Peacocks and females are called Peahens. Baby Peafowls are called Peachicks. There are two familiar species of Peafowl: Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus or Blue Peacock) and Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus or Green Peacock). The Indian Peafowl resides in the Indian subcontinent and is the national bird of the Republic of India. The Green Peafowl is native to Asian countries and is listed as vulnerable to extinction.

Peacock Venetian Style Carnival Mask Wall Decor

Peacock Garden Statues

You can use them in the house too, not just the garden!

A Close Up of a Peacock Feather

Close-Up of the Eye of a Peacock Feather, (Pavo Cristatus)

Peacock Home Decor Accessories
Unique Peacock Home Decor Collectibles

Peacock accessories are wonderful for a home decor theme. They can fit into many home decor themes, not just Peacock decor. Think Jungle, Safari, Asian, Bird, and Tropical decor themes, all of these are good candidates. 

Peacock Perfume Bottle Fragrance Containers

You can use these as decorations in any room, not just as Perfume bottles.

Peacocks prefer to live in the foothills and lowland with brush and scattered trees for them to roost in. They can be found living in open forest, bush land, and sometimes the rain forest. Peacocks do not get along well with other domestic birds. However, they do gather in groups (called parties!) with other Peacocks. At night, they roost in the tops of trees to protect themselves from predators.

Peacock Christmas Ornaments

You don't have to confine them to Christmas trees. I use ornaments in my house plants, especially the big trees. Here are some beautiful Peacock ornaments you can hang on your indoor trees. More are available too, just click to see more! 
The male Peacock is one of the largest flying birds. Their total length can reach near 8 feet; about 3 feet for the body and about 5 feet for the tail (train). Peacocks weigh about 9-13 pounds. Females are not as colorful as the males and they have a much smaller tail. This allows them to blend into the scenery when caring for their young.

Peacocks Poster
Peacock Accessories for the Home


Peacock Bedding Sets

They even have Peacock bedding and comforter sets for the bedroom in case you want to have a Peacock bedroom! Use one of these or click to see more of them. Accessorize with some of the other Peacock home decor on this page for a Peacock fantasy bedroom!

Peacock Coloring Pages
Download Free Pictures of Peacocks to Color

You can color some Peacock coloring pages and frame them for unique Peacock art for your walls! These are all free to use in your house after you color them and free to download too! 

Twisty Noodle Peacock to Color
This one can be customized for your kids.
Peacock Coloring with Handwriting Practice
Easy to learn handwriting while coloring. How fun!
Peacocks and Other Peafowl to Color
Many of the peafowl family to color.
Peacock Coloring Pages
Peacock Coloring, Peacock Pictures, Peacock Activities.
Peacocks by the Season
Lots of Peacocks to Color.

True Colors Peacock Poster 

True Colors

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Peacock Theme Home Decor

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