Tree of Life Home Decor

Tree of Life Home Decor
Tree of Life Prints, Tapestries, Posters, Sculptures

Tree of Life Home Decor
© Heather Burns

The Tree of Life is a huge category of home decor. Many depictions of it are available because it is so iconic. Maybe it's because it hearkens back to the beginning of mankind and is reminiscent of ancient history, as it shows up in many ancient cultures and countries. 

Or maybe it's just because it's so beautiful. Whatever the reason you can find lots and lots of Tree of Life decor items for every room of your house.

I have lots of it for you here. Sculptures, posters, art, and tapestries are all represented. 

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Image: Tree of Life © Heather Burns

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I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a Tree.
~Joyce Kilmer

Tree of Life Tapestries

Use Tree of Life tapestries in your bedroom as bedspreads or for throws on your sofa or chairs in your living room. 

Tree of Life Metal Wall Art

Tree of Life Tapestries

If you don't see the color you want, click any tapestry to see many others! 

Tree of Life Wall Sculpture

More Tree of Life Tapestries

As you can see, many people use tapestries on their walls as art! So if you want a Tree of Life themed room, you have several ways you can do so. Change the art, change the pillows, add throws. 

What I like to do is use solid colors for the furniture and my bedspread. I also use plain lamps. Then I use throw pillows, art, and throws to set the theme. 

If I get tired of a theme or I want to change a room for the holidays, then I just change out the artwork and the pillows. 

Tree of Life Art

Tree of Life Toss Pillows

A very easy way to change the theme of any room is to change the toss pillows. Here are two Tree of Life pillows to get you started. You could also use fabric paint to paint your own in the colors that go with the rest of your room. 

Tree of Life Art

Tree of Life Wood Boxes

Boxes for your treasures. Tree of Life themed boxes to hold whatever your heart desires. 

Tree of Life Wall Decal

 The best time to plant a Tree is 
twenty years ago. 
The second best time 
to plant a Tree is now.
~Old Chinese Proverb

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