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Teddy bears are classic toys and many children and teens love to get a big Teddy bear to decorate their room. A Teddy bear decorating theme is very popular! 

Here you will find all sorts of big stuffed Teddy bears for sale from the 2 foot size big Teddy bear to the huge giant Teddy bears that are 8 feet tall and taller! 

Find a big Teddy bear or a jumbo plush Teddy bear for your child to decorate their room and take to bed with them too.

Teen boys have often won a huge Teddy bear for their girlfriend at the county fair. Many boys and men like to give big Teddy bear gifts for Valentine's Day too. These make great gifts for all occasions. 

So if you are looking for really huge Teddy bears for gifts, you will find all kinds of different cool Teddy bear gifts here including many on sale. Amazon always gives you the lowest price available that day too, so shop with confidence that you will get a great price.

Whether you are looking for a Black, Brown, Gray, Cream, Pink, Blue or other color Teddy bear, you're sure to find the perfect bear here. Children and adults have a special place in their hearts for a precious Teddy bear, whether small or big (or jumbo)! 

Teddy bears are one of  the most popular toys ever!  

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Melissa and Doug Huggable and Lovable
Giant Plush Panda
A Best Selling Big Teddy Bear

 Melissa & Doug Huggable and Lovable Giant Plush Panda
Approximately 3 feet tall Plush and Soft Panda Teddy Bear!  This is a perfect addition to a nursery or child's room, and even makes a nice gift for adults.  

Pandas look so cuddly and sweet. In real life they might not be, but this huge Panda will never hurt a soul.  

Melissa and Doug Big Roscoe Teddy Bear
Giant White Teddy Bears

 Melissa and Doug Big Roscoe Bear - Vanilla

Approximately 2 feet tall Plush White Teddy Bear! Teddy bears are favorite toys of young and old alike.  Make memories for your children by giving them a bear they will love and cherish! 

Roscoe is covered in ultra-snuggly cream-colored plush, and has an oversized, huggable body that kids will love.  

Melissa and Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear
An Amazon Favorite Large Teddy Bear

 Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear

Large Brown Teddy Bear has a soft, plush construction that makes it a wonderfully huggable stuffed animal. Sitting at 30 inches and standing at 36 inches tall, Jumbo Teddy Bear's size makes it a loveable, huggable toy. 

Children can hug or hold Teddy Bear like other stuffed animals and can also use it as a giant pillow to sit or lie on.  

Teddy Bear Poster
Click on the Poster to Purchase

Bear wisdom poster

Big Teddy Bear Gifts~Bears Over 2 Feet Tall
Big Teddy Bears for Children

Some teddies are around two feet tall and even taller. These are super fun for kids, because they are kid sized. Toddlers will especially enjoy owning a Teddy bear that is around their height!  

Brown Teddy Bears Over 2 Feet Tall
Large Teddy Bears

Big Giant 5 Feet Tall Teddy Bears
Huge Giant Stuffed Teddy Bears

The giant Teddy bears here are over five feet tall! Can you imagine a Teddy bear that big? Many boyfriends enjoy giving their girlfriend one of these big bears!  Click any photo to see more colors too! (Red, Purple, Dark Brown, and more!)

Big Huge 8 Feet Tall Teddy Bears
The Biggest Super Jumbo Giant Plush
Teddy Bears Online

You want huge Teddy Bears? We have them!  There are many other colors too, Pink, Dark Brown, Light Blue, Red, you name it. So click on any photo to see more!

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