Pink Bedroom Items for Your Pink Bedroom

Pink Bedroom Items and Decor

A Pink Bedroom is very calming and makes it easier to go to sleep. Scientific studies have now proven this. But in Western culture Pink is the color associated with female infants in general anyway and many a little girl has had a Pink bedroom without knowing a thing about science. It does make me wonder if it could be a contributing factor to the fact that little girls are in general more calm than little boys. Maybe we should be decorating our little boys bedrooms in Pink too!

At any rate, many girls never outgrow their love of Pink (I am one of them!) and want to have Pink items in their Pink bedroom. This page has all kinds of Pink bedroom items for your Pink Bedroom and some ideas on how to decorate your Pink Bedroom. Pink Bedding, Comforters, Bedspreads, Sheets, Blankets, Lamps, Curtains, and other Pink Accessories are all here for you. Enjoy!

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How to Decorate a Pink Bedroom

Trying to figure out where to begin decorating your Pink bedroom? Here are some ideas for you:

Start with a big piece. In a bedroom, the bed and the curtains are probably first to catch your eyes. So pick one of those, and make it your focal point. Find the prettiest most appealing one for you, and then choose your other accessories to go with your focal point.

Another way to choose: Pick an artwork you like and use it to choose your color scheme. Choose 3 of the colors in the art and use those as your colors to decorate. I have placed some beautiful Pink artwork throughout this page and it is all available for purchase.

 Cherry blossom tree posterPink Bedroom Items
Try not to use more than 3 main colors. It make the room more dizzy and less restful for sleeping. White does not count for this computation. White makes colors pop. But I only use 2 main colors and white anyway. This is the room you rest in.

It is a very impactful statement to decorate the way Nature does: Light sky, dark earth. Use lighter colors in the room, and a darker Pink rug. But do put a few darker pillows around for visual impact.

For help learning about your bedroom decorating personality, click here.

Pink Bedroom Inspiration Through Art and Decor
Pink Bedroom Items

Sometimes I use something like a Pink poster or piece of art to inspire my Pink bedroom ideas.  There are so many beautiful art prints available that you can have framed for the walls. and have a lot of prints like the ones here in the color Pink that can help you come up with some color schemes for your Pink bedroom. All the prints on this page are available. Just click on any of them to purchase.

Pink Bedding Sets for Your Bedroom

Venetian Pink Bedding
Solid Pink Bedding Sets

 4-Piece Full Mandy Ruffle Comforter Set PinkPink Bedroom Items

A very sophisticated bedspread, but instead of sleek, it's luxurious. The ruffled comforter is both girlie and sophisticated. This is probably one of my top picks for Pink bedding. The look is something that just makes the whole room look beautiful. This set includes the comforter, and matching shams. Available in twin size too. 

Add some White pillows, and some Pink and White pillows to really make the Pink in this Pink confection of a bedspread stand out. 

Pink Camo Bedding
Pink Bedroom Items

 Realtree AP Pink Queen Comforter SetPink Bedroom Items
Pink Camo bedding is very popular with teens and college girls. This Pink camo set is feminine and elegant with branches instead of splotches. This queen comforter set includes the comforter and matching shams. 

Other accessories like sheets, curtains and other decorative pieces to match are available for this exact print. You can use as much or as little as you need in your bedroom designs and that's why it's one of my favorites. Available in twin, full and queen sizes.

Pink Quilt Bedding for Girls
Pink Bedroom Items

 PEM America Olivia Quilt Set - Full/QueenPink Bedroom Items
This Pink Quilt would go with many different styles of decorating and is ageless, great for baby to teen years. It would look equally great in Country bedrooms and Shabby Chic bedrooms. It's one of my favorites because it's simplistic and classy for girls. 

It's made of 100% cotton so you know it's soft and comfortable to sleep in. This set includes the quilt comforter and matching shams. Available in twin, full and queen sizes.

Betty Boop Pretty Pink Bedding
Pink Bedroom Items

 Popular Bath Betty Boop Queen Comforter, 86-Inch by 86-InchPink Bedroom Items
Before Hello Kitty there was Betty Boop. She still appeals to many people, including teen girls. There are other matching accessories to go with this comforter, the shams, pillows and sheet set are available as well. 

Customize your own look with Pink and Betty Boop. Available in twin and full size

Victorian Pink Bedding
Pink Bedroom Items

These gorgeous Pink ruffled comforter sets feature two shades of Pink in the most elegant Victorian style. Any woman would love to slide under the covers of these silky sateen comforter sets. Sets include the beautiful comforter, two shams and two pillow cushions.

Solid Pink Comforters
Solid Pink Bedding Sets

More Solid Pink Comforters
Pink Bedroom Items

Looking for a solid Pink comforter set for your Pink bedroom?  Here are a couple of my favorites.

Pink Sheet Sets
Pink Bedroom Items

Here are some sheet sets in different shades of Pink.  Change up your bedding into something fresh and funky, add different shades of Pink and different pops of color through the sheet sets.  Click on any of them below and there will be more of a selection of colors and sizes.

Pink Decorative Throw Pillows
Pink Toss Pillows

Here are some more of my favorite Pink pillows.  Some are darker shades of Pink, brighter shades of Pink and pale shades of Pink.  I love Pink, it's my favorite color in the whole world and I love using it in my bedroom designs.  

Nothing adds character to the bed like a few toss pillows, here are some of my absolute favorite Pink decorative pillows. Add pops of Pink color to the bedroom in an area that is lacking with these Pink throw pillows.

Pink Wall Decals and Stickers
Pink Bedroom Items

Pink Decals can solve the artwork problem in a room without wallpaper. So easy too. If you move, just peel off. I love Decals!  To apply, just peel and stick, adhere to the wall and press down firmly and flat so there are no bubbles.  Wall decals give the bedroom that magazine quality look that appeals to every eye.

Fancy Pink Bedroom Lamp
Pink Bedroom Items

 Tadpoles Table Lamp Chandelier in Pink Sapphiredecorate a pink bedroom

I love this Pink Lamp. Must find a way to get this! Just the right touch of elegance that would be the crowning touch in many bedroom themes, like Princess themes, Glam bedroom decorating, and Shabby Chic bedrooms.

Pink Bedroom Lamps
Pink Bedroom Items

These are some of my favorite Pink lamps for the bedroom. Everything from retro, modern to Victorian and classic.

Pink Bedroom Rugs
Pink Bedroom Items

Enjoy your Pink Bedrooms!

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