Girls Backpacks for School

Girls' School Backpacks

Girls Backpacks for School

Girls need Backpacks for School! Teachers all think they are the only teacher assigning homework it seems, so your little girl probably needs a new one this year. Those heavy books just seem to strain the seams of backpacks. Too many books! Hard to get organized. But get a backpack for your girls and they can stay organized for school more easily. 

So if you have a daughter getting ready ready for school, why not think about getting her a cool new backpack to keep all her school stuff together in one cool package!

There are so many cool girls' backpacks that I have separated them here by age to make iteasier for you. If you don't see the one you were looking for, go ahead and click on a picture to see lots more girls' backpacks. Enjoy!

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Backpacks for Preschool Girls
Kids Backpacks for School
Cute Backpacks Girls Love!

Kid's Pre-School Backpack with Cooler
Purple Girls School Backpack 

Stars are really big with girls and so is Purple. You can't go wrong here. Glitter sparkles too.

Manufacturer Excerpt:  The front pocket of the backpack is an insulated lunch cooler, so kids no longer have to tote an additional lunch bag. For ultimate comfort, the back features a padded breathable mesh lumbar section and the straps are constructed with the same padded breathable mesh. Additionally, the backpack measures 10" x 14.5" x 5.5" and is large enough to fit a standard size school folder. The interior of the main compartment features an organizer with pockets for supplies and slots for pen and pencil storage. The front of the backpack also features a pocket for easy to access storage. Drinks can be easily stored in the side drink pocket. For kids who aged 3 and more and it meets FDA and CPSIA requirements. 

For little girls backpacks for school, characters are the thing. The following are the 2 most popular backpacks for toddlers. In fact, you might want to think about making yours a personalized backpack in some way. Add ribbons, or strings of yarn, or fabric strips, something to make it stand out from all the rest. Piles of backpacks can make them all look alike.

Hello Kitty Toddler Backpack 
Girl's Backpack for School 

 "You had me at Hello"...Kitty! Many moms and little girls love Hello Kitty, many teens too. If your girl loves Hello Kitty, these Hello Kitty backpacks will make her scream with delight. 

Disney Enchanted Princess Backpack
Toddler Girl's Backpack for School

All the Disney Princess backpacks are popular with girls, and these Frozen ones are the newest ones to wow them! Frozen has captured everyone's heart!

Success Motivational Poster
Motivational School Poster

More Preschool Girls' Backpacks
Cute Girl Backpacks

Girls' Backpacks
Trendy Girl Backpacks
Teen Girl Backpacks
High School Backpacks

Trendy Backpack for Girls

This is a Dakine backpack for girls. These are so sturdy and well constructed they will hold up under the load of lots of books! Many colors available, just click!

Black Floral Hippie Backpack

A 60's influenced backpack. Flowers and Pink and Black always work for teen girls. I don't think this color combo ever goes out of style.

More Girls Backpacks for School

Rolling Backpacks for Girls
Rolling Backpacks Girls Love!
Backpacks With Wheels for Girls

Hello Kitty Rolling Backpacks for School

Hello Kitty is everyone's favorite little cat. Very popular with teens! 

Dolphin Rolling Backpack

Dolphins are just about everyone's favorite sea life. This is an exquisite rolling backpack that will hold all kinds of books and all your projects. Good for traveling too. Dolphins make this the fave of many a girl who lives near the ocean.

For the younger set, it's even harder to deal with all those books. Make it easier on her little shoulders. Get her a rolling backpack. 

Take Chances Poster
Motivational School Poster

Peace Sign Rolling Backpacks

Many girls like to sport the Peace sign on all their accessories. If that describes your girl, these backpacks are perfect for her.

Green Polka Dot Rolling Backpack

For Green lovers, this cheerful Green backpack will keep Spring in her heart till it gets here.

How to Pack a Backpack

Backpacks Are Awesome!

Besides taking a backpack to school, it's great for kids to take a rolling backpack onto the airplane or in the car with enough toys to keep them distracted on a long flight or car trip. This teaches them a little responsibility too. They have to take care of their own little backpack which is substituting for a suitcase. 

My granddaughter looks so cute with her little Hello Kitty rolling backpack when she travels. She fills it up with a jacket and lots of crayons and coloring books and some toys and books too. She is so in love with that thing and won't let it out of her sight. Good practice for later too.

I also think the rolling ones are a genius invention! Save your back! But if you need to, you can pick it up in an instant and put it up on your shoulders and then take it off quickly to get to your stuff. So useful to have, especially for students who have to carry so many heavy books. 

Which reminds me, teachers seem to think they are the only teacher a kid has, and the only one assigning homework, so I guess that's why they can just lay claim to all the time your child has at home by loading them up with homework but I think this is wrong and homework should be limited. 

They need time with their family too, and time to just relax and be children and maybe do something besides go to school, like maybe sports. But it never ends, every year the kids are saddled with more and more homework. And more and more books.

At least if they have a cute backpack, maybe they will want to bring the books home!

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