Hello Kitty Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Hello Kitty Bedroom Decorating

Hello Kitty is such a cute little character that I wish I could decorate my bedroom in Hello Kitty, but my husband thinks that is a weird idea. So that's why I was interested in Hello Kitty bedroom decorating ideas. 

If I were a teenager I would have my whole bedroom decorated in a Hello Kitty theme. I know not everyone shares my enthusiasm, and my daughter already told me that we are probably not going to decorate the new baby's room in Hello Kitty.

But that didn't stop me! I had to go shopping for all the Hello Kitty bedroom accessories I could find, just in case she changes her mind. I think I could get a job in Hello Kitty bedrooms' decorating; can you imagine decorating everything in Hello Kitty all day long? That would be so fun! Here are some of the Hello Kitty bedroom decorating ideas I found for you.

I tried to find all the Hello Kitty bedspreads, comforters, blankets, sheets, and accessories you can imagine to get your Hello Kitty bedroom's decorating done. I even found Hello Kitty pictures and posters and decals and well, just scroll down for all the cute Hello Kitty bedding and accessories. 

Decorating your Hello Kitty bedrooms is going to be so fun, and you are going to have the cutest Hello Kitty bedroom! (or bedrooms)

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Hello Kitty Bedding
Hello Kitty Comforter Sets

There is lots more Hello Kitty Bedding here on this page, but if you are in a hurry, these are the most popular Hello Kitty comforters and Hello Kitty comforter sets right now on Amazon.com. Or scroll down for lots more. 

One of the easiest ways to decorate your Hello Kitty bedroom is to start with a Hello Kitty comforter set. All of these Hello Kitty comforter sets are darling and will set the mood of your Hello Kitty bedroom. Even easier is to start with a complete Hello Kitty bed in a bag. (also called a Hello Kitty bed bag) Then just add your Hello Kitty bedroom decorations and your Hello Kitty decorating is done.

Hello Kitty Sweet & Sassy Bedroom Collection
Hello Kitty Comforter Sets

This Hello Kitty Sweet and Sassy bedroom set comes in a full size comforter and there is also a twin size set available if that's what you are looking for.  This set has matching Hello Kitty bedroom curtains, Hello Kitty sheets and even Hello Kitty wall decals as part of the collection. Talk about easy Hello Kitty bedroom decorating ideas! It doesn't get much easier!

Hello Kitty Twin Comforter for Girls
Hello Kitty Twin Comforter Sets

Hello Kitty is a hit worldwide! If you love Pink and Blue and hearts and flowers, these are perfect! These Hello Kitty Bed in a Bag Sets consists of the Hello Kitty twin comforter, bed skirt and pillow sham, and a set of Hello Kitty bed sheets too, including a pillow case. 

These are the most popular Hello Kitty twin comforter sets and sell out quickly when they come in, so if these are your favorite Hello Kitty comforter sets, better order now.  For each one, there is also a full size Hello Kitty comforter set and matching sheets available.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Bedding
Hello Kitty Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Pink and Hello Kitty! A little girl's dream bedroom set! Some little girls (and older girls too) just love Pink and these Hello Kitty comforter sets are pure Pink confection. More Hello Kitty Bed Bag sets and include Hello Kitty bed sheets along with the beautiful full size Hello Kitty bedspread. Check out some of the other Hello Kitty bedspreads available too!

Hello Kitty Full Comforter Set
Hello Kitty Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Here are some more cute Hello Kitty full comforter sets. If you are an adult you would probably rather have a Hello Kitty full comforter set or even  Queen size Hello Kitty bedding which is next. Just keep scrolling.

Queen Size Hello Kitty Bedding
Hello Kitty Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you are an adult who loves Hello Kitty you will be very happy to find out that there is Queen size Hello Kitty bedding! How cool is that?
 Lt Twin Full Queen Size 4-pieces Red Pink Hello Kitty Toddler Prints Duvet Cover Set/bed Linens/bed Sheet Sets/bedclothes/bedding Sets/bed Sets/bed Covers/5-pieces Comforter Sets/bed in a Bag (5pcs with comforter, Queen)Queen Size Hello Kitty Bedding Lt Twin Full Queen Size 4-pieces Hello Kitty Violet Purple Red Pink Bow Polka Dot for Kids Girls Character Cartoon Toddler Prints Fitted Sheet Sets (Mattress Cover) Ruffle Duvet Cover Set/bed Linens/bed Sheet Sets/bedclothes/bedding Sets/bed Sets/bed Covers/5-pieces Comforter Sets/bed in a Bag (Queen, 4pcs without comforter)Queen Size Hello Kitty Bedding Lt Queen King Size 100% Cotton 4-pieces Big Red Bow White and Black Love Hearts Hello Kitty Prints Girls Princess Character Cartoon Kids Gift Bedding Duvet Cover Set/bed Linens/bed Sheet Sets/bedclothes/bedding Sets/bed Sets/bed Covers/bedroom Sets/5-pieces Comforter Sets (4, Queen)Queen Size Hello Kitty Bedding Lt Twin Full Queen Size 4-pieces Hello Kitty Toddler Beige Blue Pink Yellow Love Hearts Prints Fitted Sheet Sets (With Rubber Around )Duvet Cover Set/bed Linens/bed Sheet Sets/bedclothes/bedding Sets/bed Sets/bed Covers/5-pieces Comforter Sets/bed in a Bag (5pcs with comforter, full)hello kitty decorations bedroom

Hello Kitty Toddler Girls Bedding Sets
Hello Kitty Toddler Bedding Set

Looking for a Hello Kitty toddler bedding set for your little girl?  Toddler bedding is a special size and it's not always easy to find, so shopping online is always a good idea. All of these Hello Kitty toddler bedding sets are so cute! There are more too, just click on any photo to see more!

Hello Kitty Baby Bedding Set for the Nursery
Hello Kitty Baby Crib Bedding

Have a little Hello Kitty in the nursery if you're having a little girl.  How much fun would it be to start your little girl's first room in a Hello Kitty theme? These are some of the cute Hello Kitty crib bedding sets available.

Hello Kitty Bedding Sheets
Hello Kitty Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Looking for Hello Kitty bedding sheets?  Here are some of the most popular themes for sale.  Most of the sheet sets have a corresponding Hello Kitty Comforter to match, but perhaps all you need is the sheet set. If you already have a solid Pink comforter, you could just add the sheets to decorate your Hello Kitty bedroom.

Hello Kitty Bedroom Rug
Hello Kitty Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Keep your feet warm. Step on this cute rug first thing in the morning. It's soft, it's warm on the feet and it's got the face of Hello Kitty on it. It's the perfect little rug for a Hello Kitty Themed bedroom. Toss it in front of the bed or in front of the dresser. Rugs add personality to a room.

Hello Kitty Wall Decals
Hello Kitty Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Wall decals are the quickest, cheapest way to add a theme to a room. Here are some cool Hello Kitty Wall Decals for your bedroom or nursery. You can decorate your furniture with them too, and have Hello Kitty beds kids will adore, instantly.

Hello Kitty Bedding, Why?
Hello Kitty Bedroom Decorating Ideas

 Hello Kitty-Apple, Cartoon Poster Print, 24 by 36-Inchhello kitty bedding
Everyone who knows me knows I love Hello Kitty. I have a Hello Kitty iPhone cover, a huge Hello Kitty Ty Beanie baby, a Hello Kitty hair dryer, and Hello Kitty purses and wallets. I don't know why but I love that cute little icon. I seriously would have a Hello Kitty bedroom if my husband didn't object.

So if that describes you too, then you already get it and just want to get to the Hello Kitty bedding and ideas. And if you don't understand what all the fuss is about, then no amount of explaining is going to make it clearer. I think you either love Hello Kitty or you don't like her at all.

Anyway, a Hello Kitty bedroom is really a cute idea and the hardest thing to decide is going to be which of the cute bedspreads and comforters you are going to feature. After that your accessorizing is pretty easy. But in case you want to go all out, that's why I featured sheets and rugs, curtains and other accessories too, so you can go crazy and deck the whole bedroom in Hello Kitty.

It's not really necessary to do that to have a cute room. A few well chosen accessories are always more tasteful. Especially if you are on a budget, you should think about getting a few accessories in Hello Kitty design, and use basic pink or one of the other colors in your bedding design. That way if you get tired of Hello Kitty (No!) you can just change the accessories instead of starting over.

But if you must have one of the cute Hello Comforter sets here, you can use solid color accessories. You don't have to have every single thing in Hello Kitty to have a cute Hello Kitty bedroom.

Cute Hello Kitty Dresser with Mirror

I found this cute Hello Kitty display at Macy's. Isn't it a darling dresser with the mirror shaped like Hello Kitty's head? How darling can you get? It has decals on the drawers to complete the look. That made me think of the Hello Kitty decals you can get at Amazon and just stick them on the dresser you have for instant Hello Kitty furniture and more Hello Kitty cuteness in your bedroom.

hello kitty bedroom ideas

Hello Kitty Singapore

Hello Kitty is popular everywhere and recently a friend was in Singapore at the Hello Kitty exhibit and he sent me this cool photo from the exhibit hall. Since Hello Kitty began in 1974, it has slowly and steadily risen from a tiny part of Sanrio's products and profits, to the enormous worldwide phenomenon that it is now.

Hello Kitty bedroom decorating ideas

At first it was targeted towards very young girls and there was a limited amount of merchandise. But in the 1990's the company decided to market Hello Kitty to older teens and young women who might have loved her as a child.

The strategy paid off, as college age and even older women were drawn to her too. So now you can find Hello Kitty on thousands of items, many of them upscale.

In fact, EVA Airlines even has Hello Kitty jet airplanes!!! How cool is that?

Hello Kitty Booth in Singapore

This is another photo my friend sent to me from the exhibit in Singapore. Who knew that Hello Kitty was so popular that there are whole conventions about her? This was on the side of the exhibit hall. And yes, there are conventions all over the world dedicated to the cute little icon, Kitty White, which is the name of the character she represents in the Japanese cartoon family she is part of.

hello kitty bedroom decor

Want more Hello Kitty bedroom decorating ideas? Click here: Hello Kitty Bedding!

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