Guitar Themed Bedrooms

How to Decorate Guitar Themed Bedrooms

Guitar Theme  Bedrooms
Aspiring rock stars who play Guitar, and teenagers everywhere, are attracted to Guitar themed bedrooms. As it turns out there are all kinds of Guitar bedroom accessories to decorate a Guitar bedroom

I had two guitarist teen boys at one time and they both wanted every room to be decorated in Guitar room decor, and we did their bedrooms in a Guitar theme with Guitar chord posters on the walls to make practicing easier, and all the Guitar decorations and accessories we could find or make. 

We still have a few Guitars lying around here for when they visit and feel like playing a mini concert.

So here on this page you will find Guitar bedroom ideas to decorate a bedroom of your dreams and make beautiful music, all within your budget. There are affordable Guitar bedroom decorating ideas to create the Guitar bedroom you desire and unique Guitar bedroom ideas that will make your room fit your personality and style.

But if you don't see what you want, just click on a picture and you will be transported to a site with lots more Guitar themed bedrooms decor. Since there are so many cool Guitar posters, I have sprinkled lots of them through the page. If that's your thing, scroll all the way through to see all the beautiful posters. Enjoy!

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How to Create a Guitar Themed Bedroom

 Deco 79 Metal Music Wall Plaque, 22 by 15Guitar Themed Bedrooms
There are several ways you can achieve a rock star Guitar themed bedroom so the easiest way to start might be to decide on a color scheme. The predominant colors seem to be Black and Red, Blue, and Pink or Purple. Once you have your color scheme you can decide how you are going to add Guitars and Guitar art to create your Guitar theme bedroom.

You could buy a Guitar bedspread or comforter, and since the bed takes up lots of visual space, that could be a good focal point and just add in the rest of your accessories in the right colors and get some Guitar posters and art and you are set.

Or you could buy a comforter or bedspread in a solid color and add Guitar decorative throw pillows to dress up your bed. There are hundreds of them in many colors to suit your room theme. You can also add Guitar curtains, or plain ones with Guitar lights around them. Another way to dress the windows is to use wall decals on window shades.

Inspiration for Guitar Themed Bedrooms

For your walls there are hundreds of stunning Guitar posters, Guitar clocks, and wall decals to set just the right mood, and there are Guitar lamps, and mini Guitars to decorate your Guitar bedroom too. For a walk on the wild side you can add a Guitar rug and every Guitar bedroom needs at least one real Guitar to make music on and to be the center of the room!
 Fender Poster Guitars Crossed Rare HOT NEW 24x36Guitar Themed Bedrooms

Just don't clutter it up too much with too many Guitar items. Pick which big item will be the Guitar focal point: the bed, the rug, or the curtains. Then add solid color accessories that complement the colors in your Guitar focal piece. That way your Guitars and Guitar art will stand out and not be lost in a sea of competing visual interests. Your Guitars are the real stars right? Guitar themed bedrooms don't need to be overdone to be stunning.

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Guitar Bedroom Posters
Guitar Themed Bedrooms

Red and Black Guitar Bedspread
Guitar Themed Bedroom Ideas

Looking for a Guitar comforter that rocks? Red and Black is a brilliant color combination for a Guitar themed bedroom. Here is one of my favorite Red and Black Guitar comforters.

Red and Black Guitar Comforter Set
Guitar Themed Bedding

 I have a daughter who would have loved Guitar themed bedding in her bedroom. Black and Grey is very "in" with teens these days, especially since Grey is so universal. This Guitar reversible bedding set would work perfectly in a variety of tween or teen bedrooms.

Black, White, and Gray Guitar Themed Bedding Sets
Guitar Themed Bedding

Each of these bedspreads features a Guitar, rock n roll and/or music theme to them. Both of them are a combination of Black, White and Grey color. Click on any picture to see it larger and to read more about the bedspread.

More Guitar Bedding Sets
Guitar Themed Bedroom Decor

More cool Guitar bedding sets. Rock out your room right with one of these unique Guitar bedroom ideas.

Baby Bedding in a Guitar Theme for the Nursery
Guitar Themed Baby Bedding

Guitar themed bedrooms for baby!

Guitar Themed Throw Pillows
Guitar Themed Rooms

One way to design Guitar themed bedrooms is to choose a solid color you like for your bedspread and pile on some Guitar decorative pillows. Add some Guitar curtains, or a Guitar rug and you're done. Pillows are art for the bed. There are many more available, just click on a photo to see many more.

Guitar Theme Art for the Walls
Guitar Bedroom Decorations

Art inspires, that's why these Guitar posters are perfect for your Guitar themed bedrooms.

Greatest Guitar Riffs of All Time

Looking for some inspiration as you design your Guitar themed bedrooms?

Rock n Roll Themed Guitar Rugs 

Guitar Themed Bedrooms

Now what teenage rockstar is going to resist a Guitar rug like one of these?

Guitar Lighting and Lamps 

Guitar Decorations for a Bedroom

I've always been partial to neon signs and what better way to make your Rock N Roll room seem like a nightclub scene? There are also a variety of table lamps for the dresser or night stand. It just depends on the look you are going for really.

Guitar Theme Wall Decals for the Walls 

 Set the tone and let them know your passion is Guitar! Any of these stunning Guitar wall decals will do the trick. You can also use decals on window shades for totally original window coverings. Guitar themed bedrooms will look unique with these Guitar wall decals!

Rock N Roll Wall Decorating Ideas 

Guitar Themed Rooms

Most Popular Guitar 

When you're going with a music bedroom theme, it's usually because of a love of music, so an easy thing to do is to make sure your instruments are the star! Use them on the walls as art, or put them front and center to act as sculpture in the room.
Les Paul was one of the most respected guitarists in Jazz or any genre, and this Guitar is made in his honor. Fantastic sounds from this masterpiece Guitar.
No Guitar themed bedroom could ever be complete without some sort of tribute to Les Paul in the room. It's an iconic piece of Guitar history that is a must have in some form in Guitar themed bedrooms.

Jimi Hendrix Mini Guitar 

Guitar Bedroom Accessories

Who wouldn't want a Jimi Mini Guitar collectible? Collectible Mini Guitars are the newest Guitar decor rage. If you don't see the one you want, you can see lots more on Amazon just by clicking one of these here. Perfect for Guitar themed bedrooms.

The Perfect Guitar Bedroom Poster 

Guitar Themed Bedroom Decor

I think it's cool to put this type of poster in the place where you "jam" or practice. Easy access to help and it looks "totally rad" as my sons used to say. We had one like this and also one with the chords listed. Really good resources on the wall.

One More Guitar Accessory for You

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