Bird Coloring Pages

Bird Coloring Pages
Free Birds Printables and Bird Coloring Books

Birds Coloring Pages

Here you will find all kinds of Bird Coloring Pages, Free Bird Printables, and Bird Coloring Books and Activity Books.

Birds are such a wonderful part of nature that I think it's natural for children and adults both to enjoy coloring pictures of them. 

I love to watch birds and try to figure out their calls too. Coloring pictures of birds are beautiful to have around as art on your walls, and it's just so relaxing to color. Why not color your own Bird Art?

Enjoy lots of free coloring pages of birds on this page and at the various links I have here for you.

Just want Bird coloring books? Click here: Bird Coloring Books

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Birds of a feather
Flock together,
Except Eagles:
You find them
One at a time.
~Old English Saying

The North American Bird Coloring Book
Birds of North America

Learn about birds by coloring pictures of them. Easy way to learn the State birds for school. All the birds of North America are here. Hours of coloring fun.

Charlie Harper Coloring Book of Birds
Coloring Book of Beautiful Stylized Birds

Don't let the price tag scare you; there are used ones for less than $30 all the time. If you love Charley Harper, you will love this book. You can cut these out and frame the results!

One of My Favorite Birds

My husband and I love birds and swans are some of our favorite birds. One of my husband's most famous paintings is a swan.

More Birds Coloring Books

Coloring birds is a wonderful way to learn all about them! Many children are kinesthetic learners and do much better if they have activities with their hands to learn about the subjects they are studying. So if you are teaching about birds, coloring is a great activity to help. It's also a relaxing and fun activity for all ages. Dover color books are my favorite ones so I included some of them here and later down the page you can sign up to get free ones from them monthly. They send you notices of special sales that way too.

Birds Activity Book
Birds of the Northwoods Activity Book:
A Coloring and Learning Guide

Just pull out a coloring sheet and you have a beautiful bird print waiting to happen. Add crayons, or color pencils, or pastel chalk, your favorite beverage, and you have the makings of a wonderful afternoon followed by a beautiful piece of art, your completed Bird.

Birds Stickers
Cool Bird Stickers for Your Coloring Pages

It was the lark, the herald
of the morn; no nightingale.
Look, love, what envious streaks
do lace the severing clouds
in yonder East.
~Romeo and Juliet,
by William Shakespeare

Colored Pencils to Color Birds
Aurora Art Supplies Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils  are wonderful to work with for more advanced pictures of birds. Birds feathers are subtle but intricate so the more different colors and the smoother, the closer you can get to the texture of feathers. I love Aurora Colored Pencils for their smooth and creamy texture. You can smudge the colors too, for the look of pastel chalk. Or you could even add a tiny bit of water and smudge for a water color look. 

Crayons~Best Art Toy of All Time
Crayola Crayon Tower

Crayola 52-0029 Crayola 150-Count Telescoping Crayon Tower, Storage Case, Sharpener
You had me at bonus! This the perfect set of crayons for a family who has to share the crayons among several members. So many color choices, there cannot be a reason to argue, right? Ha! Kids will find a way, but I digress. Having so many colors is sure to bring out the artist in your little ones.

Inspiration for Coloring Birds
Vintage Birds Prints

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