Baptism Invitation|Christening Invitation

Christening Invitations for Your Baby's Baptism

Baptism Invitation|Christening Invitation
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Why I gathered Baptism Invitations here for you: In many cultures and religions the baby's Christening or Baptism is one of the most important ceremonies of a young baby's life. 

Even if there is no particular religious significance, chances are that there is some sort of Christening ceremony your family is part of which involves the formal naming of the infant and registering it in the church registry.

Depending on how important this event is to your family and how many people will be attending the Christening, you are going to want invitations for the important event. Many people know you can buy them at Amazon, and Hallmark, but not everyone knows about the wonderful print on demand company known as Zazzle. 

And if you don't then you are in for a treat as you can even design your own custom Baptism invitations easily there and have them shipped to you in a few days. I have showcased many beautiful ones here from Amazon and Zazzle both, including my own Angel Announcement cards.

To make it easier, I have divided them into categories, boys, girls, twins, so have fun shopping for your baby's first party! And Congrats on your new baby's Baptism!

If you're in a super hurry to find Baptism Invitations, click here 

Or go here for Baptism Invitations at Zazzle

Otherwise, I've already picked out some of the most unique Baptism and Christening Invitations I could find for your baby's ceremony. 

Boy Baptism Invitations
Boy Christening Invitations

Baptism Invitations Boys

Christening Invitations Boys

Girl Baptism Invitations
Girl Christening Invitations


Baptism Invitations Girls

Christening Invitations Girls

Twins Baptism Invitations
Twins Christening Invitations

My Baptism Announcements|Invitations

My Angel Announcement of Baptisms|Christenings

Details about the event are placed on the back of this Announcement. Art is "Angel of the Dawn," by my husband, Richard Burns. 

My Christening Announcements|Invitations

Birth Announcements

Not into Baptism or Christening your baby? You can just send Birth Announcements. Here are two I designed for you. 

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