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Lily and Other Flower Coloring Pages
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Lily Coloring Pages

If you are looking for Lily Coloring pages, you have found the right place! This is a page full of Lilies to color. My granddaughter Lilyana is starting to color everything so I thought I would find her some Lilies to print out and color. 

Turns out there are quite a few so I am gathering as many Lily coloring pages as I can find on this page for her and you if you want to color some Lilies. There is also a whole list of links to lots of Lilies that are free to print and color.

And why not? Lilies are beautiful flowers and come in a delightful variety. I've also included some Lily coloring books to purchase. There are beautiful color books of flowers and Lilies that are so gorgeous they would make a charming wall print. 

I've also included some Lily activity books and games, and story books, so all the little Lilys and Lillys and Lilyanas will find some of their namesake books here too.

The beautiful Lily Posters are available for purchase from or Just click any poster image to purchase or browse more Lily posters.

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Lilyana, this page is for you!

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My Granddaughter Lilyana in Her Easter Dress
And Her Lily Bouquet

This page was made for Lilyana. Her name is Russian, and means Lilies. Here she is posing for her first Easter when she was 7 months old.

Lily coloring pages

Lily Coloring Pages

Here's a Lily to Color from Family Crafts. 
From their Lily Coloring Page

Used with Permission. See more of their coloring here
Here are more free Lily Coloring Pages for you.

Easter Lilies to Color

Easter Lily Color Page

Lilies to Color

Lily Coloring Page

Flower Color Books With Lilies

Lilies and Other Flowers Coloring Book

 Garden Flowers Coloring Book (Dover Nature Coloring Book)

All kinds of Lilies and flowers to color! If you love to color botanical flowers and plants including Lilies, you will love this coloring book. Lilyana does! 

The Language of Flowers Coloring Book
Lilies and Other Flowers

 The Language of Flowers Coloring Book (Dover Nature Coloring Book)

The Language of Flowers Coloring Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)

Dover is renowned for their exquisite coloring books. This one is no exception. Beautiful detailed illustrations, that you could frame for beautiful wall decor. The text tells odd facts about each flower. Written in the 1800′s, the language used to describe the flowers is strikingly colloquial to Old England. Charming!

Calla Lilies

Buy at
Sinfonia di Calle

Color Your Own Great Flower Paintings

 Color Your Own Great Flower Paintings (Dover Art Coloring Book)
Color Your Own Great Flower Paintings (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)

It might be a few years before Lilyana can do these intricate coloring pages. But you could do them and hang them as art; they are that beautiful!

There are Lilies sprinkled in the beautiful bouquets inside this gorgeous book.

Botanical Gardens Coloring Book
Lily Coloring Pages

 Botanical Gardens Coloring Book (Dover Nature Coloring Book)

This beautiful coloring book is my favorite of the flower ones. I love botanical prints in general, and you can actually create stunning botanical prints with these pages that will look wonderful as framed art on your walls. I have used pastel coloring pencils to color them and given them as gifts.

Lily in Blue

Lily I

Activities For and Regarding Lilies

Peruvian Lily Seeds

 25 Seeds,
Lilies are actually very hardy and easy to grow. They come in many varieties and colors so there is sure to be a variety you will enjoy. *Caution: for Pet owners, Lilies are not a good choice. Many varieties are toxic to cats and dogs. But for others, learning how to grow flowers and vegetables from seeds can be a very enjoyable experience!

A Disney Fairy Book About a Lily

 Lily in Full Bloom (Disney Fairies) (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))

Click for the Lily in Full Bloom (Disney Fairies) (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))

The master of story telling strikes again. No one tells a fairy story like Disney! Lily is the star of this lovely tale.

Lily Bedtime Story Book

 Sweetheart Fairies: Lily's Twinkly Bedtime

A delightful bed time story for a Lily or any child of a flower child. This was Lilyana's favorite bedtime story book when she was little.

Silver Calla Lily

Silver Calla Lily

Lily Growth Chart
Lily Decor

You can easily make a Lily growth chart using Lily Coloring Pages stacked one above the other and marked on the side with Measuring marks. You could even laminate them or brush with a coat of clear acrylic to preserve them better. Or use Lily Wall Decals like the ones below and do the same thing, make marks along the edge to track growth. 

Lily Flower Wall Decals

 Kaimao Beautiful Lily Flower Wall Stickers Art Decal Murals Removable Wallpapers for Home Decoration

Aren't these gorgeous Lilies? I love the idea of Lily Flowers growing up the wall! Perfect to make your room look more Spring like, or to use as a growth chart in a baby nursery. A Lily baby nursery would be so beautiful! Use lots of Green and add Lily Wall Decals. Easy! 

Crayons, Colored Pencils,
Pastels for Coloring

Awesome Colored Pencils for Coloring
Awesome Introductory Price

These wonderful colored pencils are on special for only $10! That is 65% off!!! Rave reviews too. 

Crayons to Color Your Lilies

 Crayola Washable Crayons, Large, 8 Colors/Box (52-3280)

For a Little Lily or any other child genius artist, these are perfect! Perfection or not, sometimes the artwork has to go away....really, it's not cool to have kiddie art all over the bottom third of all the kitchen walls which is not on paper. These crayons will really help you past that stage.

Pastels to Color Your Lilies

 Square Artist Pastels, 48 Assorted Colors Set

For an effect that is akin to water color paints without the bother, these pastel chalk colors are wonderful to work with.

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies XXVIII

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More coloring pages are here

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