Rocking Horse Gifts

Rocking Horses are Classic Gifts~Best Toy for Tots
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Rocking Horse Gifts

Some toys are just classic, and Rocking Horses are   on that list. One of the first toys given to toddlers after they can walk is likely to be a ride on toy, and before there were cars, that ride on toy was a  rocking horse!

Since the earliest days of man's love affair with horses, people have always make replicas of horses to give to their children, whether from wood like in the old days, or later on, the spring ones. Riding in and on toys is endlessly fascinating to toddlers and one of the first things they seek after walking.

And we all know babies and toddlers love to rock, so a rocking horse satisfies their rocking instincts!

Nowadays there are a lot of rocking horse choices, from wood, to plush, to spring. I remember we had a spring one around for years and years until the last kid was through riding. It did take up a bit of space, so I was glad when they outgrew it.

The Plush rocking horses are soft and cuddly so more like a real horse. But wood is classic and for purists or those creating primitive decors, only wood will do. Here I have arranged them by style fto make shopping easier.

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Image: Stork Craft Wood Rocking Horse, available at Amazon below.

Rocking Horse Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

Wood Rocking Horses
Molded Rocking Horses

Plush Rocking Horses
Stuffed Rocking Horses

Spring Rocking Horses
Rocking Horses for Kids

Rock Little Rocking Horse, Rock!
Little Plush Rocking Horse Rocking and Making Noise

Why Do We All Love Rocking Horses?
Rocking Horse Gifts

Rocking Horses are classic toys for a reason. They have always been around. Man has been using the horse forever, so children have always had rocking horses.  

They remind us of the old days and the old ways. Horses are ancient creatures and man has always loved them, kids too.

Children love to rock! It is soothing for them.

Classic is always best! 

See Lots More Rocking Horses!

Wood Rocking Horses

Plush Rocking Horses

Spring Rocking Horses

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