Quick Gourmet

Quick Gourmet Recipes for Busy People

Quick Gourmet
Gourmet food lovers want great food but often don't have time to make it, due to the world we live in now. So I gathered some recipes that are fantastic tasting, but can be prepared really quickly.

There are great chefs on the web with lots of wonderful recipes, but many of those recipes are complicated and I just don't have patience for that. If I want a really great gourmet meal, I would rather go out. 

So everything I make is EASY. But life is too short not to eat well, so Quick Gourmet became my mission. Here I share my tips for eating well the fast and easy way! 

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Good Food Starts With 
Good Ingredients

It's true, gourmet food usually means exotic ingredients. 

But it does not have to mean hours 
in the kitchen, or the store. 

Keep a few basics around so you 
can whip up a great meal 
in 30 minutes or less.

Pantry Essentials for a Quick Gourmet
Quick Gourmet Food

 Fruit And Vegetable Poster with Hanger Kit Chart Vintage Style 20 x 28
Canned Tuna
Canned Crab
Canned Shrimp
Whole Wheat Flour
Brown Rice
Whole Wheat Pasta
Canned Water Chestnuts
Canned Mushrooms
Canned Green Chilies
Canned Tomatoes
Tomato Paste
Canned Artichoke Hearts
Canned Hearts of Palm
Chocolate Chips
Evaporated milk
Condensed Milk
A selection of Spices
Canned Mandarin Oranges

Shop Online and Save Time, Gas, and Money
Quick Gourmet Food Items

Did you know you can shop online? Many grocery stores offer this service. Fill out your form and wait for your delivery. The ultimate in shopping for food! Amazon also has many food items.

Spices Make the Food Taste Great 
And Help Your Body Stay Healthy
Here are Some Spices for Quick Gourmet

 Spice Poster
Curry Powder
Chili Powder
Vanilla Bean

Spices for Your Pantry!
Quick Gourmet Food Items

Refrigerated Items for a Quick Gourmet
Nice to keep on hand for that sudden whim

 Seven Grand Vegetables Vintage Advertisement Poster Metal Wall Plaque Tin Sign
Canned Whipped Cream 
Sour Cream
Canned Chocolate Syrup
Frozen Fruits
Frozen Vegetables
Canned Biscuits
Vanilla Ice Cream

A Few Tools are Essential for a Quick Gourmet

I would not want to live without my convection oven or my bread maker or my crock pots. And good storage systems help you stay organized, another way to do things quicker.

Convection Ovens Rock!
Quick Gourmet

Microwaves are unhealthy. Convection ovens cook twice as fast as regular ovens and don't hurt your food. Essential for a quick gourmet! Sometimes people laugh at me about my opinion on this. So I tell them to Google "microwave oven concerns."

A Breadmaker is Wonderful to Have for Fresh Bread
Quick Gourmet

Homemade bread is one of life's pleasures not to be missed. With a breadmaker you can have healthy bread around all the time with no preservatives!

Crock Pots! Throw in the Food and Forget It!
Quick Gourmet

Crock Pots are one of the most versatile gadgets you can own in the kitchen. I use them for everything: soups, sauces, meats, vegetable side dishes, even hot dessert toppings. That way I don't burn the food. (I'm easily distracted)

Organize Your Kitchen
Quick Gourmet

Organizing your kitchen will make it easier to cook quickly since you won't be looking for things you put away "somewhere."

My Best Quick Cooking Tip
For Busy People

Make a list of 15 easy meals.
Cook a new meal every day for
15 days, and then start over.
No one will remember the last
time you made it.

Some of my Quick Gourmet Recipes

Elegant Chicken Salad
Spinach Casserole
Quick Beef Stroganoff
Quick and Easy Chicken Curry
Easy Chicken Rice Casserole
Easy Cheese Enchiladas
Quick Chicken Enchiladas
Easy Garbanzo Bean Curry
Quick Chicken Zucchini Bake
Noodle Casserole
Quick Elegant Desserts
Simple Cheesecake Recipe
Texas Sheet Cake Brownies

More Quick Easy Recipes are here: Quick Easy Recipes

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