Blue Danube Dishes

Blue Danube China Dishes

Blue Danube Dishes
I love Blue Danube China Dishes. My Grandmother had this China pattern, and as soon as I found out I was getting married, I registered for the same pattern. But when I was fortunate enough to travel in the Far East, I noticed a lot of Blue and White patterns, some of them very similar to the Blue Danube pattern, so I decided to do a little research about Blue and White china in general.

I had seen a lot of Blue and White dishes in Europe when I traveled there too, so I was interested in seeing when the trade routes would have brought the China ones to Europe. That turned into a fascinating journey itself.

I know a lot of people love Blue and White dishes in general and Blue Danube dishes in particular, so I went scouring the internet to see if I could find it on sale. I was able to find many pieces at bargain prices.

Since I think mixing them with Cobalt Blue heightens their beauty, I have included some basic Cobalt Blue dishes and accessories as well...and some pretty Blue art posters. Click on any poster to purchase from

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Blue Orbit Poster

Blue Orbit

Update to this Blue Danube Dishes page.

When I first published this page, Blue Danube was still available in quite a few places online, including But now that the word has gotten out that it is no longer in production, people have scrambled to buy up pieces for their collections. 

Also, it's china, and it does break, so people have purchased replacements. The supply has dwindled. So now your best source is likely to be eBay. There is, but their mark up is quite a bit, so you will pay premium prices. 

At eBay you have a chance to pick that odd piece or even one of the rare pieces of Blue Danube China Dishes that you always wanted.

Old Blue China Ginger Jar

Blue China Vase

Blue Danube China for Sale

Dandelion Magnified


Blue Danube Dishes for Sale

Bluebonnets, State Flower of Texas

Bluebonnets, Hill Country, Texas, USA

More Blue Danube China Pieces

Old Blue and White Teapot

Blue China Still Life

Cobalt Blue Dishes to Accessorize
Your Blue Danube Dishes

Blue and White China

China Blue White

The History of Blue Danube China Dishes
Blue Danube Dishes

Photo is a Blue Danube Dinner Plate. (my own)

If all the Royals ever got together and voted on a pattern for themselves, then Blue Danube China would have to be one of the contenders. Royal families have reverently chosen Blue Danube china’s exquisite design for centuries. 

And before the Blue Danube pattern they used similar Chinese dinnerware, especially in the Northern European countries of the Netherlands, France, England, and Germany.

The design of the present day Blue Danube china was created in 1951. This exquisite fine china pattern was inspired by a design from the Yuan dynasty (1260-1368 A.D.) 

Blue Danube china depicts the flowers of good fortune and happiness; no wonder it’s become the world’s most famous pattern.

Blue Danube china, dinnerware, giftware and tableware, fired to about 2400F, are underglazed translucent porcelain products. This means Blue Danube china is highly chip resistant, dishwasher safe, detergent proof and microwave safe.

The oven going pieces are even able to withstand the very high temperatures of oven baking.

The original backstamp was used from 1951-1976. This has the words Blue Danube in script on a ribbon banner with the words Reg. US. Pat. Off. underneath. The Rectangular Backstamp dates from 1977-1996.

By using different backstamps the company states that it “provides the Blue Danube collectors a dating method adding value to the older pieces.” The current stamp has script words Blue Danube and a swirl decorative line “frame” around them. 

They also had a commemorative one for their 50th anniversary 1951-2001 pieces. Those have already gained in value.

Flowers On Blue Tile

Flowers and Blue China IV

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