Purple Queen Size Comforter Sets

Purple Queen Size Comforter Sets and Bedding

Purple Queen Size Bedding
You'll find lots of pretty Purple Queen size comforter sets featured on this page and Queen size Purple bedding sets, Purple Queen size sheets, pillows, blankets and more.

The bed takes up a lot of space in your bedroom, so it's the best place to start decorating. All of this beautiful Queen size Purple bedding will provide the focus on Purple that you want. Just add toss pillows and accessories for a room that is royally decorated.

Purple is often associated with royalty and nobility; It may also signify love, dignity, passion, sensitivity and romance, so it's the perfect choice for the bedroom.

Purple looks great as the main decor color in your bedroom, or as an accent color. There are lots of shades of Purple too so be sure to check your different bedding colors against each other to see if they are compatible.

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Top Rated Purple Queen Size Comforter Sets
Purple Bedspreads Queen Size

These are among the top rated Queen size Purple bedding sets at Amazon. But if you don't see your favorite one yet, click on any picture or scroll down to see more. There are many more beautiful Purple Queen comforter sets available! 

All of them come with pillow shams and bed skirts to go with the comforter. Some also include throw pillows to complete the Queen size Purple bedding set. If you look at the bedrooms the beds are in, you can get some good decorating ideas too.

How to Choose Your Bedroom Comforter
Purple Bedroom Decorating Tips

It can be a dizzying adventure to decorate your bedroom. Since it costs a little money, some people stop dead in their tracks when it comes to choosing their comforter. The thought of choosing the wrong one just seems to paralyze them so they either don't ever get around to decorating, or they put it off until one day in desperation they just buy the first thing they see that they like and fits their budget without thinking about what else goes in their room that may or may not go with it. 

If it doesn't, then you are on to another adventure trying to find stuff that goes with your new bedding and the stuff you already have.

 7pc Purple Zebra Queen Bedding Set Animal Print Comforter and SheetsPurple Queen Size Bedding
Instead of doing that, think about it logically. What colors do you gravitate toward? Those are the ones you will be most comfortable with. And if you have several, try to choose the most restful one. Then get a few, and I do mean few accessories that go with your bedding. Less really is more when it comes to decor. 

Give away the old ones that don't go with your new set. Unless you are happy with the accessories you already have, in which case, use those colors for your new comforter. But in any case, plan it out in advance rather than just grabbing the first one you see that you like.

And while we are talking about color, I think it's better to choose soft colors and ones on the cooler side of the spectrum for the bedroom. If you love Red, it might look brilliant in a living room, but it's a hot color, so not really the best choice for a restful feeling. Many people do have Red bedrooms, but it's not the most restful. 

Blue and Green and White and Purple are much more calming for the spirit and make wonderful colors for a bedroom, along with Beige and earth colors. You can certainly use Red accents though, or just save it for your living room, that's what I do.
~Excerpted from my Decorating Tips

Queen Size Purple Bedding
Purple Queen Size Comforter Sets

Purple Comforter Queen
Purple Queen Size Comforter Sets

Purple Bed in a Bag Set contains everything you need to make your Purple bedroom smashing! Purple bedding Queen style! Queen 8-piece bedroom ensemble includes comforter, dust ruffle, two shams, flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. Comforter and shams feature a cotton rich top and 100-percent cotton backing; dust ruffle and 300-thread-count sheet set are 100-percent cotton.

Queen Size Purple Bedding
Purple Comforter Set Like Bella Swan's

Fan of Bella? This Queen size Purple comforter set is just like hers! Perfect for Twilight lovers, but also just as one of the coolest Black and Purple comforter sets. 7 Pieces Purple Bed-in-a-bag Queen Size Bedding. Beautiful Purple Queen size bedding set with vines all over it. Lovely for so many Purple theme bedrooms. 100% Cotton Flocking. One of the most beautiful Purple Queen size comforter sets on this page!

Purple and White Bedding
Purple Queen Size Comforter Sets

Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece White with Purple Floral Flocking Comforter 90-Inch by 92-Inch Set, Bed in a bag for Queen Size Bedding Machine Washable. Elegant Purple and White Queen comforter set. Great in any dressy Purple theme, for example, French Romantic, or Rocker glam, or Art Nouveau.

Purple Zebra Bedroom Sign
To Go With Your Zebra Purple Bedding

Zebra Purple Bedding
Purple Queen Size Comforter Sets

More elegant Purple Queen size bedding for the Queen in your life! A step into the wild side of life.
Imperial 7pcs Micro Fur Black/Purple Zebra Design Comforter Bed-in-a-bag Set Queen Size Bedding

Purple Queen Size Comforter Sets
Purple Silver Bedding

Just a little touch of Silver adds a sparkling bit of fairy magic to this Royal Purple bedding! Very sophisticated and dramatic! Gender neutral too. Great for modern bedrooms. Not too fussy, so you can add some Purple accessories and your room will still be restful.

Queen Size Purple Bedspread
Purple Queen Bedspread

Click on the Purple Queen bedspread to read all about this classic bedspread. It is available in other colors and sizes too. I have one in Aqua for a guest room and it still looks brand new after many washings. Solid bedding is a great backdrop to add in all those "busy" Purple accessories you love. Check out the throw pillows below.

Purple Grey Bedding
Purple and Gray Queen Bedding Comforter Set

7Pcs Queen Fresca Purple and Gray Bedding Comforter Set covered with vines. Isn't it beautiful! Grey and Purple look wonderful together. The Purple makes the Grey come alive. Brilliant! 7 Pieces here: Comforter, bed skirt, pillow shams, and 3 throw pillows. Just pull it out of the bag and your room is mostly done. Genius! Another of the most beautiful Purple Queen size comforter sets!

Purple Art Print
Black Crow Purple Sky Trees Photographic Print

Purple Queen Bed Skirts
Purple Queen Size Bedding

Add a Purple bed skirt to your Purple Queen size comforter sets for a stylish look.

Purple Queen Size Sheets
Purple Bedding Queen

What if you don't want to decorate the whole room in Purple but just want more Purple in your life? Easy fix, just use Purple sheets! Sleep royally!

Purple Zebra Print Queen Size Sheet Set
Purple Bed Sheets Queen

Sleep on the wild side of life with a Purple Zebra print sheet set! Add this Purple Zebra sheet set to one of the Purple Queen size comforter sets here for a fantastic looking bedroom.

Purple Queen Blanket
Purple Bedding Queen

Snuggling in this blanket is like falling into a Purple cloud. Even works as a bedspread due to the beautiful color. Or pair it with one of the beautiful Purple Queen size comforter sets on this page for a totally Purple experience.

Purple Decorative Throw Pillows
Purple Toss Pillows for Your Royal Purple Bedding

These are just 3 of the many beautiful Purple Toss Pillows available to dress up your Purple Queen size comforter sets and Purple bedding. Click on any Pillow to see more!

Purple Art Print
To Go With Your Purple Queen Size Comforter Sets

For help learning about your bedroom decorating personality, click here.

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