Best Toys for 6 Year Old Girls Gift List

Popular Gifts for a 6 Year Old Girl~Kid Approved!
Best Christmas and Birthday Toys for 6 Year Old Girls toys for 6 year old girls
Six year old girls are so wonderful, I just love that age. Old enough to talk your ear off and so full of wonder and imagination. Here you will find the best gifts for 6 year old little girls, active ones, quiet ones and artistic ones. No matter what her favorite toys and gifts are, you are sure to find them here. 

I asked my daughter and my nieces and my granddaughter and they all said these are the gifts they wanted the most when they were 6. You can't go wrong with these toys for 6 year old girls, for their birthdays, Christmas, Easter, or any time you feel like splurging on your little Angel. They're only young once, make it count. I wish I still had mine around to spoil and love and spend time with. 

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Image: Cutie Pops Doll, Cutie Starr, available below.

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Melissa and Doug Friendship Stamp Set
Top Rated Gift for 6 Year Old Girls

Hours and hours of fun for your 6 year old girl. Pencils for drawing, stamps to create designs. All she needs is her imagination.

Artist Gifts for a 6 Year Old Girl Who Loves Art
Popular 6 Year Old Girl Gifts

My husband and I are artists so we are prejudiced but I think Art gifts are the best. Nourish that creativity and they won't get into trouble! Good for their brain development too!

Cute Set for a 6 Year Old Girl
Popular Gift for 6 Year Old Girls

My Little Pony Toys
Favorite Gift for 6 Year Old Girls

My Little Pony just seems to be a favorite toy of all little girls whether they are active, quiet, artistic, or not. All my daughter's friends and her loved theirs, her daughter loves them, and I love them too. Just whimsical creations that help them imagine wonderful fantasies, and that's what childhood should be about. Nurturing that imagination is key! 

Cutie Pops Dolls
Popular Gifts for Six Year Olds

Cutie Pops are rather new on the doll scene but 6 year olds are in love with them according to my granddaughter. She has a whole suitcase of these cute dolls which remind me of Barbies for little girls. 

Lalaloopsy Dolls
Best Gifts for Six Year Old Girls

Lalaloopsy is fairly new on the doll scene but she is a classic already and will be a collectible, I'm sure of it. Remember Star Wars toys? Don't you wish you had saved yours? I rest my case. Get yourself a few too, but Lalaloopsy dolls are favorite dolls of six year old girls.

More Dolls for a 6 Year Old Girl
Popular Gifts For 6 year Old Girls

Dolls are still in demand for 6 year old girls. They love to pretend they are the mommy. Baby dolls are classic toys!

Furby Robotic Toy
A Favorite Gift for 6 Year Old Girls

Furby is a robotic toy that is perfect as a companion and especially great if you are not able to have a pet. They learn how your little one talks and respond accordingly. Darling little robots! 

Fijit Friends~Perfect for 6 Year Old Girls
Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

Fijit is a cool robotic toy that 6 year old girls love! It learns her language and preferences to answer her in her own terms. Just the cutest thing. There are more too, just click to see other colors. 

Popular Electronic Toys for 6 Year Old Girls
Very Popular Gift for a 6 Year Old Girl

I have it on good authority that the Kindle Fire for Children is the coolest gift! But any tablet will be a good one, might want to ask your favorite 6 year old. She might have another preference.  But my 6 year old granddaughter says the Fire is really great! Lots of cool apps for kids. 

Most Popular Ride On Toys for 6 Year Old Girls
Girl Ride On Toys are Cool Gifts

By the age of six, little girls love to be active and it's really good for them so a ride on toy is a perfect gift! 

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