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Lighthouse Decor and Gifts

Parker Cove lighthouse by Richard Burns lighthouse decor

If you love lighthouses or have a light house lover in your life, here is an array of Lighthouse Gifts and Home Decor! There are all kinds of lighthouses for your home, in sculptures, posters, paintings, and books. There is even lighthouse jewelry. I love lighthouse art so I found lots of it for you! It makes a wonderful theme for home decor. 

Lighthouses go back to the times of the Egyptians and maybe before. For sure Alexander had them constructed to aid in his navigation. And the Romans had them constructed in their building glory days as well.

And worldwide they symbolize Hope to sea navigators. In a storm they are the beacon guiding sailors home to a safe shore, in the dark, a light in the darkness, in the light, a tall beacon marking all they say Welcome.

It was not until I researched that I learned their architecture has always been dictated by the constraints of holding the lanterns for the searchlight. The formulas to determine the size of the buildings are very intricate. They must accommodate the lights and the strains of the the sea weather on the building; they must be very strong indeed!

Not being the engineering type, my husband and I are just intrigued by the architecture of them. We would love to live in one! Rich has been painting lighthouses for many years and we have a few for sale. We will have more lighthouse art available soon.
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Painting is "Parker Cove" © Richard Burns, All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission, as he's my husband. Available for purchase at

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Lighthouses Around the World

My husband and I love this book. Perfect for a coffee table.

Lighthouse Books for Lighthouse Lovers

Lighthouse Postage
Lighthouse Gifts

St. Augustine stamp

Lighthouse Figurines and Lighthouse Statues
Collectible Lighthouse Gifts

"Cottage by the Sea" Lighthouse Art
© Richard Burns, Used with Permission.

Painted to look like the English seaside, or perhaps Scottish, this is one Richard did a few years ago after a trip to the East Coast. 

"Cottage by the Sea" Lighthouse Art

Lighthouse Decor

“Harbor Lights” Painting © Richard Burns

Richard Burns is my husband. This is my favorite of Rich’s lighthouse paintings. We have many books about lighthouses ourselves, and quite a few of Rich’s paintings and prints are of lighthouses. You might even have seen his work on calendars, mugs, prints, puzzles, cards. The original painting is available for purchase. Go to 

“Harbor Lights” Painting © Richard Burns

Lighthouses for Your Bath
Lighthouse Bath Decor

Bath towels and Shower curtains with a lighthouse theme

Lighthouse Gallery

Many people love lighthouses or know a lighthouse lover. All lighthouse lovers like to look at pictures of lighthouses, whether on the wall or in a book, so that's why I created this lighthouse gallery for you!

Since modern technology is rendering them obsolete for the most part, lighthouses are now around mostly for show, although some of them are still used all over the world for navigational aid to sailors. They will always be loved for their unique architectural form and their reminder of olden times when they were a necessity.

Lighthouse at Sunset for Stunning Wall Art
Can You Believe This Lighthouse is a Poster?

Lighthouse at Sunset

Cape Florida Lighthouse Poster

Cape Florida Lighthouse, Miami, Florida

Montauk Point Lighthouse Travel Poster

Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse

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