Pink Bathroom Decor

Pink Bathroom Decor

Pink Bathroom Decor

Pink Bathrooms are very popular with teen girls and girly girls of all ages. I know when I was a teen I had a Pink bedroom with an adjoining Pink bathroom and many of my girlfriends did too. 

Nowadays many teenage girls like to use Disney Princess themes in their bathrooms and also Hello Kitty and Betty Boop. All of these themes are Pink too, so if you love Pink there is plenty of Pink Bathroom Decor for you to choose from.

But lots of people like to use other Pink bathroom themes, like Pink flowers, or Pink bubbles, or Pink Angels. So here on this page you will find Pink themes and items for your Pink bathrooms. 

Pink is one of my favorite colors so I had fun finding all these beautiful Pink bathroom items for you. But if you don't see what you had in mind, click on any picture to be transported to where you can find even more cute stuff for your Pink bathroom. 

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Pink Flower Print
Pink Art for Your Pink Bathroom

Frilly Pink Poppy print

Ideas for Decorating a Pink Bathroom

It can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to start decorating any room from scratch, so here are a few ideas for you to get started decorating your Pink bathroom.

Since the shower curtain takes up so much space visually, it's a good place to start if you have the type of shower that uses one. It becomes the focal point of the room. So then you can just choose coordinating towels and accessories that go with your shower curtain.

But what if your shower has a door and no shower curtain? Or no shower at all? Well then you can use a beautiful Pink art print as your jumping off point for decorating. Pick a gorgeous print and use the colors in it as your inspiration for the colors of your accessories. 

Or another idea, use a beautiful Pink rug as your inspiration. Or you could pick one beautiful accessory and build the room around it. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild! It's your bathroom, have fun with it!

Pink Abstract Poster

Shades of Pink

It's okay to mix and match shades of Pink. It makes for a more interesting space! Here are some of the Shades of Pink that paint companies and designers have come up with to describe the different hues of the color Pink.

Baby Pink
Bubblegum Pink.
Cameo Pink
Deep Pink
Fuchsia Pink
Light Pink
Hot Pink
Pink Lace
Pale Pink
Cherry Blossom Pink
Carnation Pink
Tickle me Pink
Coral Pink
China Pink
Tango Pink
Congo Pink
Pastel Pink
New York Pink
Mountbatten Pink
Dark Pink
Brink Pink
Bright Pink
Ultra Pink
Shocking Pink
Rose Pink
Salmon Pink

Pink Shower Curtains

Pink and Gray Shower Curtain
Pink Bathroom Shower Curtain

This Pink and Gray Shower Curtain reminds me of champagne bubbles! So cheerful and adds a bit of interest to a Pink bathroom. Where did those bubbles come from?

Pink Shower Curtains

Pink Bathroom Towels
Pink Bathroom Rugs
Pink Bathroom Accessories

Pink Towel Sets

They remind me of Pink fluff!

Pink Rugs for Pink Bathrooms

Pink Bathroom Accessories

Why a Bathroom Decor Page?

I'm one of those people who decorate everything. In high school I even decorated the inside of my locker. I can't leave a room plain it seems. 

But really, a bathroom is way more than a room to shower in. I like to make mine an oasis of calm, sort of like a spa feeling. I keep candles and a radio in there so I can have long baths to soak away the stresses of life. And I like all my bathrooms to be beautiful.

I'm also one of those people that others are always asking for help decorating their houses in general. I love to do this so it's not an imposition at all. 

For bathrooms, I like to use Blue and Green if it's a stand alone bathroom, but if it's an en suite bathroom, I like to use the same color as the bedroom colors are. So that can mean any color really, from Black to White, to Pink, to Purple or anything in between.

I hope you enjoy my bathroom decor pages!

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