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Kids' Rolling Backpacks for Back to School

Kids Backpacks with Wheels

Summer hardly seems to have started and it's "Back to School" time again, and that means a new backpack right? Those heavy books just seem to wreck havoc with the seams of the backpacks. Why do all the teachers think they are the only one assigning homework? Too many books, but I digress. 

But really! So many heavy books are not good for young backs, so manufacturers have come up with kids' Rolling Backpacks. Of all the kids backpacks for school, I think rolling kids backpacks are the best. I love these things!

My granddaughter has her own little backpack for school and it helps her keep organized, and she doesn't have to carry the books; she can roll her own little backpack. I think these are just a genius invention!

So if you have a daughter or son ready for a backpack for school, why not think about getting them a Rolling Backpack and save their shoulders and back? Here I have separated them by age to make it easier for you. Enjoy!

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Rolling Backpacks for Boys

Rolling backpacks for boys have come a long way. Once it was only possible to find Black, Brown, Gray, and dark Blue, but now boys get to have cool backpacks for school. All kinds of cool character ones are available, so if you want a fave superhero or cartoon character backpack and it's not here, go ahead and click on an image to find many more. There are backpacks with all the favorite characters boys want. You will have no trouble finding one your child will love

Ben10 Rolling Backpack

Ben 10 is my favorite of the young boys' heros. It doesn't hurt that I have a Benjamin myself! So it's my favorite male name! And Ben is a very cool character, a good role model for boys. Some of the features of the Ben10 rolling backpack are: It has one large main Compartment with a dual zipper, 2 large front pockets, 2 side pockets: one is a mesh water bottle pocket. The handle is a telescoping one and it has smooth rolling luggage style wheels. The shoulder straps tuck away. Backpack measures approximately 12 inches wide x 17.5 inches  tall x 6.5 inches thick.

High Sierra Rolling Backpack

High Sierra is always a favorite! Once a new and different brand, now it's almost classic.They have many, many rolling backpacks for school that are really durable and nicely designed.

High Sierra wheeled rolling backpack with smooth retractable handle. Large main compartment, front pocket with organizer and side mesh pockets for easy access items. Large, multi-compartment design. Fully-padded cushioned computer sleeve fits most 15" laptops. Deluxe media pocket, with headphone port. Smooth rolling, corner-mounted wheels.

Volcom Rolling Backpack

Volcom is the big buzz in the teen boys' world nowadays. Everything they make is well made and lasts.

Three compartment, 2 pocket rolling backpack with Volcom print artwork and a retractable handle. There are other colors too. Just click to see more backpacks with wheels.

Toy Story Rolling Backpack

Toy Story is one of Disney's genius movies and all boys love the Toy Story characters. Reinforced seams and strong bottom. Padded straps for comfort. Hook loops for easy storage.

Cars Movie Poster for a Boy Bedroom

Cars: Take Flight Poster 
Cars: Take Flight Poster by disney
Find other designs of Art & Posters at

Cars Rolling Backpack

Cars are just synonymous with boys right? Boys love cars! Disney licensed product! There are more Cars rolling backpacks too, and in small sizes also, for toddler boys. Just click the photo to see more.

Scooby Doo Toddler Rolling Backpack

Scooby Doo, everyone's favorite puppy, right? All little boys love Scooby. They are also available in other colors, even Pink for girls!

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Boys Backpacks With Wheels

Other Uses for a Rolling Backpack

Backpacks are very handy to have for many things besides school or college books. For example, camping, traveling, day hiking, or gardening. That's right, roll one out to the garden with all your little tools in it. 

Or for preppers, each child can have their own bug out bag ready to go at a moment's notice only it's a rolling backpack which will be way more useful than a plain one. 

My husband likes to use one for his camera equipment and art supplies. I like them for radical shopping trips. (LOL)

Rolling Backpacks for Girls

Little girls have so many choices in backpacks it can be hard to choose. But surely she has a favorite superhero she likes and would love a backpack with its image on it. There are all the princesses and fairy tale characters, and there are wonderful animals on some of the Rolling Backpacks for girls so there is bound to be one she will love. 

Also, Rolling Backpacks for girls are available in every color of the rainbow, so no need to limit yourself to basic colors any more!

Pink Girl's Rolling Backpack

Various shades of Pink and different patterns are available in this sturdy rolling Pink backpack for teen girls and college girls too! Lots of different colors are available too. Just click the backpack to see them. Rolling Backpack with skate wheels, single bar handle. 

Girl's Rolling Purple Backpack

Teen girls are really fond of Purple and since Justin Bieber let the cat out of the bag that he loves Purple, expect a whole new hoard of Purple lovers. This Purple backpack will be a favorite for sure. Sturdy enough for all those heavy books and extra stuff for the science project.

Hello Kitty Rolling Backpack

Just one of the Hello Kitty Rolling Backpacks on this page, and my favorite here. Cute as always, Hello Kitty is a favorite of toddlers and teens both. Not sure? Scroll down for more Hello Kitty Backpacks. Main zippered compartment and 2 front zippered pockets. One flap cover side pocket and 1 mesh pocket for bottle. Adjustable backpack with padded straps. Comes with toothbrush set too! 

New Hello Kitty Black Rolling Backpack

A new Hello Kitty design for backpacks, in Black with Pink trim. Easier to keep clean, and a little more sophisticated for teens who want to be grown up but still love Hello Kitty. Perfect for school or travel either one! 16 inch backpack with wheels. Has side pockets and adjustable shoulder straps.

Tinker Bell Poster
Tinkerbell Poster for a Girl's Bedroom

Tinker Bell is an icon and a favorite character the world over especially among little girls. This poster is also a favorite one of many movie buffs. It would look stunning in a family room or a little girl’s room.

Tinker Bell Rolling Backpacks

Everyone's favorite fairy! Tinker Bell is timeless and all little girls go through a Tinker Bell stage. You can't go wrong with a Disney character backpack!

Girl's Rolling Backpacks~"Frozen"
Elsa Backpacks With Wheels

Two of Disney's favorite female characters are beautiful on a Rolling Backpack!

Pink Horse Rolling Backpack

Pink Horse has taken the little girl world by storm. Lots of girls love Pink Horse backpacks even if they don't have a horse. Deluxe wheeled Pink Horse backpack or Carry On bag features a sturdy telescopic handle, a sturdy wheel base, two large front pockets, a side mesh water bottle pocket, padded shoulder straps, and a sturdy rubber bottom. The main compartment opens super-wide for easy accessibility. Made of durable 600 Denier Fabric, this is a large easy-to-use backpack with wheels! 

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Backpacks With Wheels for Girls

How to Pack a Backpack Efficiently

Kids these days have so much stuff in their backpacks it can be daunting to pack them. Here are some packing tips for you.

I'm a Fan of Rolling Backpacks for All

 Olympia 19-Inch Rolling Backpack BU, Blue, One Size
I have traveled a lot and I think backpacks are wonderful to take on any trip. They are so useful for hiking, for carrying things on long day trips, for keeping track of all the kids’ stuff, for a change of clothes just in case, and so many useful things. I use one for my beach bag while traveling, and then if I’m going on a museum or sightseeing trip I just take out the beach stuff and put in stuff for my new adventure.

As for the kids, it’s great for them to take their Rolling Backpack onto the airplane or in the car with enough toys to keep them distracted on a long flight or car trip. This teaches them a little responsibility too. They have to take care of their own little backpack which is substituting for a suitcase. 

My granddaughter looks so cute with her little Minnie Mouse Rolling Backpack when she travels. She fills it up with a jacket and lots of crayons and coloring books and some activity toys and books too. She is so in love with that thing and won’t let it out of her sight.

I also think the rolling ones are a genius invention! Save your back! But if you need to, you can pick it up in an instant and put it up on your shoulders. So useful to have, especially for students who have to carry so many heavy books. 

Which reminds me, why do teachers think they are the only teacher a kid has, and the only one assigning homework, so they can just lay claim to all the time your child has at home by loading them up with homework? I really think there should be a limit to how much homework time is required for a child. 

They need time with their family too, and time to just relax. But it never ends, every year the kids are saddled with more and more homework. And more and more books. At least help their shoulders and get them a Rolling Backpack. Maybe that way you won’t have chiropractor bills down the road.

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