Best Toys for 7 Year Old Girls

Popular Toys and Gifts for a 7 Year Old Girl

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My granddaughter is 7 years old so I asked her for help making this page of the best gifts for 7 year old girls. She's a girly girl, but she does like to be active too, so I think she's a typical little 7 year old girl and very qualified to help. 

So these are her suggestions for the most popular gifts and toys for 7 year old girls. But if you don't see what you're looking for, go ahead and click on any product to see many more toys or gifts. After all, you know your child best.

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Kindle Fire for Kids
Best Electronic Gift for a 7 Year Old Girl

The Kindle Fire for Kids is pretty much the equivalent of the iPad tablet for much less money and if your 7 year old girl is sophisticated with electronics she might be ready for it. These days teachers often text their students with lessons and messages so it's good for them to have one. Lilyana is very sophisticated with these, and is very careful with her things so I am going to get her this one. Probably the Pink one but I have included a Green one here because not every little girl loves Pink. She can watch all the movies on the Amazon platform and listen to thousands of songs too. There are also lots of free books on the Kindle platform. The Kindle is just WOW! 

Pink LeapPad2 Explorer
Another Electronic Gift for a 7 Year Old Girl

The LeapPad2 Explorer is the most popular kids Tablet on the market right now. There are a couple of other close contenders, but this one is a buyer's favorite, an Amazon favorite, and a kid's favorite little computer tablet. It's actually a very sophisticated electronic gadget that is advanced enough for adults, but in a kid friendly case with built in kid friendly features and software. 7 year old girls are the perfect age to start using the more advanced features of the LeapPad.  Built in e-Reader, yay, save those little backs! Read from the LeapPad, not from heavy books. And the LeapPad has lots of games built in so if games are her thing, your 7 year old might want if even more than the Kindle Fire. Lilyana already has games on her Mom's phone and subscribes to ABC Mouse so she wants the Kindle instead.

Blingles Bling Studio
Most Wanted Gift for a 7 Year Old Girl

Click on the Blingles Bling Studio Picture to Purchase and Your Girl can Bling up Everything She Owns.

Bling is HUGE with 7 Year Old Girls. Most of them would bling everything they own in a heartbeat. Glitter, jewels, sparkles, it's all on the menu for 7 year olds. And with this Blingles Bling Studio she can do it!

More Art Kits for a 7 Year Old Girl
Art and Bling for Lots of Fun! Very Popular Gifts!

Today is all about cakes, sweets, toys and fancy decorations.
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Lalaloopsy Dolls
The Most Popular Dolls on Amazon

If your little 7 year old is still into dolls, she probably loves Lalaloopsy. My little Lilyana is not really a doll girl but she still loves Lalaloopsy. And these little cuties will be collectibles someday, I am sure of it. So get a few for you! 

Cutie Pops Dolls
Very Popular Dolls for 7 Year Old Girls

Cutie Pops are rather new on the doll scene but 7 year olds are in love with them according to my granddaughter. She has a whole suitcase of these cute dolls which remind me of Barbies for little girls. 

Baby Dolls and Other Favorite Dolls
7 Year Old Girls Still Love Dolls

If she loves baby dolls, these are some of the most popular ones!

Favorite Toy of 7 Year Old Girls

Fijit is an interactive toy, kind of a little robot. They remind me of R2D2 in Star Wars. Lilyana loves these things and she can't have a dog and is an only child so I think I will get her one. She can interact with it when Mom is busy. They learn as they go and react appropriately to your child. So cute! 

Furby, the Popular Robotic Toy 
A Hit with 7 Year Old Girls

Another robotic interactive toy for children, but furry. They are getting cuter and cuter, I swear. There are many more of them too! Just click on a photo to see them. 

My Little Pony
Very Popular Gift for 7 Year Old Girls

My Little Pony probably needs no introduction but they are still way popular with little girls. I think all girls have a pony obsession, don't you? We still have a bunch from when my daughter was little but the newer ones are spectacular looking. You can't go wrong giving a 7 year old girl My Little Pony! 

Ride On Toys
Most Popular Gift for a 7 Year Old Girl

No doubt about it, girls want wheels! A grown up bike or a scooter will both get her out of the house and exercising so either one is a great gift, especially if she likes to be active! 

Razor A Kick Scooter
Favorite Outdoor Toy of 7 Year Old Girls

Scooters are back in style and these Pink ones are darling! 

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