Valentine Coloring Pages

Valentine Coloring Pages, Valentine Coloring Books, Free Valentine Printables

Valentine Coloring Pages
Making Valentine cards is a very fun activity for children and adults alike. My children and I made a big deal out of Valentine's Day because it's my favorite holiday. 

I love that there's a day to celebrate Love, so we always decorated the house and made Valentine crafts and had a big Valentine's Day meal too, complete with a Valentine Cake. 

Usually I made my Texas Sheetcake Brownies and sifted a Heart on top with powdered sugar, but sometimes I would make a Red Velvet Cake for them. Yum.

We had such fun decorating with hand made Valentine crafts and doing Valentine activities like coloring and using stickers and craft materials to make cool Valentine cards. 

So here I've gathered some cool Valentine activity books, Valentine coloring books, free Valentine coloring pages and resources to download free Valentine printables for you. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Carnations are sweet,
And so are you.
~Old English Verse

Beautiful Valentine Coloring Books
Valentines Coloring

Intricate Valentines: 45 Lovely Designs to Color
by Chuck Abraham

Intricate Valentine's Day pictures are so fun to color. Especially with colored pencils are markers, since lines are smaller and more intricate. You'll enjoy bringing these Valentines to life and making them pretty enough to frame. 

Color some and pass them out as Valentines cards or frame them as a special gift for family or friends! Personal gifts are all the more touching to people.

Valentine's Day Book: Heart Cut Outs For Kids
Valentine Coloring Book

Heart Cut Outs and Coloring Pages to enjoy for Valentines Day! 21 Different pages to color.

Valentine Hearts Poster
Inspiration for Your Valentine Coloring

An add-on gift you might want to consider giving with a coloring or activity book is a Valentine's Day poster. Or you might want to get one for your kids to decorate their room any time of the year. Hearts don't have to be just for Valentine's Day.

More Valentine Coloring Books
Valentine Color Books and Valentine Activity Books

Valentine's Day activity books offer more activities than simply coloring. Some offer puzzles and mazes and games, as well as other activities that kids will enjoy. These make terrific gifts for Valentine's Day for kids of all ages. 

Give them along with a pack of crayons, pencils and markers so they can open your gift and enjoy it immediately. 

Activity books are always popular with children and will provide hours of entertainment for them.

Lots More Valentine Coloring Pages for You

A Free Valentine Printable for You from Me

Just right click and save. Please don't take off my name or the logo. Thank you! 

Life is a flower
of which love is the honey.
~ Victor Hugo

Vintage Valentine Stickers
Old-Time Valentine Stickers

Valentine's stickers are fun to put on envelopes, stationary and hand written personal Valentine's Day cards. Stickers make great gifts along with a coloring book and/or activity book. Children love sticking stickers on things, and it's great that there are some available for this holiday, too. 

Encourage your child to give a sticker to their teacher and all of their classmates. This is a nice personal little gift that his or her entire class will enjoy. You child can pick a special sticker for each person, and it will teach him/her the joy of giving, too.

Crayons, Colored Pencils,
Pastels for Coloring

If you're giving the gift of a Valentine's Day coloring book or activity book, then you'll want to consider giving tools that the children can use to draw and color in these books. 

A box of crayons, paints, markers, colored pencils and so on make nice additional things that you can add to the book gifts you're giving.

 Make sure the children have a nice selection of colors and a good variety of coloring and drawing tools available to keep them occupied and happy.

Love so steady, love so fine,
Be my Valentine and I'll be thine.

Valentine's Day Activities and Valentine Crafts
Videos of Valentine Card Making and Decorations

Make your own cards by starting with your own printables or you can make pop up Valentine cards. In fact you can even make origami Valentine cards. 

All these very clever videos show step by step how to make homemade Valentine cards for pennies instead of dollars. These are really fun to make too.

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