Backpack Diaper Bags

Baby Backpack Diaper Bags
Free Your Hands, Put the Diapers in a Diaper Backpack

Diaper Bag Backpacks

Have you heard of Diaper Backpacks? Diapers are one of those things that you have to deal with when babies come along. Diapers and all those baby things take up a lot of room so manufacturers gave us special diaper bags to put all the baby stuff in.

But by the time you grab the baby, and the bag, and your purse, it's a pretty cumbersome arrangement. Why not free your hands to hold onto the precious baby and put the diaper bag on your back? Well, now you can, as there are special backpacks for diapers and all that baby stuff, Backpack Diaper Bags!

Now why didn't they think of that when my babies were around? It was such an ordeal to round up all the stuff and the baby, and things were always getting lost. My daughter has it way easier with her Diaper Backpack. It holds all the stuff she and baby need, and with her baby sling to hold the baby and the backpack to hold the diapers, she has her hands free to deal with the purse and doors, etc. 

A Diaper Backpack is the way to go, seriously. So here on this page are lots of baby Diaper Backpacks to suit any style! 

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Baby Lullaby Songs
Lullaby Music Videos

Get in the mood for baby. Listen to lullabies while you shop. You’re going to need some. Trust me on this. Mom of three.

 Baby Diaper Backpacks for Travel

These are trendy Baby Diaper Backpacks! So stylish and yet they are very functional too. They have a changing mat built in, and pockets for the rest of your baby stuff.

Colorful Baby Diaper Bag Backpacks

Like bright colors? Here are some trendy Backpack Diaper Bags that you might want if you have a baby girl or like to be girly yourself.

Baby Dragon Baby Creeper
Cute Baby Onesie for Baby

Is your Baby a Dragon?

Baby Dragon onesie zazzle_shirt
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 Backpack Diaper Bags

I love these Diaper Bag Backpacks because I love the color Blue and I like classic stuff that is not terribly trendy. These have a built in changing pad too, just like all the backpacks here. Polka dots are also a classic style and keep that one a little whimsical too. Both have the changing pad and lots of pockets to put all your stuff for baby. 

Peace Sign Baby Creeper
Cute Baby Onesie for Baby

Make Noise, Not War! Great advice for the world! 

Baby Diaper Backpacks for Men

The following Diaper Backpacks are really great for men so if you are seeking Daddy Diaper Bags these are more manly. But I really think the Navy Blue Backpack above would be fine for Dads too and several of the ones above come in Brown or Black too, so Dads have no excuse not to carry the diaper bag now.

Personalized Diva Shirt for Baby
Cute Baby Onesie for Baby

Add your baby’s name for the cutest onesie ever!

Little Diva (1), Name here zazzle_shirt
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More Daddy Diaper Backpacks

These are appropriate for women or men and have a classic and dressy style. I love them. Plus no excuses for your man, he has to help now! 

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