Bedroom Decor

Decorating Ideas for a Bedroom

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Trying to figure out where to begin decorating your bedroom?
Here are some ideas for you:

Start with a big piece. In a bedroom, the bed and the curtains are probably first to catch your eyes. So pick one of those, and make it your focal point. Once you have decided on a bedding set it will be very easy for you to design a bedroom around it. Find the prettiest most appealing one for you, and then choose your other accessories to go with your focal point. 

Next I would decide on the curtains, and if there is going to be a rug, that would be right up there with the curtains and the bedding. Depending on how big it is, and how strong the design is, it could be the focal point or an equal focal point to the bedding. 

Another way to choose: Pick an artwork you like and use it to choose your color scheme. Choose 3 of the colors in the art and use those as your colors to decorate.

Try not to use more than 3 main colors. It makes the room more dizzy and less restful for sleeping. White does not count for this computation. White makes colors pop. But I only use 2 main colors and White anyway. This is the room you rest in. Too many colors, even restful ones, and suddenly you feel jumbled and don’t know why. 

More Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom Decorating Ideas
It is a very impactful statement to decorate the way Nature does: Light sky, dark earth. Use lighter colors in the room, and a darker rug. But do put a few darker pillows around for visual impact. Throw pillows add a decorative touch and can give you color and this is an area of the room that might be lacking. 

And different textures of your main color make the room seem more finished. But be sure you test your colors against each other to make sure they really go together. There are many shades of every color and they are not all compatible. You don't want a bad surprise! 

It is also important to consider the walls. If you can paint them, that's a plus, as they will also impact the decor. But if you are renting and can't paint, then you have to work with what you have. 

One thing I have done before when I had awful wall colors and a landlord who wouldn't let me paint is that I put panels of fabric on all the walls. I gathered mine, but have seen this done with flat panels too. I just put tiny curtain rods at the top and bottom of the walls and gathered plain cream colored fabric on them. 

I went ahead and added art too, just nailed right through the fabric. Funny thing is that my landlord loved how it looked and paid me to leave the fabric when I left!

You can also consider using decals to make a statement on the walls instead of or along with art work. Whatever you do, be sure to consider the walls as they are a huge part of the room! 

Besides all these considerations, an over looked decor item is the lighting. On all the TV decor shows they stress how important the lighting is to the feel of the room. I show lamps on a lot of my pages, but you can also add a chandelier or wall sconces. Just be sure to have a way to have some light by the bed for reading or if someone needs to get up in the dark. It's also nice to have some ambient light from the ceiling or a wall.

One last thing: Try not to over decorate. Too many themes and colors make a person dizzy. You only need a few.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

 Why I Create Bedroom Decorating Pages

I love to decorate which has come in very handy in my life since I have moved so many times. This taught me how to make furniture fit into a myriad of spaces and get really creative about mixing up the pieces in different ways for different rooms. 

My friends all get me to help decorate their rooms too so I get to decorate a lot. I like to change out my bedrooms with the seasons which led me to create pages on how to decorate your bedrooms.

The bedroom should be your haven, so it's important to decorate it to fit your style. I try to have everything you would ever want to decorate your bedrooms on my pages. 

And I try to find some unique pieces and artwork that would maybe get you to thinking in a different way when it comes to your rooms. 

I hope my pages inspire you to decorate your house.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Everyone wants to have a beautiful bedroom, right? 
So I have lots of bedrooms and bedroom themes and bedroom decor ideas here for you!

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Nursery Decor nursery decor

How to Decide on Your Nursery Theme 

One easy way that parents decide is by just using the theme of the rest of your house. This is really easy as you can then just remove the crib as your child gets older and the room will still be similar to the rest of the house. But many people like to do their children's bedrooms in a special theme even when they are no longer toddlers. So there's no need to limit yourself to the same theme as the rest of your house.

Another way is to use the occupation of the parents. For example if one parent is a Firefighter, a Firefighter Theme nursery is a natural choice. I did a firefighter theme nursery for my first son because my husband at the time was a firefighter. 

Still another way is to use a theme that speaks to your interests. For example many people are interested in our planet's ecosystems or the outdoors, so there are lots of Jungle themes and animal themes and ocean themes available and they are very popular. 

Galaxies and stars, music and instruments, and just themes in colors are all very popular themes too. There are so many baby crib bedding sets you will be amazed!

Still another way is to wait and see what your baby's personality suggests to you. I did this with my own children, and ended up with a Star Wars bedroom, a Circus bedroom, and a Holly Hobbie bedroom as they turned into toddlers. 

Before that I just went with gender neutral baby crib bedding sets (except for my little firefighter) that went with the rest of my house which was sort of Country Casual at the time. 

But if you wait till they are born, you will have to decorate while you have all the other things to do that having children around entails. For that reason I suggest you get at least your basic nursery done before the baby comes. Voice of experience speaking here!

Love your babies! They aren't around for long. Time goes by in the blink of an eye. I wish mine were still around.

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