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Circus Decor

Circus Themed Decor is usually associated with bedrooms for young children, but I have seen some really cool Circus theme dens as well. One of my sisters-in-law has vintage Circus decor in her family room off the kitchen and it looks so whimsical and artistic and inviting. We all hang out in the "Circus Room" when we visit.

So for this page I will concentrate first on Circus theme bedrooms and Circus theme bedding, and then later on I will address how to decorate a Circus theme Den or Family Room. I have tried to find everything you could possibly want or need to decorate any room in Circus Decor; Circus bedding, art, posters, pillows, rugs and other Circus theme decorations. I also offer tips on how to pull it together for a smashing Circus themed room. Enjoy!

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Image: Circus Girls Poster, available at Amazon, if you click here. Wouldn't this be beautiful in the Den? Or in a Romantic Circus Bedroom?

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Circus Theme Ideas
How to Decorate a Circus Themed Bedroom

Circus Sculpture is from Amazon, Click to Purchase.   circus sculpture
When my son was young, he had such a sunny disposition that I painted his room Yellow, and decorated it in vintage Circus posters with a big Circus pinata in the corner, and a Red bedspread and Blue pillow cases. I added a few Circus toys and painted his lamp with clown stencils. He loved it, and it was very easy to decorate.

So you don't need to go overboard to create a Circus themed bedroom; you just need a few touches to create a dramatic and fun bedroom space. Since the bed takes up so much visual space, it's a good idea to decide on its color first. So in a Circus bedroom, you could either get a Circus theme comforter set, or you could just go with a solid color bedspread or comforter and add in Circus theme pillows, bedding, sheets, and blankets, or even use different solid colors for all the bedding, and add in Circus artwork either way you go.

Circus Theme Bedroom Decor

 Carnival Games Party Supplies - Ticket Booth Cardboard Stand
There are also the rug and the curtains to consider. I think the biggest mistake people make is to overdo the theme. A few pieces do enough suggestion, and it's a bedroom, you don't want it too "noisy" visually. So if you go with a patterned bedspread, you can either get matching curtains, and then stick to solid colors for the accessories, or even solid curtains too.  And use different colored sheets and blankets to add to the Circus theme.  If you go with a solid color bedspread or comforter, you can add a different colored set of sheets, and some Circus themed decorations like throw pillows. Maybe even a Circus canopy. Or a cardboard stand like the one pictured here. 

Now for the walls you have a choice also. You can use Circus decals which are a great idea for children, because when they get to be teens, they will want something else and you can just peel the wall decals off and start over.   But maybe you would rather have some Circus themed art or vintage Circus decor of a different type. All those ideas work great. I will add more ideas as you read along.

Circus Theme Art
Circus Themed Home Decor

Circus Theme Canopy
Circus Theme Decoration

What a cool way to set the tone for a bedroom! And have a neat little hideaway too. Fun for sleepovers, play dates, and for hiding all those stuffed animals. With this as the set piece, you really don't have to do much more to feel like you're at the Circus.  Just use some of the colors in this Circus Canopy for your bedspread, blankets, and sheets, add a few Circus pillows, some Circus art, and you are at the Circus!

Circus Indoor Play Tent For a Circus Bedroom
Children's Indoor Circus Tent

Maybe you don't want a big circus canopy. This one is for you then. At only approximately 40 inches it can sit in the corner of the bedroom and be a cool hideout or clubhouse or a perfect place for sleepovers!

Circus Theme Bedding Set
Kids Circus Comforter Set

Look how much fun this Circus theme bedding set is! Bright colors on a cool quilt set will keep your child entertained. This would look great with the canopy above too. Below I have a Circus Ball rug that would also look cool with this bedspread, especially if you have wood floors. Nice to have a rug to snuggle your toes in, instead of a hard floor first thing out of bed. Also lamps in a Circus theme are hard to find. But you could easily cover a lampshade with striped wrapping paper to get a lamp that looks like a circus one.

Circus Theme Comforter
Big Top Stripes Comforter

This is another way to decorate your Circus Theme bedroom. Start with the big top stripes as pictured here. Then you can add in all the colorful accents you want. Add some beautiful vintage Circus posters, some gorgeous Circus theme pillows, maybe a Circus theme rug, and some colorful curtains. More sophisticated than the other bedding set above. And definitely easy to turn into a different theme if you or your child tires of the Circus theme.

Circus Theme Bedspreads

If you are going with the idea of a solid color bedspread and using Circus throw pillows and artwork or possibly Circus themed curtains or a rug, then any of these will work for you. Just choose your favorite color. Add some Circus theme pillows. Voila! Circus Bedroom. Here I am showcasing Green, Red, Purple, and Orange which, along with Yellow and Navy Blue are traditional Circus Decor colors.

Circus Poster
Vintage Ringling Brothers Poster

Blankets for a Circus Bedroom

An easy way to decorate in a Circus theme is to use different bright colors for the blankets, sheets, pillowcases, and bedspread. All of the following blankets will work in a Circus theme bedroom.

Blue Blanket for A Circus Theme Bedroom

A Blue blanket will work as the basis for many themes, not just a Circus theme bedroom, but even when your baby grows up and wants a different themed bedroom, the Blue blanket will still be fine. The manufacturer says it is very plush and soft, and is available in other colors too.

Red and Yellow Blankets

These soft blankets work for bedspreads too! Just put some cool Circus pillows on top, and some different colored sheets under and wow!

Circus Theme Decorating
Sheets for a Circus Theme Bedroom

Just choose a few bright colors and mix and match the blankets and sheets and pillowcases, and even the bedspread if you are using all solids. Sheets in Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange, and Green all work for a circus theme bedroom. . All of these are traditional Circus Decor colors.

Circus Theme Clock

What a cute way to tell time, and learn about how to tell time. This clock goes with several of the Circus Theme Bedding Sets on this page. The retro feel goes with Vintage Circus theme style too. It has incredible detail!

Circus Nursery Decor
Circus Theme Baby Decor

Circus Baby Crib Bedding Set

Cute Circus baby bedding. Babies take a lot of time and energy. Maybe it's easier to just buy the whole set all at once and be done with it, especially if you aren't the decorating type. This set has everything included for a rockin' Circus theme Nursery!

Circus Baby Crib Bedding Set
Circus Crib Bedding

Dumbo! Another Circus Bedding Nursery Set that is already done for you. Just open the package, place everything and you are done.

Baby Circus Quilt

Baby Circus Mobiles

Circus Theme Decor
Circus Theme Decals

Easy Way to Decorate a Nursery! Removable too! Decals are a great way to add artwork and style to a Circus bedroom. There are many available. If you don't see one that tickles your fancy, just click on a picture to find more Circus Theme Decals.

Circus Theme Decorations for a Circus Bedroom or Den

Circus Pinata
Circus Theme Decorating

Circus Theme Pillows
Decorative Toss Pillows in a Circus Theme

Decorative Toss Pillows in a Circus Theme will transform a room with solid colored bedding into a Circus theme almost as fast as snapping your fingers. Works for a den or living room too! 

Vintage Circus Art: Circus Elephant Poster

Circus Theme Rugs
Rugs for Your Circus Theme Bedrooms

If you are using many solid colors in your Circus Theme Bedroom, you might want to add a pop of color by adding a Circus Theme Rug to the mix. Here are a few in different styles. Click on any picture to see more choices.

Circus Car Cutout
Circus Themed Decor

Circus Theme Switchplate Covers

Spice up the walls with Circus theme switchplate covers to set the mood. There are lots of cute Circus theme ones. Click on any picture to see more. Here's a low cost hint. You can go to the Dollar store and get Circus stickers to decorate your switchplate covers. Your child can help too! Fun and memories.

Vintage Circus Posters
Circus Theme Art Vintage Circus Poster

Circus Theme Lamp
Circus Theme Decor

If you want a Circus Theme Lamp for your Circus Bedroom or Den, you might have to get a little creative. I could not find very many specific to a Circus. But really you can find a cute lamp that goes with your room very easily. Just pick out one of the main colors, like Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow, or whatever works in your color scheme. Then if you want more Circus design on it, just cut out some cute Circus theme pictures and hot glue them to the lamp shade. Or use a stencil and paint Circus designs on the shade. (That's what I did~I used easy clown stencils on my son's lampshade. Red on a beige shade.) Or cover the lamp shade with wrapping paper. Or use Circus stickers. You can get those cheap at the Dollar store.

Antique Circus Poster

Circus Decor For the Den
Circus Theme Decoration

 Barnum and Bailey Circus Vintage Poster USA c. 1916 (60x80 Woven Chenille Yarn Blanket)
For decorating a Circus Theme Den or Family Room, your strategy is going to be pretty much the same as if it were a Circus Bedroom, except since adults will spend time in there, you might want it to be a little more sophisticated than some of the juvenile Circus items here. So a good way to start is by deciding on your color scheme. The primary colors still work well, but maybe tone it down a bit. Maybe even go with an Antique Circus theme, and bring in Vintage Circus Art and Posters. 

My sister-in-law's den off her kitchen is filled with Circus theme decor and Circus memorabilia. It looks stunning and we all love sitting in there by the fire. So how did she achieve her beautiful Circus theme Den? She started with White leather couches. But any primary color would do as well. She scattered vintage Circus pillows around and a Vintage Circus throw, much like the one pictured here. Then she added a few Antique Circus posters, and a few Circus collectibles, like little clown statues.  But the thing that focuses the Circus theme is all the Circus art on the walls. 

That's one reason I included so much Circus art on this page. It really sets the tone! She also has a cute Circus Pinata in one of the corners and a stand up clown.  Really unusual and stunning, and totally doable by anyone! I can't include a picture. She's private like that. But maybe you can imagine how it looks. I'm sure you can decorate a den in a Circus theme and it will be just as stunning! 

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