Jungle Theme Baby Bedding Sets

Jungle Theme Crib Bedding Sets
Jungle Theme Nursery Decor

Jungle crib bedding and Jungle theme nursery
Jungle theme baby bedding sets are among the most popular baby crib bedding sets of all time. They're gender neutral, which is one big factor as some people don't want to find out the sex of their baby before it's born, even now when you can. 

And for another thing, it's a primal theme. It hearkens back to ancient mystical times when we all lived in the Jungle and evokes the wild memories we all have buried deep in our psyche. Tarzan and Sheena both represent those icons of ancient memory of the Jungle.

These days you might think of the Rain Forest in the Jungles of the Amazon with its green canopy covering the mysteries and animals below. Plus the animals on the baby crib bedding are so adorable! 

Here I'm showing the most popular Jungle theme baby bedding sets now available online. Just take them out of the bag and put them on the crib. Add some cute artwork. Your Jungle theme nursery is done!

If you want to see the most popular Jungle crib bedding sets right now, click here: Jungle Crib Bedding Sets

Jungle Theme Baby Bedding Sets

Jungle Theme Crib Bedding Sets
For Your Baby's Jungle Theme Nursery

These are the two most popular Jungle theme crib bedding sets currently.You can see why. Gender neutral, whimsical, and adorable! 3 or 4 pieces, so not too expensive either. You get to add the accessories that suit you.

Jungle Theme Baby Bedding
For an Adorable Jungle Theme Nursery

This is an 8 piece set, so it's complete right out of the box. Everything you see is included. Your whole Jungle theme nursery is now done. Just snap the photos!

Jungle Theme Nursery Bedding
Giraffe Inspired Jungle Theme Nursery Bedding

Into Giraffes? Who wouldn't be? Such unique and gentle giant animals. This crib bedding is inspired by the giraffe. Add a giant stuffed giraffe from below. Includes diaper stacker and a window valence. Adorable!

Budget Jungle Themed Nursery Bedding
Just the Basic Jungle Theme Baby Bedding

Another budget friendly Jungle theme crib bedding set. Only the basic 3 pieces, comforter, sheet and dust ruffle, but it's all you need to set the tone. You can add cute accessories yourself. 

Stuffed toys, Jungle animal toys, and photos of Jungle animals will complete your Jungle theme nursery. If you are really on a budget, you can print some public domain animal photos to use. Or try a Jungle wall decal, pictured further on down the page.

More Jungle Baby Crib Bedding Sets
Jungle Theme Baby Bedding

A study in contrasts. These 2 Jungle theme crib bedding sets both feature brown and green as their colors but the one on the left is a 3 piece basic Jungle theme baby bedding set, while the one on the right is a full on complete Jungle baby crib bedding set with everything you need to create an instant Jungle theme nursery. 

It just depends on what you want. If you are on a budget, the 3 piece sets on this page are the way to go as you can add your own accessories little by little, and find things on sale. Your nursery will also be more unique that way. But some people just want it done right now and want everything to match. Either way, these Jungle theme baby bedding sets are adorable for a Jungle theme nursery.

Jungle Theme Baby Bedding Sets
Jungle Theme Crib Bedding Sets for Baby Girls

If you know your baby is a girl and you want Pink in your nursery, you can still have a Jungle theme nursery with these darling Jungle theme baby bedding sets! Pink in the Jungle, who knew? But seriously, these are various interpretations of the Jungle theme in girly colors. I don't know how I would decide. 

But one thing that would help is to decide if you want everything all inclusive so you don't have to add anything else, or just the basics. Here there are 2 different sets with just the basic 3 pieces, the comforter. a sheet, and a dust ruffle for baby's crib, and then 2 different complete Jungle theme nursery sets with window valences, diaper stackers, pillows, growth charts, and wall hangings. 

It's up to you whether you want an instant Jungle theme nursery, or you want to add some of the accessories yourself. Further down I feature Jungle theme nursery decor that you can add.

Jungle Themed Crib Bedding
For Baby's Jungle Theme Nursery

9 piece Jungle theme baby bedding set includes quilt, printed fitted sheet, solid fitted sheet, dust ruffle, valance, diaper stacker and three fabric wall art pieces. The comforter is appliqued and has an alligator on it. Now how can you resist that?

Jungle Theme Nursery Decor

Jungle Theme Nursery Accessories
To Go With Jungle Theme Crib Bedding

Jungle theme baby bedding sets need Jungle theme nursery accessories to go with them. Decals are such cool nursery decor! Easy to put up, easy to take down, and inexpensive! One big decal sets the tone for the whole room. There are other decals available too. Just click on the image to see lots more of them. Add your Jungle theme nursery bedding and you're done! 

A mobile keeps baby entertained while you scurry about the nursery, or possibly helps it go to sleep. (It did help 2 of the 3 of my children, but no promises!)

More Jungle Theme Nursery Decor
To Go in a Jungle Theme Nursery

The cute Jungle animals are ready to frame and complete your Jungle theme nursery. Brilliant! The inflatable Jungle animal toys just add cuteness to your Jungle theme nursery! 

(*hint: You can download cute animal photos from public domain photo sites, print them, and frame them, to save money. Just make sure the owner has granted you permission before downloading. )

Big Stuffed Jungle Animals
To Go With Jungle Theme Nursery Bedding

I think a Jungle theme nursery needs one of these stuffed Jungle animals to be complete! Take your pick, they're all statement pieces and set the Jungle tone you want for your nursery.
I hope you found some great ideas for your Jungle theme nursery! I’m sure you can create a darling Jungle theme nursery for your precious baby with some of these ideas! Remember your baby won’t care how its room looks at all. What matters is the love you show it every day. Congratulations on your new addition!

For the most popular Jungle crib bedding sets right now, click here: Jungle Crib Bedding Sets

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