Plush Rocking Horses

The Best Plush Rocking Horses
The Most Popular Plush Rocking Horses

Plush Rocking Horses

Rocking Horses are such classic toys, and I think Plush Rocking Horses are awesome! Since they are soft, they are more like a real horse, and kids can relate to them better. We had one around for each child. They really don't get tired of them.

For playing Cowboys and Indians, for playing Ranch, for playing Circus, or even playing Adventures of Archaeology, a plush horse just comes in handy. Mine went through all their phases with them, and my daughter even used hers to place all her dolls on.

Here I have gathered some of the most popular Plush rocking horses right now. Enjoy!

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Plush Rocking Horse for Toddlers

Little Tikes Giddyup 'n Go Pony Plush Rocking Horse
The Most Popular Plush Rocking Horse

Plush Rocking Horse for Kids
These are some features of the Lil Tikes Giddyup 'n Go Pony Rocking Horse.

*Galloping sound - press the left ear to activate.
*Whiney & snorting sounds - press the righ ear to activate
*3 AA batteries required. (included)
*Tight 4 feet steering radius. Safety brakes included. Perfect for indoors or outdoors
*Tail swings side to side as the child rides the pony. Handlebars are located on the pony's head make steering easy

Plush Rocking Horses are Awesome Toys!

Plush Rocking Horses for KidsThe Lil Tikes Giddyup 'n Go Plush Rocking Horse
Gets Rave Reviews!

Customers rave about the Lil Tikes Giddyup 'n Go Plush Rocking Horse!
*It moves smoothly and the sound effects are great.
*It is easy to assemble.
*Great toy for kids who really love horses.
*An excellent exercise for kids.
*Doesn't move backwards or reverse.
*Doesn't move on carpet.

Plush Rocking Horses Rock!

Rocking Horse Postcard

Other Popular Plush Rocking Horses
Plush Rocking Horses for Sale
Discount Plush Rocking Horses

Plush rocking horses are the most like a real horse and children love them the most I think. These are the most popular plush rocking horses right now.

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