Purple Bed Comforters

Purple Bed Comforters and Bedding Sets

Purple Bed Comforters
Purple is so regal and it imparts a royal and dramatic flair to bedrooms. And since the bed is a big focal point in a bedroom, Purple bed comforters are perfect to establish that mood!

Purple bed comforters will work for many bedroom themes too, and there are many Purple combinations to work with all the various Purple themed bedrooms. There are bright Purple comforters, for regal and modern themes, and there are soft Purple comforters for Princess and magical feeling bedroom themes. All of them will bring the Purple wow factor to your bedroom.

But let's explore some other ways you can use Purple bed comforters. When you have guests over, and they need some covers, they might as well be Purple, right? And who says you have to use real "throws" on the sofa? You can use beautiful small comforters for the same effect and many of them are just as pretty as throws. (They are warmer too!) 

Also if you don't have any art and you have beautiful Purple comforters, you can decorate your walls with them. It's been done for thousands of years and looks really cute in baby nurseries. Just put a cute Purple baby comforter on the wall and you have an instant large artwork for your nursery: problem solved. And don't forget the picnic blanket. It can be a Purple bed comforter too!

 Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece Hotel Dobby Stripe Comforter Set, Queen, PurplePurple Bed Comforters

Right now the color Purple is enjoying even more popularity than normal because Justin Bieber is a big Purple fan and millions of teenage girls want Purple bedrooms or at least Purple bed comforters (so they can relate more to their teen idol I suppose.) 

I have always loved the color Purple and love to use it in home decor. But it is a strong color, so I like to mix Lavender and pastel Purple in with it, so as not to overwhelm!

Here are some of the shades of Purple you can use to decorate your Purple Bedroom. You can mix several shades too; just be sure you pair your different items against each other to see if they are compatible. If you are really sure that your Purple passion is going to last a long time you could do several colors of Purple and no other color but White. But you have to be a die hard Purple fan or it can become overwhelming with time and you will wish you had not gone overboard. Purple is a strong color, so a little goes a long way.

Deep Purple
Electric Purple
Han Purple
Light Purple
Pearly Purple
Tyrian Purple

Enjoy some Purple bed comforters and bedding and some yummy Purple artwork for your walls in case hanging comforters on the wall is not your style.

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Purple Bed Comforters

Purple Goose Down Comforter
Solid Purple Comforter

Reversible solid Purple comforter so you can change with your mood, and it won't make you sneeze! Reversible comforter and 2 Pillow shams for your Purple Bedroom. This Purple Goose Down comforter is sleek and simple but you can jazz it up with lots of pillows and different bedding sets(sheets). 

A Purple reversible comforter means you get twice as much wear and can change your room with your mood. And a solid Purple comforter is easy to accessorize too! Many people like solid color comforters the best of all. Not too fussy in the bedroom, so calming.

Purple and White Floral Flocking Comforter
Purple Bedroom Ideas

This Purple and White comforter set is regal and would work in a French or Art Deco theme bedroom, or a Glam bedroom. This is one of the most popular Purple and White comforter sets on Amazon. It fits well in many other bedroom themes too and is cheerful besides being elegant. Available in Queen and Full sized sets. In fact if you are looking for Queen size Purple bedding sets, all of the ones here are available in that size. Just click on any photo to see all the sizes.

Purple and Gray Comforter Set
Purple Comforter: Queen

Another stunning comforter set for a Purple bedroom. The Gray and Purple is a beautiful complementary color set that calms a Purple bedroom while keeping it regal. Purple and Gray are a nice pairing because Purple is very strong and the Gray softens it. This Comforter set would work in many themes, Jungle, Modern, Glam. One of my favorites of the girls' Purple bedding on this page.

Zebra Purple Bedding
Purple Comforter: Full (or Queen)

Purple and White comforter set is perfect for a Safari or Jungle Glam bedroom or a Modern one. A complete Zebra bedding set. Zebras make the room exotic and Purple makes it regal. So a Purple Zebra bedding set is both regal and exotic. Teenage girls in particular love Purple Zebra bedding!

Purple Rose Comforter Set
Purple Bed Comforters

Perfect for a French Provincial bedroom or a Tuscan bedroom either one. A little more formal, and more adult than some of the other comforters here. A very traditional comforter for formal rooms, but you can dress it down with solid accessories.
 Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece Purple Rose Flower Garden Jacquard Comforter Set, Bed in a bag Queen SizePurple Bed Comforters

Purple and Lavender Comforter Sets
Queen Size Purple Bedding

You can tell by looking that the comforters here have Lavender paired with the Purple and it softens the look while still being totally regal. Both of these sets are perfect for teens or adults either one. They are not too busy either, so you can spice them up with decorative pillows and I have some for you further down the page.

Purple and Black Comforter Set
Dark Purple Bedroom Ideas

Purple and Black is really popular with the teen crowd. My daughter had this color combo in her bedroom. We even had to buy all Black furniture to satisfy her Purple and Black obsession. But the comforters (yes she had several, one for the bed, one for the chair, one for her constant guests, and one for the rabbit!) were all Purple or Purple and Black.

Another stunning Purple and Black comforter set for your Purple bedroom. This one is really majestic, lush and dramatic, and Victorian and romantic. It would work great in a Goth inspired bedroom, or a Historical Period bedroom, a Victorian one for instance, or a Hollywood Glam bedroom. Very regal Purple bedding.

Purple and Black Vine Comforter Set
Purple Bed Comforters

This Purple and Black Vine themed comforter set is exquisite. It would look equally great in a French Period bedroom, or an Asian theme bedroom, or a Glam bedroom. One of my favorite bedding sets on this page! A complete 7 piece bedding set in a bag! Set contains comforter, bed skirt, pillow shams, and various throw pillow shams, everything you need to get this look.

Purple and Pink Comforter Set
Purple Bed Comforters

Purple and Pink is a color combination that is very popular. Girls love the look of these two colors combined with one another.  Here are some of my favorite Purple and Pink comforters that I think use the two colors perfectly.

Purple and Blue Comforters and Purple and Aqua comforters both play on the contrast of Purple with a soft color. Blue is actually the common denominator here, as it's a component of Purple and Aqua both. So all these colors do go together!

Purple Throw Pillows
Purple Bedroom Ideas

These are just a few of the many beautiful Purple Toss Pillows available to dress up your Purple Bed Comforters. Click on any Pillow to see more!

Have fun decorating your Purple Bedroom with your Purple Bed Comforters!

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