Angel Food Cupcakes

Angel Food Cupcakes for All Occasions
Angel Food Cupcakes solve the age old problem of how to cut the Angel Food Cake! No need, just peel the liner and voila, Angel Food!

Angel food cupcakes are perfect for any occasion! Light and fluffy, they aren't as filling as other cakes and cupcakes, so they are the perfect ending to a heavy meal, or a light lunch. 

This is a simple recipe made with your own fresh ingredients.You can of course use any icing, but I have included a basic creamy Vanilla icing which can be changed by adding food colors.

You can also decorate them in a myriad of ways to fit any party decorating theme, from weddings to showers of any kind. Enjoy!

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1+1/4 Cups all purpose Flour
1 1/2 cups Sugar
12 Egg whites (enough for 1 1/2 cups)
1+1/2 Tsp Cream of Tartar
1/4 Tsp Salt
1+1/2 Tsp Vanilla

Directions for Angel Food Cupcakes
~Heat Oven to 350 Degrees~

Line cupcake pans with paper liners.

Place Egg whites in a large mixing bowl and beat at high speed until Egg whites are frothy, approximately 1 minute.

Add Cream of Tartar, Salt and Vanilla to Egg whites. Mix at high speed until Egg whites are almost stiff, approximately 4 minutes.

Add 1 cup of Sugar gradually while mixing on low speed. Scrape bowl.

Mix Flour and remaining 1/2 cup Sugar together and spoon 1/4 of mixture over Egg whites, folding gently between each addition.

Pour batter into cupcake liners until they are 2/3 full. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until tops are golden brown and cracks are very dry.

Cool cupcakes completely before removing from pan.

Coconut Icing on White Angel Food Cupcakes

Yummy Vanilla Icing
3/4 cup Butter at room temperature
8 cups Confectioners' Sugar; sifted
1/2 cup Warm milk
Pinch of Salt
2 Tbs Vanilla

Mix till Smooth

Vanilla Icing Variations

~Add any color of Food Coloring

~Sprinkle with Flaked Coconut

~Sprinkle with Decorations

~Substitute Lemon Juice instead of Vanilla

What to Do With the Leftover Egg Yolks
From Angel Food Cupcakes

~My favorite way to use them is to make Chocolate Mousse.

~My second favorite way is to add one more Egg and mix. Add in some fresh vegetables, and cook the whole mixture in some fresh olive oil for a really rich Frittata.

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Cupcake Apron
Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes

Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes - frilly apron

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