Winnie the Pooh Nursery Ideas

Winnie Pooh Nursery Ideas and Decor

Winnie the Pooh bedding
Winnie the Pooh (or Winnie Pooh for short) is a classic theme for baby nurseries the world over. That cute little teddy bear has won hearts world wide. 

A Winnie Pooh baby nursery is darling for boys and girls both, as it's gender neutral unless you decide to go for Pink Winnie Pooh crib bedding and accessories instead of a classic Winnie Pooh nursery and bedding. I'm featuring both kinds of Winnie Pooh nursery ideas, classic and modern.

Winnie the Pooh is a darling teddy bear from the classic tale by A. A. Milne and wears a red shirt. He has a few side kicks too, and all are darling. in 1966, the Disney Company bought the rights to the story and jump started the theme all over again.

Here you will find all kinds of Winnie Pooh Nursery ideas including Winnie Pooh crib bedding, and Winnie Pooh nursery accessories. It's one of the cutest themes for nurseries and has stood the test of time.

Above and to the right is a cute set of Winnie the Pooh pajamas for a little baby girl to wear in her Winnie Pooh nursery. So cute!

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Classic Winnie Pooh Crib Bedding
For a Vintage Winnie Pooh Nursery

If you want a classic Winnie Pooh nursery then these sets are for you. Classic Winnie Pooh crib bedding sets are just like the (vintage) sweet Winnie Pooh crib sets from the 1960's. The first three sets are gender neutral and definitely vintage feeling. They also give your nursery a classic old fashioned high class feeling. If you like transitional or classic decor, these are perfect Winnie Pooh nursery ideas for you. Classy yet sweet for your baby's nursery.

Classic Winnie Pooh Bedding
Disney Classic Winnie the Pooh Bedding Set

Yellow, gender neutral, classic, and one of the cutest Winnie Pooh Crib bedding sets around.

Another Classic Winnie Pooh Crib Bedding Set
Disney Classic Winnie Pooh Crib Bedding

Yellow and more muted Winnie Pooh crib bedding set. So classic! Perfect for a vintage Winnie Pooh nursery.

Winnie Pooh Crib Set
Disney Classic Winnie Pooh Bedding

Love Green? This classic Disney Winnie Pooh bedding is perfect for you and your baby.

Winnie Pooh Baby Bedding Crib Set
Disney Classic Winnie Pooh Baby Bedding Crib Set

Blue, so possibly more for boys. Still classic Disney Winnie Pooh crib bedding and perfect if you love the color Blue.

More Winnie Pooh Crib Bedding Sets

These Winnie Pooh crib bedding sets are more modern in feel but are still gender neutral for the most part. The Pink Winnie Pooh set is definitely girly, and the Blue set is probably more for boys, although I see nothing wrong with having Blue in a little girl's room. But if you want gender neutral, the Green sets and the multi colored sets will do the trick. 

All of these Winnie the Pooh crib bedding sets will set the tone of your nursery and you won't need much more to decorate it. Maybe a mobile and some stuffed animals. Or maybe some wall decals. See below for those accessories.

Winnie Pooh Crib Bedding Set
Winnie Pooh Nursery Decor

Kind of country style, but still Winnie Pooh and gender neutral.

Winnie Pooh Nursery Bedding
Winnie Pooh Crib Bedding Set

Chevron is huge now so this one is really modern in style, but so cute! I love the background pattern and it's okay for girls too, it really is.

Pink Winnie Pooh Crib Bedding
Winnie Pooh Crib Bedding for Girls

This is the most girly of all the cute Winnie Pooh crib bedding on this page. But if you like Pink, it's perfect!

Winnie Pooh Crib Bedding
Winnie Pooh Crib Bedding Set

One of the cutest Winnie Pooh Crib Bedding sets on this page as far as the modern sets.

Winnie Pooh Baby Bedding Crib Set
Winnie Pooh Nursery Ideas

What a darling Winnie Pooh crib bedding set! Gender neutral and sort of Jungle in feel. But still Winnie the Pooh!

Winnie Pooh Baby Bedding
Winnie Pooh Baby Bedding Crib Set

Green and Yellow keep it gender neutral. Such a cute baby nursery theme! Winnie the Pooh is timeless!

Winnie Pooh Nursery Decor
Winnie Pooh Nursery Ideas

Winnie Pooh Mobiles
Winnie Pooh Nursery Ideas

Every crib needs a mobile. Gives baby something to look at besides a boring ceiling! And the music helps them go to sleep too. One of the best Winnie Pooh nursery ideas.

Winnie Pooh Wall Decals
Winnie Pooh Nursery Ideas

One way to decorate a Winnie Pooh nursery is to use wall decals. Any of these decals will set the tone and complete the baby nursery. Easy to install, and easy to remove if you change your mind or move. One of the easiest Winnie Pooh nursery ideas to implement.

Winnie Pooh Nursery Accessories
Winnie Pooh Nursery Ideas

Every baby nursery needs some stuffed animals and a Winnie Pooh nursery needs a Winnie Pooh bear. This one is sweet and soft for baby to cuddle with. And babies love to bounce in a bouncy toy. Keep baby happy in a this Winnie Pooh bouncer!

Decorating a Nursery on a Budget
Winnie Pooh Nursery Ideas

There are many ways to decorate a nursery at a discount so you don't have to buy a thing to have a cute nursery really. You can paint your own art, yes you can, it can be abstract, or you can use stencils, and you can be really crafty and make cute accessories. You can cut out pictures and glue them to lamp shades or in cheap frames. 

If you sew you can embroider some cute shapes on a quilt and hang it on the wall. With these ideas, just use solid colored everything so that all your cute decorations are the stars of your room decor.

I like to use solid colors for every room, and then just accessorize in whatever mood I'm in when I decorate that room. That way it's easy to change if I get bored. Instead of buying all new stuff, I just change a few accessories. It's easy to get a whole new room for almost nothing that way. 

And if you move a lot like I do, it's easier too. Solids as a backdrop works well with any theme.

 Disney Baby-Girls Newborn Winnie The Pooh Hello There Short Set, Pink, 0-3 Monthswinnie pooh nursery ideas
I hope you found some great ideas for your Winnie Pooh baby Nursery! I’m sure you can create a cute vintage Winnie Pooh nursery for your precious baby with some of these ideas! 

Remember your baby won’t care how its room looks at all. What matters is the love you show it every day. Congratulations on your new addition!

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