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Fire Truck Nursery Decor

Are you a new mom and dad shopping for a nursery for your little bundle of joy? If you have firefighters in your family (or if you just love fire trucks and firefighters ,) you might be interested in firefighter crib bedding and/or a firefighter nursery theme.

Parents are always trying to find stylish baby bedding and fire truck nursery bedding is one of the more unusual baby bedding choices you can make for your baby.

A great thing about the fire truck nursery theme is that it's gender neutral even though it's usually seen in little boys' rooms. There is no reason at all that a little girl could not have a fire truck baby nursery.

So here's where you get some really great fire truck nursery bedding for your little one. You can find all kinds of firefighter crib bedding and firefighter nursery decor to finish decorating your cute firefighter baby nursery. Fire truck crib bedding sets are a very easy way to decorate your little one's room fast so I'll start with those! Easy, just unpack the complete bedding set and put everything away. Instant firefighter themed nursery.

But maybe you don't want one of the complete crib bedding sets for your little firefighter and would rather put a fabulous fire truck theme nursery together piece by piece. That's okay, you're covered here too: I've found all kinds of firefighter nursery decor and accessories to decorate your little one's nursery, including firefighter toys, fire engines, and pajamas.

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Fire Truck Nursery Bedding
Firefighter Crib Bedding

Here's some really great firefighter theme crib bedding for your little future firefighter. These firetruck bedding sets will help you get started on your own firefighter theme nursery. Shop from lots of crib bedding in different styles so you can choose the best one for you!

6 Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set by Engine 27
Fire Truck Nursery Bedding

Beautiful fire truck crib set for your little fireman. One of the most popular firefighter crib sets on Amazon. Cool baby bedding that is gender neutral and bold. Includes: Diaper Stacker, Bumper, Fitted Sheet, Comforter, Valance, Dust Ruffle. The Dalmation with the cool hat is also available.

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Fire Truck 15 Piece Boy Girl Crib Nursery Bedding Set
For a Fire Truck Themed Nursery

Fire truck crib sets are so darling and precious for a baby boy or girl either one. A gender neutral fire truck crib set in softer colors for your little firefighter. A little more subtle fire truck baby crib bedding set for a nursery. Firetruck baby crib bedding with all the accessories for a complete nursery. 
One of the cutest baby crib bedding sets on this page.
15 Piece set comes with: 1 Crib Quilt, 1 Crib Bumper, 1 Fitted Crib Sheet, 1 Crib Skirt, 2 Window Valances (16 x 58"), 1 Toy Bag (14 x 20"), 1 Diaper Stacker, 3 Wall Art Hangings, 1 Decorative Pillow, 1 Crib Quilt, 1 Music Mobile, 1 Lamp shade, base not included

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Firefighter Growth Chart
Firefighter Nursery Ideas

They sure do grow up fast! Keep track with this darling growth chart!

Boutique Brand New Geenny FireTruck 13PCS Crib Bedding Set
Fire Truck Nursery Bedding

13-piece set includes: one comforter, one bumper, one fitted sheet, one skirt, two window valances, one diaper stacker, one toy bag and two throw pillows, and three wall art decor hangings.

More firefighter crib bedding: This darling fire truck bedding for a baby is perfect for a room that is going to be pastels with just a little pop of red. And I know it says it's for a boy, but I think it would look fine for a little girl too. Don't let them tell you what to do. It's gender neutral!
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Frankie's Fire Engine Truck Blue and Red Baby Bedding 9pc Crib Set
Firefighter Crib Bedding

More firefighter crib bedding: Fire truck baby crib bedding sets are the easy way to decorate a firefighter nursery. Open bag, place items, gloat and take photos.
9-piece set includes: one comforter, one bumper, one fitted sheet, one skirt, two window valances, one diaper stacker, one toy bag and one throw pillow.
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Firefighter Nursery Theme Bedding Sets
Firefighter Nursery Decor

Fire Truck Toddler Bedding Sets
Firefighter Nursery Ideas

Complete bedding sets for your Firefighter Theme Nursery! Easy decorating!

Fire Truck Sheets
Firefighter Nursery Ideas

These sheets would look great on the toddler fire engine bed below. Fire truck sheets are a great starting point for a firefighter theme nursery. Start with fire truck sheets and add solid baby bedding accessories to complete a firefighter themed nursery. Your fire truck nursery bedding will set the stage for a wonderful nursery!

Solid Color Baby BeddingTo Use in a Firefighter Theme Nursery

Another way to decorate a firefighter themed nursery is to use solid baby bedding and just add cute firefighter decor accessories like some of the ones below. Both of the solid color sheet sets here will work great as colors in a fire truck baby nursery. 

Solid bedding is an awesome choice because if you change your mind, you don't have to replace everything, you can just change accessories. Firefighter baby bedding can definitely be solid colored! Red and Blue work really well as colors for a firefighter baby nursery, just add lots of fire truck accessories.
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Firefighter Nursery Ideas
Fire Truck Nursery Decor

One way to decorate your nursery in a theme is to use bedroom furniture in the theme and just use solid colored accessories. These firetruck themed beds make a statement all by themselves and once your baby is a toddler and wants to get out of the crib, one of these beds will completely delight them.

Fire Truck Wood Toddler Bed
Firefighter Nursery Decor

Add fire engine sheets or a firefighter bedding set and your little firefighter will have their dream bedroom well on its way. Your little one will be able to imagine their future job as a firefighter while dreaming in the comfort of a firefighter bedroom right now. Since the bed is a fire truck already, you can also just use solid color sheets in Red or Blue, or White with Black polka dots to symbolize Dalmations!

Fire Trucks for Your Firefighter Theme Nursery
Fire Truck Fun Ride-On

The ultimate accessory for your little firefighter, a fire truck to ride in. This is one of the cutest ride on toys for toddlers anywhere. Toddler ride on firetruck, the perfect ride around toy for a future firefighter. Either one of these cute fire trucks will light up their eyes with joy!

Fire Truck Baby Nursery Mobiles
Firefighter Theme Nursery

Mobiles are a must have if your baby spends time in a crib. Don't let them be bored while looking up. Most ceilings are drab. Add a mobile so they have something to watch.

Personalized Firefighter Nursery Sign
Firefighter Nursery Decor

Change the name to your little firefighter's name for a darling Firefighter theme accessory in your Firefighter theme nursery.

Firefighter Toy Box Bench
For a Fire Truck Theme Nursery

Perfect accessory for a Firefighter Theme nursery. Keep all the firefighter tools and toys in this cute toy box.

Fire Truck Nursery Decor
Fire Truck Rug

Finish decorating your cute Firefighter theme nursery with fire trucks and matching fire truck baby stuff. In fact if you want you could use all solid colored bedding and just accessorize with firefighter stuff to create your Firefighter baby nursery. This cool firetruck rug goes with several of the nursery sets above, or with any Red and Blue Firefighter nursery.

Fire Truck Nursery Decor
Firefighter Themed Nursery Decor

More cute firetruck accessories and decor for your baby's Firefighter nursery. If you really can't afford or don't want to re do your whole nursery in a Firefighter theme like this, just use solid color sheets and bedding and add in a few of these cute accessories. Then get some Fire truck pajamas to have the whole firefighter experience.

Firefighter Decal
For a Fire Truck Nursery Theme

If you live someplace where you can't paint the walls, or you are on a real budget, a decal can be your life saver! Cheap, easy to use, easy to remove, and it changes the whole room. Use red and blue sheets and use this cute Fire Truck Decal. Your Firefighter theme nursery is done!

Fire Truck Clock
For a Fire Truck Theme Nursery

Don't ever be late with this darling firefighter clock! So cute in a Firefighter theme nursery!

Why a Firefighter Nursery Theme
Firefighters are Heroes!

I admire firefighters greatly! They are under acknowledged in my book. I live in one of the most dangerous wildfire areas of the USA, so I see smoke billowing up the mountainside far too often. If it weren't for the firemen who take care of those raging fires I might have lost my house a few years ago when one of those fires came raging up our canyon.

Even when there is no fire, they spend days and nights away from their families. Most firemen work 3 days on, 3 days off, or 4 days on, 4 days off. They have to be ready to go instantly, so they sleep half dressed in their bunks at the firehouse. During those shifts, they live with other firefighters not their family so it's got to be hard on their sense of stability.

And if someone has a heart attack at home, or just a terrible accident, or a stroke, it's an EMT who will be the first responder, from your local fire department. Or if a car is on fire or there's a freeway pileup that needs an EMT, it's the firemen who show up to help. So they are always on call for something or another.
And if there is a fire, they will be in danger the entire time until it is put out. If it's not smoke inhalation, it's falling beams and the fire itself. They come home smelling like old stale charcoal after one of those infernos and often have to throw away their clothing because it will never smell good again.

How do I know all this? My first husband was a fireman in Austin, Texas while he was going to college and he was part of several huge fires. It was not an easy way to support himself but he was grateful for the opportunity to be of service. That's the thing. These guys give their heart and soul to keep you and your property safe and out of harm's way. Most of the time you don't even hear about them. But they deserve our thanks, just as much as the police or the service men.

They themselves do know that they are in service always, and they probably have children who will also grow up to be in service in some way. So the firefighter theme is one that speaks to the hopes and dreams we all have for our children, that they will be a hero to others in some way. For this reason I decorated my first son's nursery in a fireman theme and he totally loved it until he fell in love with Star Wars and became Luke Skywalker, but that's another story for another day.

Decorating a Nursery on a Budget
Firefighter Nursery Ideas

There are many ways to decorate a nursery at a discount so you don't have to buy a thing to have a cute nursery really. You can paint your own art, yes you can, it can be abstract, or you can use stencils, and you can be really crafty and make cute accessories and just use solid colored everything so that all your cute decorations are the stars of your room decor.

I like to use solid colors for every room, and then just accessorize in whatever mood I'm in when I decorate that room. That way it's easy to change if I get bored. Instead of buying all new stuff, I just change a few accessories. It's easy to get a whole new room for almost nothing that way. And if you move a lot like I do, it's easier too. Solids as a backdrop works well with any theme.

I hope you found some great ideas for your Firefighter Theme Nursery! I’m sure you can create a darling Firefighter theme nursery for your precious baby with some of these ideas! Remember your baby won’t care how its room looks at all. What matters is the love you show it every day. Congratulations on your new addition!

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