Purple Theme Living Rooms

Purple Living Room Decorating Ideas

Purple Living Room Decorating Ideas
Purple is one of the most popular colors for living rooms now and it's a good color choice for a living room if you are looking for a unique and modern touch! Or even a Tuscan style living room, as Purple is one of the Tuscan living room colors and looks great as the anchor color in a living room.

So here you'll find fabulous Purple furniture, lamps, wall decor and more for your Purple living room, all organized to make it easier for you. As a bonus, there are many living room sets on sale too, in this fabulous Purple color, that is one of the most popular colors right now.

All of these beautiful Purple furniture items qualify for free shipping making it so convenient. Really that's amazing considering that many local furniture stores charge for delivery even if you have spent thousands at their store. Yet by buying here you can save money and have free shipping!

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Why Purple Living Room Decor
I Love Purple and Decorating

First, I love the color Purple and always have. In fact I have gone through a couple of Purple periods in my life. Now I'm more into Blue which I always come back to, but Purple is still a fave. And I think it's a great color for living rooms or bedrooms either one. It's regal and formal without being overly formal and stuffy. And it's just wild enough to be different. I like for my rooms to stand out and using Purple is a way to do that.

Second, I love to create pages about home decor to help others decorate their rooms so a page about Purple living room design is right up my alley.

Right now Justin Bieber is an icon of the teen world, and he loves Purple so it's brought the color front and center in decor again too, so there are many beautiful furniture and accessories available for a Purple living room. I have found a few that I think are great for bringing in some Purple mood to your room, and I hope you enjoy my selections.

Purple Living Room Furniture
Purple Living Room Chairs
Purple Living Room Couches
Purple Living Room Sets
Purple Slipcovers

Purple Morgan Arm Chair
Purple Living Room Chair

An old classic standby, this club chair is even more luxurious in Purple! I have a chair like this and it is so comfortable too. A wonderful chair that will last forever. This classic club style chair goes with just about any type of decor, and in this darker shade of Purple, it's kind of a dark neutral. Qualifies for free shipping too!

6' Round Relax Sack-Microsuede Purple Chair
Purple Living Room Chair

If you're more modern in your approach to living room decorating, this Purple bean bag chair might be just your style. Lots of college kids like these to move around quickly in the dorm room, and countless family rooms have them for all the kids to crash on. I used to have several of these around and the kids loved them.

Purple Fabric Cube Ottomon
For Purple Theme Living Rooms

Purple Living Room Ottomon Sometimes it only takes a special piece of furniture to dress up a room and turn it into a masterpiece. This Purple ottoman will add a touch of Purple whimsy to any room.

Purple Rose Poster
Purple Living Room Decor

Purple Velvet Sofa
Purple Couch

This Purple couch is the ultimate Purple fantasy furniture isn't it? Dress up the living room or the sitting area of a bedroom suite or it would look great in the TV room too.

Purple Slipcovers
Purple Couch Covers, Purple Recliner Covers

Don't have a Purple couch and want one? A Purple slipcover will turn your couch into a Purple couch in the blink of an eye. Just cover up your old dull sofa with a Purple cover and have new Purple sofa. Toss some Purple pillows on it and presto, you have a new Purple room. There are slipcovers for chair, love seats, and recliners too. Just click on a photo to see more.
Purple Living Room Decor
Purple Living Room Curtains
Purple Wall Decals
Purple Room Dividers
Purple Rugs

Purple Living Room Curtains and Draperies
Eye Catching Purple Decor for the Living Room

Purple Living Room Curtains
Purple Living Room Drapes

Curtains are one of the largest items visually in a room, so if you want a huge impact, start with Purple curtains or drapes.

Purple Wall Decals
Decals for Purple Decorating

Decals are my new favorite accessory. I love that you can roll them up and take them with you when you move. Or if you change your mind.

Purple Abstract Art
Purple Poster for Your Purple Living Room

Purple Room Dividers
Purple Living Room Decor

Add a screen trimmed in Purple to add a wow factor to a room and/or divide an area into two smaller spaces. Also great to use to create a front hallway if your door opens straight into your living room.

Purple Room Decor: Rugs

Modern homes are using old materials again, and many homes now feature hard wood floors, so rugs are also in again. A Purple rug will set the Purple mood in a room.
Your toes will love you for buying a Purple rug.
Purple Living Room Accessories
Purple Throw Pillows
Purple Throws
Purple Decorative Wall Clocks

Purple Accent Pillows
Purple Couch Pillows to Go
In Your Purple Living Room

These are just 6 of the many beautiful Purple Toss Pillows available to dress up your Purple Living Room. Click on any Pillow to see more!

Purple Tree Poster
Purple Art

Purple Throws
Purple Living Room Decor

Just add a Purple throw to a White or Black sofa and you've got Purple ambiance.

Purple Decorative Wall Clocks
Purple Living Room Decor

A super cool way to add Purple to a living room or any room. Add a Purple clock!
Lighting for Purple Theme
Living Rooms
Purple Chandeliers
Purple Lamps

Purple Chandeliers
Lighting for a Purple Living Room

Chandeliers are more popular than ever now. People even put them in their bathrooms and closets!

Mini Chandelier 4 Light In Purple Cut Plastic
Purple Chandelier

This one is plastic but it's beautiful! It's not like anyone will get up on a chair and examine it! Just hang it high and no one will know! It still sparkles and that's what matters!

Lilac Cat on Purple Photo Art Poster

Purple Table Lamps for a Living Room
Purple Living Room Decor

One way to add Purple to a living room is just to add beautiful Purple lamps. There are many more. Just click a photo to see more of the huge selection! Or add some Purple Candles!

Shades of Purple
To Decorate Your Purple Living Room

Here are some of the shades of Purple you can use to decorate your Purple Living Room. There are many shades so you are sure to find the perfect Purple living room accessories of your choice! 

Just be sure to place your different shaded Purple items against each other before you purchase so you can be sure they are compatible.

Deep Purple
Electric Purple
Han Purple
Light Purple
Pearly Purple
Tyrian Purple

For help learning about your decorating personality, click here

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